28th July

New: eBrief No. 71/2016: Amendment to eTC Guidelines & Procedures

New: eBrief No. 70/2016: Payment of Local Property Tax by Direct Debit

Updated: Capital Gains Tax - A Summary of the Main Features

27th July

New: eBrief No. 69/2016: On-Line Payment of Attachment Amounts

25th July

Revenue Seizes Cocaine Worth €1.2 Million in Rosslare

22nd July



21st July

Revenue Offences - DPP v Patrick Chambers

New: eBrief No. 68/2016: Submission of Supporting Documentation for VAT Registration Applications

Exchange Rates to be used in Determining Customs Values: August 2016

20th July

Revenue Offences - DPP v Jonathan Cheung Director of Kingsland Chinese Restaurant Ltd. (Now in liquidation)

18th July

Updated: eTax Clearance FAQs

eBrief No. 67/2016: Updated version of Form 46G Return Tool (spreadsheet) for Third Party Returns

15th July

Press Release:Revenue Seizes Drugs worth €286,000 in Countrywide Joint Operations with Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau

14th July

Cash Seizure and Forfeiture: The DPP v Columba Mackle

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Cigarettes and Tobacco in Cork

Updated: Diesel Rebate Scheme - Repayment Rate

Press Release: Revenue Seizes 18kg of Herbal Cannabis at Portlaoise Mail Centre

13th July

Press Release: Revenue Officers Seize Beer and Trucks at Dublin Port

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Cigarettes Worth €14,500 in Dublin Airport

New: eBrief No. 66/2016: Special Assignee Relief Programme (SARP)

12th July

Press Release: Controlled Drugs worth €10,000 seized in Waterford

Updated: Beneficiaries of tax relief during 2016 under S481 film corporation tax credit scheme

11th July

Press Release: Revenue Seizes 37kg Khat in Dublin Airport

8th July


7th July

Revenue Prosecution - DPP v Patrick Cowman (Director of Henman Developments Ltd)

New: pdfGuidelines on the operation of Ireland’s bilateral Advance Pricing Agreement ('APA') programme (PDF, 306KB)

6th July

Updated: Artists Exemption - Section 195 Taxes Consolidation Act, 1997

Press Release: Revenue Seizes 42kg Khat in Dublin Airport

5th July

pdfRevenue's Prompt Payment Returns: Quarter 2 2016 (PDF, 122KB)

eBrief No. 65/2016: Revenue Arrangements for Implementing EU and OECD Exchange of Information Requirements In Respect of Tax Rulings

Updated: pdfList of buildings/gardens where the owners/occupiers qualifies for tax relief under Section 482 of the Taxes Consolidation Act, 1997 (PDF, 323KB)


New: eBrief No. 63/2016: VAT: Management of Special Investment Funds

New: eBrief No. 64/2016: Abolition of milk quotas: restriction of CGT losses

1st July

Press Release: Revenue Seize Cigarettes worth €12,000 in Rosslare


New: eBrief No. 62/2016: New State aid transparency requirements: Publication of information regarding State aid granted to individual taxpayer

Updated: word Appendix 21 SAD Box 44 (MS Word, 1.58MB) - July 2016

30th June

New: eBrief No. 61/2016: How to Protect your Business from Becoming Involved in VAT fraud

Updated: Leaflet IT15 - Startup Refunds for Entrepreneurs (SURE)

28th June

Press Release: Revenue Seizes 11kg Cocaine Worth Over €750,000 in Dublin Airport

Press Release: Revenue Seizes 400,000 Cigarettes in Dublin Port

Updated: pdfUniversal Social Charge FAQs (PDF, 839KB)

27th June

Updated: pdfeTax Clearance for SPSV licence holders (Taxi drivers) (PDF, 586KB)

Press Release: Revenue Seize Herbal Cannabis Worth €4.3 million in Rosslare

Updated: pdfGuide to Excise Licences (PDF, 387KB)

24th June

Updated: BES/EII/SCS shares issued on or after 1st January 2007 - investor list

23rd June

Press Release: Revenue Introduces Guidelines on the Operation of Ireland’s Bilateral Advance Pricing Agreement Programme

Press Release: Revenue Seizes 30,800 Cigarettes in Dublin Airport

Exchange Rates to be used in Determining Customs Values: July 2016


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