File a MOT e-repayment claim

What is the MOT e-repayments service?

This is a service that allows you to apply online to claim for certain Mineral Oil Tax (MOT)[1] reliefs. 

Who is the service for? 

This service is suitable for you if you wish to file a repayment claim for the following MOT reliefs:

  • MOT on aviation gasoline used for commercial or business air navigation. This can be done using the online form PPF2.
  • MOT carbon charge by greenhouse gas emissions permit holders[2]. This can be done using the online form CC_Rep.  

What you need to use the service

For the PPF2 claim you will need the:

  • claim period (mm/year)
  • volume of litres claimed
  • claim details spreadsheet (for upload). 

For the CC_Rep claim you will need the:

  • claim period mm/year
  • supplier details (VAT number, volume of litres claimed)
  • greenhouse gas emissions permit (for upload).

How to access the service

If you are a ROS registered customer, this service is available by following these steps:

  • click on the ‘Other Services’ section in the ‘My Services’ area of ROS
  • click on the 'e-Repayment Claims' card. 

[1] You must be registered for MOT on ROS to use this service.

[2] You must also be a holder of a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Permit to be eligible to file a CC_Rep claim.