25th May

New: eBrief No. 54/2016: Restrictions on income tax loss relief

24th May

Updated: Benefit in Kind - Employers Guide - Private Use of Company Cars

23rd May

New: eBrief No. 53/2016: Leases of farm land for solar energy development

pdfFAQs - The Standard for Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information in Tax Matters (The Common Reporting Standard (CRS)) (PDF, 283KB)

19th May

New: Exchange Rates for the Month of June 2016

Cross-Border Price Comparisons - Survey conducted May 2016


18th May

Updated: IT5 - Medical Insurance Relief

Updated: pdfForm C&E 1076 - Transfer of Residence from outside the EU - Application and Declaration for Exemption from Import Charges and Vehicle Registration Tax (PDF, 383KB)

eBrief No. 52/2016: Requirement for Security Bonds Section 960 S TCA 1997

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Herbal Cannabis Worth €6,000 in Galway

17th May

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Cigarettes Worth €12,000 and Car in Dublin

eBrief No. 51/2016: Rental Income

16th May

pdfGuidance Notes for Boards of Management on RCT/VAT (PDF, 496KB)

13th May

Updated: pdfTRS4 - Deregister Your Loan for Tax Relief at Source (PDF, 146KB) - Mortgage Interest or Amend your loans Qualifying Percentage

Updated: pdfHome Renovation Incentive (HRI) Statistics (PDF, 191KB)

Updated: pdfList of buildings/gardens where the owners/occupiers qualifies for tax relief under Section 482 of the Taxes Consolidation Act, 1997 (PDF, 175KB)

12th May

Updated:pdfVAT Notes for Guidance FA 2015 (PDF, 58KB)

11th May

Updated: Public Notice: Relief from Customs Duty and VAT on gift consignments and consignments of negligible value imported from outside the European Union (EU)

9th May

eBrief No. 50/2016: Recent enhancements to VAT Return of Trading Details (RTD) in ROS

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Cigarettes Worth €4m at Dublin Port

6th May

Updated: pdfCDPN2 - A Guide to Customs Export Procedures (PDF, 274KB)

eBrief No. 49/2016: Tax Treatment of Flight Crew Members

eBrief No. 48/2016: Non-Filing of Returns - Prosecution and Penalty Programmes

5th May

Updated: pdf Recognised Clearing Systems (PDF, 47KB) for the purposes of Section 64, Section 246A and Section 739B of the Taxes Consolidation Act 1997.

4th May

Revenue Prosecutions: DPP v George McKelvey

eBrief No. 47/2016: Revised tax treatment of royalty income, with effect from 1 January 2016, under the terms of the Ireland-Estonia Double Taxation Convention 1997

Press Release: Revenue Seize Cigarettes and Tobacco in Dublin

Updated Excise Licencing Listings:

3rd May

Updated: Film Relief

Updated: Beneficiaries of tax relief under S481 Film Relief Scheme

Press release: Revenue Officers Seize 100,00 Xanax Tablets

Updated: pdfLicensed Remote Bookmaking Operations @ 03rd may 2016 (PDF, 53KB)

Updated: Trader Guide - Appendices

Updated: AEP Trader Guides

29th April

eBrief No. 46/2016: Corporation Tax (CT1) Returns for 2015 and 2016, Forms 46G (Company)

New: pdfGuidance on Comprehensive Guarantee and Guarantee Waivers & Reductions (PDF, 574KB)

Updated: pdfInward Processing - Guidelines for Traders (PDF, 438KB)

eBrief No. 45/2016: Mandatory eRepayments

Updated: pdfList of buildings/gardens where the owners/occupiers qualifies for tax relief under Section 482 of the Taxes Consolidation Act, 1997 (PDF, 389KB)

27th April

eBrief No. 44/2016: Tax and Duty Manual Part 17-01-03 (Profit Sharing Schemes)

26th April

New: pdfRevenue's payments of €20,000 or over: Quarter 1 2016 (PDF, 92KB)

Updated: Notice No. 1193 - Regulations on Customs Warehouses

Updated: excel Flat Rate Expenses (MS Excel, 63KB)

25th April

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Cannabis Worth €380,000 at Rosslare Europort

Updated: Tax Credit Certificates - P2C

22nd April 2016

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Steroids Worth €30,000 in Dublin City

eBrief No. 43/2016: Clarification of circumstances where a CGT clearance certificate is not required

eBrief No. 42/2016: VAT - "Cancellation of a registration number – special provisions for notification and publication" (section 108D)

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Cigarettes Worth €1.9 Million in Dublin Port

Press Release: Revenue Museum Exhibition for Centenary Celebrations

21st April 2016

New: pdfRevenue’s Corporate Governance Framework (PDF, 1.08MB)

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Smuggled Cigarettes at Dublin Port and Airport

New: Exchange Rates for the Month of May 2016

Exchange Rate Fluctuations @ 27th April 2016

20th April 2016

Updated: pdfA Guide to Profit Sharing Schemes (PDF, 474KB)

New: Comprehensive Guarantee & Reductions or Waivers in Same

19th April

eBrief No. 41/2016: Termination of carry forward of certain unused capital allowances beyond 2014

Updated: pdfETS1 - Exit Tax Annual Statement (PDF, 187KB)

18th April

eBrief No. 40/2016: High Income Individuals Restriction - Specified Reliefs

15th April

Updated: pdfUniversal Social Charge FAQs (PDF, 830KB)

eBrief No. 39/2016: Disclosure by Revenue of taxpayer information - Finance Act 2015 changes

14th April

Updated:pdfLeaflet VRT7 - Drivers and Passengers with Disabilities, Organisations, Tax Relief Scheme (PDF, 236KB) - this leaflet should be consulted for more information.

Press Release: Revenue Officers Discover an Alcohol Still in Cavan

eBrief No. 38/2016: Surcharge for Late Submission of Returns

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