30th July 2015

Updated Contact Details: A Guide to Methods of Payment for VRT Traders

New: Index of Cross-Border Price Comparisons - Survey conducted July 2015

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Cigarettes and Tobacco in Dublin

eBrief No. 075/2015: Updated version of Form 46G Return Tool (spreadsheet) for Third Party Returns

eBrief No. 074/2015: Reminder to Income Tax filers about their Self-Assessment for the year ended 31 December 2014

Fluctuation of Exchange Rates effective from 05/08/2015

New: wordMinutes of Main TALC Meeting, 05 March (PDF, 266KB)

29th July 2015

Updated: pdfIT55 - The Employment and Investment Incentive (EII) - Relief for Investment in Corporate Trades (PDF, 239KB)

28th July 2015

Updated: pdfVRT19 - Application to amend Declaration for Registration (PDF, 145KB)

27th July 2015

Updated: Guide to Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT)

25th July 2015

Press Release: Revenue seizes €40,000 of cocaine and €12,000 cash in two operations in Cork

24th July 2015

New: Startup Relief for Entrepreneurs (SURE) Forms

  • pdfSURE-C (PDF, 195KB) - has now replaced the RINE-C form
  • pdfSURE-I (PDF, 142KB) - has now replaced the RINE-I form

Updated: pdfStandard for Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information - CRS (PDF, 7.98MB)

23rd July 2015

Updated: pdfRTS Guidelines (PDF, 666KB)

Press Release: Revenue Prosecution Cases- three publicans prosecuted for illegal betting

Revenue Offences - DPP v David Cagney

Exchange Rates for the month of August 2015

Fluctuation of Exchange Rates effective from 29/07/2015

22nd July 2015

Press Release: Revenue secures removal of liquidator for ‘cause shown’ in first ruling of its kind by Irish Courts

Revenue Offences - DPP v Jonathan Slattery and William Slattery (Directors of Slattery Ventures Ltd)

Updated: pdfArtist Exemption: Claim Form 2 (PDF, 349KB)

Updated: pdfForm MED 1 - Health Expenses Claim for Tax Relief (PDF,1.12KB)

21st July 2015

Updated: pdfFATCA FAQs (PDF, 415KB)

New: pdfCRS FAQs (PDF, 321KB)

New: eCustoms NotificationpdfRef 006-2015– Anti-Dumping Duty on products containing Acesulfame Potassium (ACE - K) (PDF, 31KB)

17th July 2015

eBrief No. 073/2015: VAT & Pension Funds - Revenue's position following judgments of the CJEU

16th July 2015

Press Release: Revenue Seizes 36,200 Cigarettes and 15kgs of Tobacco in Dublin

Updated: pdfDeclaration of Conversion by Vehicle Owner (PDF, 262KB)

Fluctuation of Exchange Rates effective from 22/07/2015

15th July 2015

Revenue Offences - DPP v Dean O’Reilly

eBrief No. 072/2015: Update on the MyEnquiries Facility

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Herbal Cannabis in Cork

Updated: pdfGuidance Note for Section 481 Investment in Film (PDF,783KB).

13th July 2015

eBrief No. 071/2015: Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Updated: pdf Ready Reckoner - Post Budget 2015 (PDF, 245KB)

Updated: A Guide to claiming Health or Medical Expenses Relief - IT6

Press Release:Revenue Secures Court Conviction for Sale of Illegal Cigarettes in Cork

10th July 2015

Press Release: Major Cash Seizure by Revenue at Dublin Port


9th July 2015

Updated: pdfGuide to Capital Gains Tax (PDF, 471KB)

Updated: pdfVIES and INTRASTAT Traders Manual (PDF, 3.81MB)

Fluctuation of Exchange Rates effective from 15/07/2015

8th July 2015

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Herbal Cannabis at Dublin Port

Cash Seizure and Forfeiture - DPP v Feng Yu Jing

New: pdfRevenue's Prompt Payment Returns: Quarter 2 2015 (PDF, 112KB)


7th July

eBrief No. 070/2015: ROS security update - implementing industry-wide best practice (removal of SHA-1)

Updated: pdfList of buildings/gardens where the owners/occupiers qualifies for tax relief under Section 482 of the Taxes Consolidation Act, 1997 (PDF, 174KB)

3rd July

eBrief No. 069/2015: Update on tax clearance expiry dates and eTax Clearance

eBrief No. 068/2015: Capital Acquisitions Tax- Agricultural Relief- Finance Act 2014 changes - Frequently Asked Questions

New: Public Accounts Committee Hearing - 02 July 2015 - Revenue Vote 2013, Opening Statement Revenue Chairman, Niall Cody

2nd July

eBrief No. 067/2015: Revised Arrangements for PAYE Tax Agency Services – Update

New: pdfLocal Property Tax Preliminary Compliance Data as at July 2015 (PDF, 341KB)

Listings of approved undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the State:

Fluctuation of Exchange Rates effective from 08/07/2015

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Cannabis in Rosslare Europort

1st July

Updated: Artists Exemption - Section 195 Taxes Consolidation Act, 1997

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Ecstasy in Dublin



30th June

eBrief No. 066/2015: Tax Treatment of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

eBrief No. 65/2015: Deadline for tax avoidance settlement opportunity

Updated: pdfForm IT38 - (2010 Edition) - Gift/Inheritance Tax - Self Assessment Return. (PDF, 187KB) - (Download and complete on screen)

29th June

eBrief No. 64/2015: Pensions - Personal Fund Threshold (PFT) - Extension of PFT Notification Deadline

eBrief No. 63/2015: Reimbursement of Subsistence Expenses to Employees (including Directors)

26th June

Updated: IT39 - Guide to completing the IT38 return (Pay and File)

eBrief No. 062/2015: MyEnquiries – submission of agent enquiries on behalf of clients


eBrief No. 061/2015: Qualifying Avoidance Disclosures - Payments in advance of Tax Avoidance Settlement Opportunity deadline reach over €33m – less than 1 week until 30 June deadline

Updated: pdfForm REIT3 ( PDF, 235KB) – Statement by Real Estate Investment Trust for accounting period

25th June

Press Release: Payments in advance of Tax Avoidance Settlement Opportunity deadline reach over €33m – less than 1 week until 30 June deadline

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Cash at Rosslare Europort

New: pdfHome Renovation Incentive (HRI) Statistics (PDF, 190KB)

eBrief No. 060/2015: Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) - Extension to 2015 filing deadline

eBrief No. 059/2015: Revenue Information Powers

24th June

Press Release: Revenue seizes €1.7m of Cannabis in Dublin

Revenue Cash Seizure and Forfeiture: DPP v Kevin Tinnelly


  • pdfAEP 1 (Rev. 6a) (PDF, 184KB) Application for Approval for CAP
  • pdfAEP 1 (Rev. 7) (PDF, 191KB) Application for Approval for DTI/Deferred Payment (Bank Direct Debit Scheme)/Cash Payment Facilities;

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