31st October

Updated: pdfUniversal Social Charge FAQs (PDF, 763KB)

Updated: Frequently Asked Questions - Charities

30th October

eBrief No. 95/2014: VAT liability regarding Head Office to branch supplies where the branch is a member of a VAT group

eBrief No. 94/2014: CT 1 2014 and claims for the set back of excess Trading Losses and excess Research & Development Credit

Updated: pdfStandardised Memorandum and Articles of Association for a Company Limited by Guarantee and Seeking Tax Exemption as a Charity Under the Provisions of Section 207, Taxes Consolidation Act, 1997. (PDF, 265KB)

29th October

Revenue Prosecution: DPP v Michael Gill

Updated: VRT - Incomplete/Completed Registration Process

28th October


24th October

eBrief No. 93/2014: Local Property Tax - Important Information for Solicitors involved in Conveyancing of Residential Properties

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Cigarettes and Tobacco in Dublin

9th OECD Forum on Tax Administration: Communiqué

23rd October

Revenue Prosecution: DPP v Mark Tierney

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Cigarettes at Rosslare Europort

Updated: excelList of Approved Employee Share Schemes (Part 17 Taxes Consolidation Act 1997) (Ms Excel, 104KB)

Exchange Rates - November 2014

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Tobacco at Dublin Airport


22nd October

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Cash and Cigarettes in Dublin

21st October

eBrief 92/14: New Manual on Personal Insolvency

Updated: Value Added Tax - Terms & Definitions

Updated: Universal Social Charge (USC)

20th October


wordMinutes of Main TALC Meeting, 10 September 2014 (PDF, 221KB)

17th October

New: pdfRevenue's payments of €20,000 or over: Quarter 3 2014 (PDF, 157KB)

Updated: pdfForm IC8 - Tax Repayment Exemption Claim Form for Deed of Covenant (PDF, 248KB)

16th October

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Cigarettes and Tobacco in Dublin

eBrief 91/14: ROS Pay & File Deadline 13th November 2014 - Useful Tips

Fluctuation of Exchange Rates effective from 22/10/2014

Updated Contact Details: East & South East Region - An Post Parcel Depot

15th October 2014


New: pdfInformation notice for Ship and Air carriers, Freight Forwarders, Customs Clearance Agents, Importers & Exporters - Introduction of Revenue’s Electronic Manifest System (PDF 112KB)

Updated: pdfalphabetical list of Bodies with Charitable Tax Exemption (PDF, 2.89MB)

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Cigarettes and Tobacco in Dublin

Updated: pdfEmergency Tax & USC Rates 2012-2015 (PDF, 91KB)

14th October 2014


13th October 2014

eBrief 90/14: Mandatory Filing of iXBRL Financial Statements

10th October 2014

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Cigarettes and Tobacco in Limerick

Press Release: Local Property Tax 2015

8th October 2014

pdfRevenue's Prompt Payment Returns: Quarter 3 2014 (PDF, 110KB)

pdfSAD Download Service (PDF, 1.42MB)

7th October 2014

Updated: IT5 - Medical Insurance Relief

6th October 2014


New: wordReport of the 57th Meeting of the Customs Consultative Committee - 22nd July 2014 (PDF, 369KB)

3rd October 2014

eBrief 89/14: R&D - Clarification of the treatment of threshold expenditure in certain circumstances

New Stamp Duty Forms:

New Statistics Page
A Statistics Page has been launched on Revenue's website. The page contains statistical information on taxes and duties for which the Office of the Revenue Commissioners is responsible, as well as further outputs linked to Revenue’s activities and links to tax related information sources on other websites. This page builds on the annual Revenue Statistical Report, making statistical information available in a new and more accessible format. The content of the page will be expanded over the coming months.

2nd October 2014

eBrief No. 88/2014:Guidance Notes on the Implementation of FATCA in Ireland

Press Release: Revenue seizes cannabis at Dublin Port

Updated: Artists Exemption List

eBrief No. 87/2014: Collector-General's Requirement for Security Bonds - Section 960S TCA 1997

1st October

Updated: IT40 - Tax Treatment of Widowed Persons or Surviving Civil Partners

Updated: IT16 - Third Party Returns - Automatic Return of Certain Information

Updated: IT20A - PAYE/PRSI/USC on Benefits from Employments

eBrief No. 86/2014: Tax Clearance Guidelines and Procedures Updated

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