Manage your tax 2017

Manage your tax 2017 can be accessed through the link on the PAYE Services card in myAccount, Revenue’s online service for employees and pension recipients. This service provides a quick, secure and convenient method for individuals, who pay taxes under the PAYE system, to manage their taxes online.

An amended Tax Credit Certificate will generally issue within two days of any updates submitted by you.

In Manage your tax 2017 you can:

  • View your tax record for the current year including what tax credits you are in receipt of and what incomes (in addition to your employment or pension salary) are on record for you.
  • View your USC position.
  • View your latest Tax Credit Certificate.
  • Claim a wide range of tax credits.
  • Declare additional income including Department of Social Protection (DSP) payments.
  • Update your USC position (e.g. remove a USC exemption marker).
  • View how your tax credits and rate bands have been divided between yourself and your spouse or civil partner.

Divide your tax credits and rate bands.

When you update your record in Manage your Tax 2017, and you and your spouse or civil partner, where applicable, have more than one job or pension on record you will be asked to provide an estimated gross annual income for each of your jobs or pensions. This is to help us ensure that you pay the correct amount of tax by ensuring that your tax credits and rate bands are divided appropriately across your different jobs or pensions.

You can of course decide to divide the tax credits and rate bands in a different way and you just need to tell us this and there is a facility in Manage your tax 2017 to allow you to do this.

Where you cannot estimate the income, you will be asked which of your jobs or pensions is the main one (i.e. the highest paid) and any updates to your tax record, e.g. an increase in tax credits because you claimed a new credit, will be made against this job or pension.

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