30th September 2014

Relevant Contracts Tax updated:

Press Release: Revenue seizes 99,000 cigarettes & 22kgs of tobacco in Wexford

eBrief No. 84/2014: Extended ROS Support Opening Hours for Pay & File 2014

29th September 2014

eBrief No. 83/2014: Application of Professional Services Withholding Tax (PSWT) to payments made to Medical Practitioners under a contract of insurance in respect of relevant medical expenses


26th September

Press Release: Revenue seizes Tobacco and Beer in East Cork

Press Release: Revenue seizes 29,000 cigarettes and 5kgs of tobacco in Dublin

25th September

Press Release: Revenue seizes Cigarettes and Tobacco in Cavan and Louth

24th September

Press Release: Joint Task Force seizes illegal narcotics at sea

23rd September

ROS Availability - Monday 29th September 2014

22nd September

Press Release: Revenue seizes €36,000 in Ringaskiddy Ferry Port

19th September

eBrief No. 82/2014: ROS Update to Form CT1 for 2013 and 2014

eBrief No. 81/2014: Updates to the Tax credits for Widowed Persons or Surviving Civil Partners Manual and to the Single Person Child Carer Credit Manual

18th September

eBrief No. 80/2014: e-Day, 19 September 2014

Exchange Rates - October 2014

17th September

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Tobacco in Limerick City

16th September

Press Release: Revenue donates significant collection of postage stamps to National Museum and launches fiscal stamp exhibition in Revenue Museum

15th September


eBrief No. 79/2014: VAT MOSS Registration Now Available Online

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Cigarettes in Tralee

12th September

Press Release: Revenue Seizes 5 Million Cigarettes in Rosslare

wordMinutes of Main TALC Meeting, 30 April 2014 (PDF, 41KB)

11th September

Press Release: Revenue seizes 18kgs of Tobacco at Shannon Airport

Press Release: Revenue seizes 10,000 cigarettes in Tralee

Fluctuation of Exchange Rates at 17th September 2014

10th September

Updated: Relevant Contracts Tax - Construction Industry

eBrief No. 78/2014: eRCT Bulk Rate Review

9th September

Press Release: Revenue seizes 1kg of Cannabis in Dublin

Updated: Third Party Returns - Automatic Return of Certain Information - IT16

Press Release: Revenue publish Defaulters List

eBrief No. 77/2014: Introduction of Registration Forms for Non-Resident Traders

Updated: BES/EII/SCS shares issued on or after 1st January 2007 - investor list

8th September

Press Release: Revenue seizes 114,000 cigarettes in Dublin

4th September 2014

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Cigarettes and Tobacco in Waterford

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Shisha Tobacco in Sligo

3rd September 2014


2nd September 2014

Updated: pdfForm C&E 1047 - Application for Authorisation to use the Temporary Importation Procedure (PDF, 245KB)

Press Release: Revenue seizes over €38,000 of illegal tobacco & cigarettes in Dublin

Updated: Diesel Rebate Scheme: Application & Claims

1st September 2014

Revenue Seizes Cash at Rosslare Europort

eBrief No. 76/2014: Tax treatment of married, separated and divorced persons

Updated: pdfLiquor Licences Renewed @ 31st August 2014 (PDF, 11.8MB)

30th August 2014

Prress Release: Revenue seizes €14,850 cash in Rosslare Europort

29th August 2014

Press Release: Revenue seizes cigarettes in Limerick

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Drugs in Limerick

eBrief No. 75/2014: Double Taxation Relief for individuals subject to the High Earners Restriction

New: High Income Earner Restriction ("HIER")

28th August 2014

Updated: Exemption and Marginal Relief

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Cigarettes in Dublin

26th August 2014

eBrief No. 74/2014: Consolidated Universal Social Charge (USC) Manual

eBrief No. 73/2014: Amendment of tax returns by taxpayers and agents

22nd August 2014

Updated:pdfForm 12A - Application for a Tax Credit Certificate (PDF, 624KB)

eBrief No. 72/2014: Domicile Levy

eBrief No. 71/2014: New VAT rules 2015 - The Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS)

21st August 2014

Press Release: Man Arrested at Dublin Airport for Cigarette Smuggling

Updated: pdfIncapacitated Child Tax Credit (PDF, 346KB)

Exchange Rates - September 2014

Updated: Diesel Rebate Scheme - Approval of Fuel Cards

20th August 2014

Press Release: Revenue seizes Tobacco In Limerick City

19th August 2014

Updated: pdfIT61 - A Revenue Guide to Professional Services Withholding Tax (PSWT) for Accountable Persons and Specified Persons (PDF, 532KB)

18th August 2014

New: pdfForm DDO - Tax relief in relation to vehicles purchased for use by Qualifying Organisations (PDF, 716KB)

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