9th February

Updated: MS ExcelForm RSS1 - Return of Share Options and Other Rights (MS Excel, 3.03 MB)

8th February

LPT Exemptions: Residential properties that have been certified as having significant pyritic damage.

5th February

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Cigarettes, Tobacco and Car in Dublin City

4th February

Exchange Rate Fluctuations @ 10th February 2016

3rd February

pdfLicensed Remote Bookmaking Operations @ 1st February 2016 (PDF, 65KB)

Press Release: Revenue seizes Benzodiazepine in Limerick

Updated: pdfValue-Added Tax Consolidation Act 2010 Notes for Guidance (Finance Act 2015 Edition) (PDF, 1.94MB)

2nd February

eBrief No. 16/2016: Guidelines for Phased Payment/Instalment Arrangements

eBrief No. 15/2016: Exemption in respect of certain payments under employment law

Updated: Rental Income

eBrief No. 14/2016: Relief from tax for certain start-up companies

Updated: pdfLiquor Licences Renewed @ 02nd February 2016 (PDF, 11.15MB)


1st February

Revenue Offences:

29 January

eBrief No. 13/2016: Finance (Local Property Tax) (Amendment) Act 2015

Press Release: Revenue Seize Cocaine at Dublin Airport

28 January

Press Release: Revenue seizes more than 9.5 million contraband cigarettes in Dublin, Meath and Tipperary

Updated: IT 31 - Tax Relief for Tuition Fees in respect of Third Level education

27 January

eBrief No. 12/2016: VAT on eServices Scheme (VOES) / Electronic Services Scheme (ESS)

eBrief No. 11/2016: Guidelines on PAYE/PRSI/USC/LPT monthly and annual estimates

pdfInformation on Prohibitions and Restrictions (PDF, 598KB)

Updated: IT1 - Tax Credits, Reliefs and Rates for the Tax Years 2015 and 2016

26th January

Updated: pdfDeclaration of usage of Solid Fuel for Electricity Generation (PDF, 114KB)

Updated: Home Carer Tax Credit

New: pdfPAYE Notice to Employers - January 2016 (PDF, 120KB)

Updated: Diesel Rebate Scheme - Approval of Fuel Cards

25th January

Updated: VAT on eServices / Electronic Services Scheme

Updated: pdfForm Double Deduction 1 – Credit through the PAYE System for non-refundable foreign tax (PDF, 100KB)

Updated: Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) Rates

Updated: Thresholds for Capital Acquisitions Tax

22nd January

Updated: pdfAgent Link Notification (PDF, 327KB)


21st January

Updated: Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) - Legislation

Exchange Rates for the Month of February 2016

New: pdfForm EII 1A - Relief for Investment in Corporate Trades (PDF, 220KB)

Exchange Rate Fluctuations @ 27th January 2016

20th January



19th January

eBrief No. 10/2016: Exemption in respect of water conservation grant

eBrief No. 09/2016: Exemption in respect of certain expenses of State Examinations Commission examiners

eBrief No. 08/2016: Exemption in respect of certain expense payments for relevant directors

18th January

Press release: Revenue Seizes Cannabis Herb in Limerick

Updated: Beneficiaries of tax relief under S481 Film Relief Scheme

15th January

eBrief No. 07/2016: ROS Digital Certificate renewals 2016 – reminder to save your new Certificate

New: pdfDisabled Drivers and Disabled Passengers (Tax Concessions) Regulations 1994 (S.I. No. 353 of 1994) - Non-Statutory Consolidation(PDF, 498KB)

14th January

New: pdfLicensed Remote Bookmaking Operations @ 1st January 2016 (PDF, 132KB)

Updated: Verifying an eTax Clearance Certificate


13th January

Exchange Rate Fluctuations @ 20th January 2016

Updated: Home Carer Tax Credit - IT66

Updated: pdfTaxation and Civil Partnerships Faqs (PDF, 395KB)

Updated: Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) Guide - Date of gift/inheritance - Threshold & Rate of Tax Applicable

AEP Trader Guide - Appendices: word Appendix 21 SAD Box 44 (MS Word, 1.50MB) - January 2016

eBrief No. 06/2016: Exemption in respect of fuel grant

12th January

eBrief No. 05/2016: Home Carer Tax Credit

eBrief No. 04/2016: Taxation of Community Midwives employed by the Health Service Executive

Press release: Revenue seizes cocaine worth €140,000 at Dublin Airport

eBrief No. 03/2016: Finance Act 2015 - Stamp Duty Provisions

eBrief No. 02/2016: eRCT payments to subcontractors for 12-month period 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2015

eBrief No. 01/2016: Tax Treatment of Married Couples

11th January

Press Release: Revenue seizes illegal alcohol

pdfRevenue's Prompt Payment Returns: Quarter 4 2015 (PDF, 127KB)


8th January

Updated: Leaflet IT34 - Foreign Income Deduction

Updated: IT20A - PAYE/PRSI/USC on Benefits from Employments

7th January

Updated: Automatic Exchange of Information

Press Release: Headline Results 2015

6th January

2015 Forms

Press Release: Tax Payments and Flood Relief


Updated: VRT - Export Repayment Scheme

5th January

New: pdfForm 12S - Tax Return for the year 2015 (PDF, 181KB). (This form is to be completed and returned to your local Revenue office on or before 31 October 2016)

Updated: Customer Service Standards

4th January

Quarterly Update: Artists Exemption - Section 195 Taxes Consolidation Act, 1997

Updated: Automatic Exchange of Information

31st December

Updated: pdf Form CGT Payslip A (for the purposes of making a payment of Capital Gains Tax for the period 1 January 2016 to 30 November 2016) (PDF, 91KB)

30th December

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Cannabis Herb in Tipperary

Exchange Rate Fluctuations @ 06th January 2016

Press Release: Revenue seizes herbal cannabis in Longford

29th December

Updated: PN 1888 - Repayment of Alcohol Products Tax on beer produced in qualifying microbreweries

Press Release: Large seizure of cocaine at Dublin Port

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Laundered Diesel in Cavan

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Cigarettes at Dublin Airport

Revenue Key Dates 2016

Updated: pdfVIES and INTRASTAT Traders Manual (PDF, 3.45MB)

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