27th March 2015

eBrief No. 037/2015: Corporation Tax (CT) returns 2014 and 2015, iXBRL obligations, Form 46G (Company) and Tax Clearance update

Press Release: Cigarettes Seized in Dublin

New: pdfForm REIT2A ( PDF, 149KB) - Notice by the principal company of a group that a named company is a member of a group REIT – Section 705E (3A) TCA 1997 refers

26th March 2015

eBrief No. 036/2015: Exemption from tax on gains accruing on certain disposal of shares (S626B TCA 1997)

Review of customs legislation on controls of cash entering or leaving the EU - European Commission Public Consultation

eBrief No. 035/2015: Terminal losses for Income Tax

eBrief No. 034/2015: Commencement of Film Withholding Tax

Cash Seizure & Forfeiture Orders:

25th March 2015

pdfChanges to the Electronic Manifest System EMS (PDF 89KB) - March 2015

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Cocaine in Cork

24th March 2015

Press Release: Revenue seizes 14.5 tonnes of tobacco in Dublin Port

Press Release:Revenue Commissioners - New Tax Stamp on Tobacco Products

ROS Availability - Saturday 28th March 2015

eBrief No. 033/2015: Retention of Books and Records

Press Release: Revenue Hosts Conference on the Use of Advanced Analytics in Tax Administrations

eBrief No. 032/2015: Amended Regulations for Relevant Contracts Tax (RCT)

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Updated: pdfForm 12 - 2014 - Return Of Income, Charges and Capital Gains for the year ended 31 December 2014 and Claim For Tax Credits, Allowances and Reliefs for the year ended 31 December 2014 (PDF, 1.85MB).

eBrief No. 031/2015: Changes to Artists Exemption Scheme from 1 January 2015

23th March 2015

Updated: pdfScope Document for EMCS Phase 3.2 (PDF, 1.89MB ).

Updated: pdfRevenue Guidelines for Research & Development Tax Credit (PDF, 1.08MB)

20th March 2015

New: VAT Treatment of Member-Owned Golf Clubs

Updated: Relief for Expenditure on Approved Buildings and Gardens in the State - IT 30

19th March 2015

Exchange Rates for the Month of April

Fluctuation of Exchange Rates effective from 25/03/2015

16th March 2015

Updated: pdfPREM Reg - Employer (PAYE/PRSI) Tax Registration Form (PDF, 244KB))

12th March 2015

eBrief No. 030/2015: Arrangements for implementing spontaneous exchange of information of Revenue opinions on cross-border transactions or situations - Council Directive 2011.16.EU

Fluctuation of Exchange Rates effective from 18/03/2015

Updated: A Guide to Self Assessment - IT10

Revenue Offences - The Director of Public Prosecutions v Alan Rees

Updated: pdfGuidance Note for Section 481 Investment in Film (PDF,1.40MB)

Public Accounts Committee Hearing - 12 March 2015 - Opening Statement Revenue Chairman, Niall Cody

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Tobacco in Cork

11th March 2015

Press Release: Revenue Uncovers Poitín Stil in Tipperary

New: Information Notice for Ship and Air Carriers, Freight Forwarders, Customs Clearance Agents, Importers & Exporters - Update on Revenue's Electronic Manifest System and its implications for clearance of SADs (PDF 88KB).

New:pdfGuide to Completing 2014 Pay and File Tax Returns (PDF, 834KB)

Updated: pdfForm IC9 (General) – Tax Repayment Claim Form for Trusts/Estates, Encashment Tax, ARF’s and Ulster Bank Bonds (PDF, 342KB)

10th March 2015

Updated: pdfForm 11 - 2014 - Pay & File Tax Return for the year 2014 (PDF, 1.17MB)

6th March 2015

wordMinutes of Main TALC Meeting, 10 December 2014 (PDF, 225KB)

eBrief No. 029/2015: Equitable Life Compensation Scheme

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Cigarettes at Rosslare Europort

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5th March 2015

Exchange Rate fluctuation @ 11/03/2015

eBrief No. 028/2015: VAT - Telecoms, Broadcasting and E-services and Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS)

Updated: List of Authorised Qualifying Intermediaries and Authorised Withholding Agents together with Associated Nominee Companies for the purposes of Irish Dividend Withholding Tax


Updated: Employees’ Guide to PAYE - IT 11

4th March 2015

New: pdfForm 12S - Tax Return for the year 2014 (PDF, 366KB)

3rd March 2015

LPT Helpline: Extended Opening Hours

UpdatedpdfGuide to Revenue’s PAYE Compliance Programme (PDF, 321KB)


2nd March 2015

Press Release: Local Property Tax Compliance Programme – over €1m in LPT received today

Updated AEP Trader Guide - Appendices: word Appendix 21 SAD Box 44 (MS Word, 1.48MB)

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Cigarettes at Rosslare Europort

Updated: List of Contacts in Revenue Districts for Tax Clearance Certificates

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