Mortgage Interest Relief

Registration for Tax Relief at Source (TRS) - Mortgage Interest Relief

Legislation governing tax relief in respect of mortgage interest payments (TRS) provides for the granting of tax relief based on the amount of qualifying interest paid by a borrower in any tax year. However many Lenders calculate TRS based on the amount of interest charged to a mortgage account irrespective of whether that interest was paid by the borrower or not.

From January 2014 lenders will be obliged to grant TRS based on the amount of interest actually paid by the borrower within a tax year as specified in the legislation.

This change will have no impact for borrowers who pay the correct mortgage amount on time, in accordance with the terms of their loan.

In instances where borrowers do not make payment/s or pay less than the amount of interest charged to their account, then the TRS amount due will be reduced to reflect the actual amount paid.

Please note:
You should use this link to register your mortgage for TRS if you have not previously registered this loan. You can also use this link to make a claim for previous years interest paid (up to the last 4 years) on this mortgage or if you are applying for relief on a top-up to an existing loan.

Mortgage interest relief is provided at source by your lender either in the form of a reduced monthly mortgage payment or a credit to your funding account.

Please note that, to apply for TRS, you need your Personal Public Service Number (PPSN) and details of all previous loans for this property as provided by your bank.

You should not apply to register your mortgage until after the date of your first mortgage repayment.

For further information, contact the TRS Helpline on 1890 46 36 26 or email

Please quote Personal Public Service Number (PPSN) on all correspondence.

January 2017

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