22nd July 2014

Updated: AEP Trader Guide - word Appendix 21 SAD Box 44 (MS Word, 1.47MB)

Updated: Diesel Rebate Scheme - Repayment Rate

eBrief No. 61/2014: Expenses of travel - Non-executive directors attending board meetings

18th July 2014

Press Release: Revenue seizes 60,000 cigarettes in Co. Laois

Press Release: The Director of Public Prosecutions v Robert (Bob) O'Sullivan

eBrief No. 60/2014: Revenue Complaint and Review Procedures

Press release: Local Property Tax compliance rates reach 95% and 94%

pdfLocal Property Tax Preliminary Compliance Data as at July 2014 (PDF, 332KB)

Updated: pdfForm CC-Rep - Application for refund of Mineral Oil Tax Carbon Charge (MOTCC) by Greenhouse Gas Emissions Permit holder (PDF, 155KB)

Updated: pdfForm 12A - Application for a Certificate of Tax Credits and Standard Rate Cut-Off Point (PDF, 477KB)

17th July 2014

eBrief No. 59/2014: Full Self Assessment

eBrief No. 58/2014: VAT - Transfer of Business

eBrief No. 57/2014: VAT treatment of Independent Film and TV Productions

eBrief No. 56/2014: Revenue Pensions Manual

16th July 2014

eBrief No. 55/2014: VAT - Adjustment of VAT deductible where consideration is unpaid after six months (section 62A)

eBrief No. 54/2014: VAT - Notice of requirement to furnish certain information (section 108A)

New: Full Self Assessment - pdfFrequently Asked Questions (PDF, 252KB)

15th July 2014


14th July 2014

eBrief No. 53/2014: Valid Tax Clearance Certificate Required by Small Public Service Vehicles (Taxis and Hackneys) Licence Holders

11th July 2014

Updated: wordGuidance Notes for Charities and Approved Bodies concerning what constitutes a relevant Donation under Section 848A, Taxes Consolidation Act 1997 (MS Word, 28KB)

10th July 2014

Updated VAT Leaflet: Transfer of Business

Updated: Diesel Rebate Scheme - Application & Claims

New: pdfPN 1877 - Excise: Revenue's Guide for Tax Warehousekeepers (Alcohol Products) (PDF, 743KB)

9th July 2014

New: pdfLevy on certain Life Assurance Premiums (PDF, 383KB)

Press release: Revenue Seizes Cash at Shannon Airport

Updated: pdf Non resident charities (resident in and operating in an EEA/EFTA State) seeking a determination (PDF, 330KB)

8th July 2014

Updated: IT21 - Lump Sum Payments (Redundancy/Retirement)

7th July 2014


New: pdfPAYE Notice to Employers - July 2014 (PDF, 122KB)

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Fuel in Kildare

4th July 2014

eBrief No. 52/2014: USC - Split Year Residence, Payment of arrears and bonuses

updated: pdfConsignment of Excisable Products from EU Member States for Commercial Purposes (PDF, 345KB)

Updated: Diesel Rebate Scheme - Approval of Fuel Cards

3rd July 2014

new: pdfRevenue's Prompt Payment Returns: Quarter 2 2014 (PDF, 111KB)

Fluctuation of Exchange Rates at 9th July 2014

eBrief No. 51/2014: VAT Return of Trader Details – Introduction of automated compliance measures

2nd July 2014

Updated: pdfNursing Homes Support Scheme Payslip (PDF, 38KB)

Updated: pdfInformation on Prohibitions and Restrictions (PDF, 612KB)

Updated: pdfPDF Version of the IT70 - A Revenue Guide to Rental Income (PDF, 485KB)

Updated: pdf alphabetical list of Sports Bodies with a Tax Exemption (PDF, 537KB)

Updated: excelalphabetical list of Bodies with Charitable Tax Exemption (PDF, 2.90MB)

Updated: List of Authorised Qualifying Intermediaries and Authorised Withholding Agents together with Associated Nominee Companies for the purposes of Irish Dividend Withholding Tax


1st July 2014

New: Ambulances section on the Vehicle Conversions page

eBrief No. 50/2014: Pensions - Personal Fund Threshold - New Electronic Notification System


eBrief No. 49/2014: eForm 12 2013

eBrief No. 48/2014: Corporation Tax - Foreign Branch Double Taxation Relief

Updated Dividend Withholding Tax (DWT) Form: pdfNon-Resident Form V2A - Exemption from DWT for A Qualifying Non-Resident Individual in respect of relevant distributions (PDF, 464KB)

30th June 2014

Updated: Artists Exemption - Individuals who received a favourable determination in the period since 1 April 2002 - Section 195 TCA, 1997

updated: eForm 12

27th June 2014

AEP Notification: pdfRef 002-2014 - Exports to Russia via Finland (PDF, 833KB)

Press Release: Revenue seizes over €500K worth of drugs at Rosslare Europort

eBrief No. 47/2014: Tax and Duty Manual Update: Income tax relief for insurance against expenses of illness (Medical/Dental Insurance) operations in Section 530 TCA, 1997)

26th June 2014

Updated - Excise Public Notice 1890:pdfAuthorisation of warehousekeepers and the approval of tax warehouses (PDF, 512KB)

eBrief No. 46/2014: Relevant Contracts Tax – Clarification on the installation of water meters and the hire of plant and machinery (Definition of construction operations in Section 530 TCA, 1997)

Fluctuation of Exchange Rates at 2nd July 2014

24th June 2014

Press Release: Revenue seizes over 32m cigarettes in Drogheda Port, the largest seizure in Europe to date this year

23rd June 2014

New Double Taxation Agreement: pdfBotswana (PDF, 224 KB) (signed 10 June 2014 – not yet in effect)

Statement of Practice: pdfSP - CT (PDF, 174KB) - Corporation Tax - Foreign Branch Double Taxation Relief

20th June 2014

eBrief No. 45/2014: Important notice: Filing and payment of Local Property Tax by Employers in respect of Employees

Updated: Surcharge arising where LPT Return not filed by Chargeable Persons

pdfVAT MOSS Registration Information (PDF, 3.20MB)

19th June 2014

Cash Seizures and Forfeiture Orders:

Prosecution case:

Press Release: Revenue Seizes Cigarettes and Tobacco in Carlow

Exchange Rates - July 2014

eBrief No. 44/2014: Travel Agent's Margin Scheme - Revenue's position following the recent decisions of the CJEU

18th June 2014

LPT online system Login: Issue with ‘W’ format Personal Public Service numbers (PPSNs)

17th June 2014

eBrief No. 43/2014: Local Property Tax (LPT) - Deduction at source from wages, salary or an occupational pension

16th June 2014

pdfPAYE Notice to Employers – June 2014 (PDF, 249KB)


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