Advantages of e-Filing

There are also advantages to both Revenue and the customer in electronic filing. These include:

  • Improved Customer Service.
    Revenue can provide a more efficient, timely and cost effective service to our customers. Access to your own Revenue account from your own PC with 24 hour, 365 day access to ROS. Calculation facilities to assist customers with determining their exposure to tax. Built-in electronic acknowledgments and uniform communications with all customers.
  • Faster Turn Around Time
    By eliminating mailing, handling, and keying in of returns, they are now processed more quickly and retrieved rapidly.
  • Improved Accuracy and Audit trails
    By eliminating the manual keying in of tax data and by implementing a series of computer checks and validations, the system allows more accurate processing of tax data. Specific problem fields are more easily identified.
  • Reduced Processing Costs
    There will be cost savings as a result of the reduction in duplicated manual processing, that substantially reduce compliance costs for the customer along with a better distribution of the workload for employees. Staff resources will be redeployed to other areas e.g. customer service.
  • Other Potential Savings
    There will be a reduction in costs associated with procurement, printing, postage, storage, replacement, stocktaking and distributing printed forms.

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