Organisational Structure

Our structure is designed around our customer base. Revenue Regions are responsible for customers within their geographical area, except for those large corporates and high wealth individuals dealt with by the Large Cases Division. We also have policy, legislation and interpretation functions.

There are 16 Divisions within Revenue made up as follows:

  • Four Regional Divisions
  • Large Cases Division
  • Investigations and Prosecutions Division
  • Four Revenue Legislation Service Divisions
  • Planning Division
  • Corporate Services & AGs Division
  • Corporate Affairs & Customs Division
  • Revenue Solicitor's Division
  • Information, Communications Technology and Logistics Division
  • Collector General's Division

Revenue's Organisational Structure - Divisional Roles and Contact Numbers

Division Role Contact Numbers
Administration Divisions
Corporate Services & AGs Division Human resource management strategies, including manpower planning, PMDS, National responsibility for Training and Capability Development, Information Management, Financial Management and Internal Audit functions. Also includes the Accountant General's Office. 00 353 1 647 5000
Corporate Affairs & Customs Division Corporate Strategy and Performance. Corporate Reform, Evaluation and Communications. Policy, legislation and international functions for Customs, including FEOGA audit. 00 353 1 647 5000
Information, Communications Technology & Logistics Division Information technology tools and services, telephony and logistics. 00 353 1 647 5000
Planning Division Development and Evaluation of Operational Policy. Forecasting and Analysis. 00 353 1 647 5000
Investigations and Prosecutions Division Managing and co-ordinating all of Revenue's prosecution activity, particularly for serious cases of fraud and evasion. 00 353 1 827 7500
Revenue Solicitor's Division Provision of comprehensive legal support services, including the conduct of litigation and appeals and the prosecution of criminal offences. 00 353 1 647 5000
Collector General's Division Collection and lodgement of the major taxes. It also operates pursuit mechanisms for those who fail to comply. 00 353 61 310 310
Revenue Legislation Services
International Tax Division International Tax issues, EU Tax, Tax Treaties OECD, Transfer Pricing, Exchange of Information. 00 353 1 647 5000
Personal Taxes Policy & Legislation Division Policy, legislation and interpretation functions for personal taxes. 00 353 1 647 5000
Business Taxes Policy & Legislation Division Policy, legislation and interpretation functions for corporation tax, incentives, financial services and other business taxes. 00 353 1 647 5000
Indirect Taxes Policy & Legislation Division Policy, legislation, interpretation and international functions for all indirect taxes. 00 353 1 647 5000
Revenue Regions responsible for all customer service, compliance and audit functions relating to customers resident in and businesses managed and controlled in the counties shown. Regions are sub-divided into Revenue districts.
Border Midlands West Region Counties Cavan, Donegal, Galway, Leitrim, Longford, Louth, Mayo, Monaghan, Offaly, Roscommon, Sligo & Westmeath 00 353 91 576 350
Dublin Region Dublin City and County. 00 353 1 633 0890
East & South East Region Counties Carlow, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois, Meath, Tipperary, Waterford, Wexford & Wicklow 00 353 51 862 700
South West Region Counties Clare, Cork, Kerry & Limerick 00 353 21 6027000
Large Cases Division Customer service, compliance and audit functions relating to the largest businesses and wealthiest individuals in the State. 00 353 1 647 0710

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