Jobs and Pensions Service


Jobs and Pensions is an online service that allows customers register their new job (or private pension) with Revenue.

A tax credit certificate (TCC) will then issue to both the employer and employee ensuring that the employer can deduct the correct amount of tax for that job (or private pension).

The Jobs and Pensions service replaces the Form 12A, so employees must register their first job in Ireland using this service. Employees unable to use online services should contact their Revenue office for assistance.

Accessing Jobs and Pensions Service

This service is available in myAccount by clicking on the Jobs and Pensions card or the ‘Add Job or Pension’ link on the PAYE Services card.

Customers, including those starting work for the first time in Ireland, must register for myAccount to use the Jobs and Pensions service.

The Jobs and Pensions service is also available in ROS.


Agents cannot currently access the Jobs and Pensions service.

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Who is the Jobs and Pensions Service for?

The Jobs and Pensions service is for customers who are:

  • starting their first job in the current tax year including their first ever job in Ireland
  • changing jobs and the previous job has been ceased on Revenue records
  • starting a second or subsequent job (i.e. another job in addition to their main job)
  • starting to receive payments from a private pension (i.e. not a Department of Social Protection (DSP) pension).

Customers who are changing jobs should not use this service to tell us about their new job unless the old job has been ceased on Revenue’s record.

Information needed to register a job

Customers will need the following information to register a job online:

  • new employer’s tax registration number
  • start date of the new job
  • frequency of payment
  • staff number if one has been allocated by the employer. This is also called a personnel, works or payroll number (note: this is not mandatory)
  • weekly amount of the following DSP payments:
    • Blind Pension
    • Survivor’s Pension (Non-Contributory)
    • Carer’s Income (Allowance / Benefit).

Customers may also be asked to provide additional information including:

  • occupation and other details to determine entitlement to Flat Rate Expenses
  • length of time living in Ireland and intention to stay to determine whether the customer is tax resident
  • details of overall income for the current tax year to determine the appropriate rate of Universal Social Charge (USC).

Jointly assessed customers may be asked to provide information in relation to their spouse or civil partner.

Revenue will use any relevant information from the customer’s Revenue record and will only ask for information where it is missing or may not be up to date.

Issue of Tax Credit Certificate

After the job is registered on the Jobs and Pensions service, a TCC will issue to the new employer. A copy of the TCC will be available to view on myAccount (PAYE Anytime) usually within 2 days of the submission being made.

TCCs set out a customer’s tax credits and rate band for the current tax year.

The information provided by the customer, in addition to the information held on Revenue’s record, will determine the appropriate tax credits and rate band.

Tax Credits

The Jobs and Pensions service will automatically grant the following credits if the customer meets the relevant criteria:

If a customer is entitled to other credits, they can be claimed on PAYE Anytime.

October 2016

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