eRegistration Service

E-registration is a Revenue initiative to enable Agents and Customers who have registered with ROS or myAccount to manage their Revenue registrations online. Introduced in 2009, it was significantly enhanced in 2012, and it now represents a comprehensive alternative to paper-based correspondence.

While a paper application is still required in a limited number of registration transactions, all paper applications received which could otherwise be completed online will be returned with a request that the transaction be dealt with online.

Who may access Revenue eRegistration Services?

Tax registrations may be managed online by any of the following:

  • Individuals who are registered for myAccount;
    Individuals who are not registered for myAccount and require access to the eRegistration Service, should register for myAccount in the first instance*
  • Individuals who are registered for Revenue’s Online Service - ROS;
  • Agents who are registered for Revenue’s Online Service - ROS.

Please note that access to eRegistration is restricted or unavailable to certain applicants – outlined below. Applicants in these categories should continue to submit paper applications to their local Revenue District Office.

  • Individuals currently not eligible to register for myAccount*
  • Non-assessable spouses
  • Where a non-resident director exists
  • Unincorporated Bodies/Non-Profit Organisations e.g Schools, Boards of Management, Charities
  • Liquidators
  • Receivers
  • Executors
  • Collection Agents
  • VAT/RCT Re-registrations

[*Please note that access to myAccount is currently restricted to those who have previously received a customer registration number from Revenue, e.g. PAYE]


To assist you should you have any queries on the eRegistration system, some common questions on the operation of the system are available in the eRegistration FAQs.

Additional Information for Agents:

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