Customer Service Charter

Revenue collects taxes and duties which fund the provision of public services for the benefit of all citizens.

Revenue protects society through its Customs Service working on frontier control.

The effective and fair administration of tax and customs law requires Revenue and citizens to recognise certain basic rights and responsibilities.

This Customer Charter sets out mutual expectations in this context.

Consistency, Equity and Confidentiality

  • Revenue will administer the law fairly, reasonably and consistently and will seek to collect no more than the correct amount of tax or duty.
  • Revenue will treat the information you give us in confidence and ensure that it will not be used or disclosed except as provided for by law.

Courtesy and Consideration

You can expect:

  • to be treated courteously, with consideration and in a non- discriminatory way in your dealings with Revenue.

We expect you:

  • to treat Revenue officials with courtesy and to give them all reasonable co-operation.

Information and Assistance

You can expect:

  • to be given the necessary information and all reasonable assistance to enable you to clearly understand and meet your tax and customs obligations and to claim your entitlements and tax credits.

We expect you:

  • to provide true and correct information in all your contacts with Revenue and to advise Revenue in a timely manner of developments (such as change of address, commencement or cessation of business) that are relevant to your tax and customs affairs.

Presumption of Honesty

You can expect:

  • to be treated as honest in your dealings with Revenue unless there is clear reason to believe otherwise and subject to Revenue's responsibility for ensuring compliance with tax and customs law.

We expect you:

  • to deal in an honest way with Revenue by returning the tax and duty which you are due to pay and seeking only those entitlements and tax credits to which you are due.

Compliance Costs

You can expect:

  • that Revenue will administer the tax and duty regimes in a way that will minimise, as far as possible, compliance costs.

We expect you:

  • to maintain proper records and accounts and to ensure that your Returns and Declarations are completed fully, accurately and in a timely manner.

Complaints, Review and Appeal

There are comprehensive complaints and appeal procedures open to all customers of Revenue and we encourage you to avail of these if you are in any way dissatisfied with the service you receive from us.

You should note:

  • That if you make a complaint, Revenue will deal with it promptly, impartially and in confidence.
  • That availing of Revenue's own complaints procedures will never prejudice your right to raise issues with the Ombudsman, the Workplace Relations Commission or under the Disability Act, or make an appeal to the independent Appeal Commissioners, where appropriate.
  • Revenue also has an pdfUnreasonable Complainant Conduct Policy (PDF, 136KB) in place.

Full details, including contact points, are contained in Leaflet CS4 which is also available in any Revenue public office and from our Forms and Leaflets LoCall number 1890 30 67 06.

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