Order Forms & Leaflets Online

You can order our most common PAYE Revenue Forms & Leaflets online.

Call our 24-hour telephone number 1890 30 67 06 or 00353 1 70 23 050 for callers outside the Republic of Ireland and leave your details, and the number of Forms and Leaflets you require, or e-mail your name, full postal address, the form/leaflet numbers, or subject you require to custform@revenue.ie.

If you are ordering Forms P45, please note they will not be issued unless you include your Employers Reference Number (or in the case of an accountant, your Taxpayer Advisor Identification Number).

If you require Forms P45 on Revenue On-Line (ROS) stationery, please include details of the type of printer being used i.e matrix or laser.

Employers Please Note: If you require Forms VAT3, P30 or RCT 30 please telephone 1890 20 30 70 or e-mail cg@revenue.ie.

For Forms P35/P35L, P35LF, P35L/T please telephone 1890 20 30 70 (Ext. 24897) or e-mail P35Processing@revenue.ie.

Please note Relevant Contracts Tax Deduction Cards and Form RCT35 must be ordered separately by fax or letter from your local Regional Office.

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