Binding Tariff Information (BTI)

What is BTI?

Binding Tariff Information (BTI) decisions are classification decisions issued by the Customs administrations in the various Member States and they are legally binding throughout the EU.

BTI Database: This database contains classification decisions issued by European Union countries. Details on the composition of goods (excluding any confidential information) and the justifications for classifications are provided. It may be accessed at: BTI DatabaseExternal link

Benefits of BTI for Traders

  • Legal certainty regarding tariff classification decisions.
  • Uniform application of the rules of classification throughout the Community.
  • Traders will be informed if any classification changes occur which affect their BTI.
  • Where a BTI is invalidated due, for example, to a change in Community legislation, traders may be entitled to a "period of grace" in order to complete any binding contracts entered into on the basis of that BTI.

Obtaining BTI

pdfApplication for BTI (PDF, 396KB)

  • Applications should be made only if an import or export operation is envisaged.
  • A BTI is only binding for imports/exports after the BTI's start of validity
  • An application must be in respect of only one type of goods.
  • Information supplied for the purposes of obtaining BTI will be stored on a database of the Commission of the European Communities and may be used by Customs authorities throughout the Community to ensure uniform application of the Customs Tariff.
  • If you disagree with the classification given on the BTI you may appeal the decision.

Using BTI

  • Insert code "C626" and the "BTI Reference No." in SAD Box 44 on importation/exportation of the product covered by a BTI.

Validity of BTI

  • Normally valid for three years from the date of issue. BTIs issued prior to the 1st May 2016 will generally remain valid until the original date of expiry.
  • May be invalidated where the classification code changes, it is affected by EU or international customs tariff measures or by a judgement of the European Court of Justice.
  • "Period of grace" provision whereby BTI may continue to be invoked for a period of up to six months to take account of binding contracts entered into by the holder. "Period of grace" must be approved by Revenue.
  • BTI will be void if it is based on inaccurate or incomplete data from the applicant.

Where to apply for BTI

By Email:


Revenue’s Secure eMail system was withdrawn with effect from 13 June 2015 and replaced by a secure online facility, MyEnquiries. Existing users of Secure eMail are not required to register for the new system and can continue to log on using their current Secure eMail login, i.e. email address and password. Please note that Revenue cannot guarantee the security of personal and sensitive data sent in plain text via standard email .

BTI applications will be accepted by email, provided they are accompanied by an original signature in box 13 of the form.

By Post :

Classification Unit,
Office of the Revenue Commissioners,
Government Offices,
Co Tipperary.

Phone : +353-67- 63370

Fax: +353-67-32385

April 2016

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