20th January 2017

Updated: excelFlat Rate (employment) Expenses (MS Excel, 64KB)

New: eBrief No. 07/2017: Deduction for statutory registration fees paid to the Health and Social Care Professionals Council

New: pdfForm 11 - 2016 - Pay & File Tax Return for the year 2016 (PDF, 454KB) Return of Income, Charges and Capital Gains for the year ended 31 December 2016 and claim for Tax Credits, Allowances and Reliefs for the year ended 31 December 2016

Updated: Making a Disclosure

19th January 2017

Updated: Age Tax Credit

New: eBrief No. 06/2017: Special Assignee Relief Programme

Press Release: Revenue and Other International Tax Administrations Meet on ‘Panama Papers’

New: pdfForm 54 Claims - Income Tax Repayment Claim for the year 2016 (PDF, 205KB) (Incorporating Form 54D - Claim for Repayment of Deposit Interest Retention Tax for the year 2016)

Exchange Rates to be used in Determining Customs Values - February 2017

18th January 2017

Updated: Student - Questions and Answers about Tax

17th January 2017

Updated: Start Your Own Business Relief

13th January 2017

Press Release: Revenue Seizes 60,000 Cigarettes at Rosslare Europort

Updated: Tax Exemption for Dwelling House - CAT 10

Updated: pdfArtists Exemption - Claim Form 2 (PDF, 374KB)

12th January 2017

Updated: pdfPayment of Tax by Means of Donation of Heritage Items (Section 1003) (PDF, 97KB)

Updated: Beneficiaries of tax relief during 2016 under S481 film corporation tax credit scheme

New: pdfFinance Act (Number 18) 2016

10th January 2017

Updated: IT2 - Taxation of Married Persons and Civil Partners

New: eBrief No. 05/2017: Fisher Tax Credit

9th January 2017

Updated: pdfFrequently Asked Questions about Qualifying Disclosures relating to Offshore Matters (PDF, 839KB)

Updated: excelFlat Rate (employment) Expenses (MS Excel, 64KB)

6th January 2017

New: eBrief No. 04/2017: Finance Act 2016 changes to Capital Acquisitions Tax Consolidation Act 2003

6th January 2017

eBrief No. 03-2017: Stamp duty levies - changes made by Finance Act 2016 and Health Insurance Amendment Act 2016


Press Release: Revenue Publishes 2016 Local Property Tax Statistics

5th January 2017

Updated: pdfLicensed Remote Bookmaking Operations @ 05th January 2017 (PDF, 176KB)

4th January 2017

pdfRevenue's Prompt Payment Returns: Quarter 4 2016 (PDF, 117KB)

pdfS.I. No. 654 of 2016 (PDF, 52KB) - Universal Social Charge (Amendment) Regulations 2016

3rd January 2017

Updated: Artists Exemption - Section 195 Taxes Consolidation Act, 1997

eBrief No. 02-2017: Improved online services for PAYE customers

Press Release: Revenue Online Application System Opens for Help to Buy Incentive

New: Help to Buy – Summary guide for Help to Buy Applicants

Updated: Living City Initiative

eBrief No. 01-2017: Finance Act 2016 - VAT Notes for Guidance

New Forms:

30th December

New: pdf Form CGT Payslip A (PDF, 55KB) (for the purposes of making a payment of Capital Gains Tax for the period 1 January 2017 to 30 November 2017)

29th December

New: pdfVAT Notes for Guidance FA 2016 (PDF, 159KB)

28th December

Press Release: Revenue seizes Tobacco Products and Cash in Louth

Press Release: Revenue seizes 21,000 Cigarettes in Cork City

23rd December


22nd December

New:pdfForm 12S - Tax Return for the year 2016 (PDF, 177KB). (This form is to be completed and returned to your local Revenue office on or before 31 October 2017)


Exchange Rates to be used in Determining Customs Values - January 2017

21st December

New: eBrief No. 101/2016: Updated USC manual

20th December

Updated: Stamp Duty on Financial Cards

20th December

New: eBrief No. 100/2016: Taxation Issues for Registered Farm Partnerships

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Cigarettes, Tobacco, Cars and Cash in Cork City

19th December

Updated: pdfForm P11D 2016 - Tax Return for the period 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2016 - Return by employer of benefits, non-cash emoluments and payments not subjected to PAYE/Universal Social Charge (USC) provided to directors and certain employees (Section 897, Taxes Consolidation Act 1997) (PDF, 172KB)

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