ROS Payment Services

Simplify your ROS payments by registering your RDI (ROS Debit Instruction) on ROS. For more information on how to register your RDI see:

Click on the associated link for a guide to using a Card to make payments on ROS

You can make payments through ROS using the following options

Please select a link below to access the FAQ’s relevant to that particular payment option

ROS Debit Instruction (RDI)

Set up an RDI on ROS by selecting the relevant link. You will only need to do this once and it will allow you to submit a payment immediately. Please note that the bank account you chose is capable of handling direct debits. Monies will not be extrapolated without instruction from yourself in advance.

Credit Card

Currently credit card transactions incur a facilitation fee @ 1.1% of your tax liability.

Our credit card processing partners are Realex and Elavon.

All Credit card payments will be processed on the day of completion.

Debit Card

Currently Revenue absorbs the charge for Debit Card’s, this may change in the future should the charge become untenable. Most debit cards are now prefixed with either Visa or Master Card. Please ensure you are using a Debit Card and not a Credit Card, to avoid any unnecessary charges.

On-Line Banking

On-Line banking is limited to Income Tax using AIB or BoI

  • BoI: Banking (365) You must phone customer services 1890 365 365
    The Revenue Ac No and sort code to be used is:
    • IBAN: IE55BOFI90001795165130
    • Bank Identifier (BIC): BOFIIE2D
  • AIB: 24 Hour-Online Customers can now mandate their Revenue Account for payment within the payment option of 24 Hour-Online. The Revenue Account No and sort code to be used is:
    • IBAN: IE35AIBK93208646182086
    • Bank Identifier(BIC): AIBKIE2D

Here are a pdfList of all Taxes (PDF, 29KB) to which payments can be made. It includes a complete breakdown of all taxes and their ROS relationship.

Selecting the return or payment buttons on the ROS homepage enables you make payments on ROS.

Income Tax payments may be created in our ROS Offline Application provided a ROS Debit Instruction (RDI) is in place. You cannot use a card with this facility.

Filing extensions

ROS filers who pay and file using ROS can qualify for filing date extensions until the 23rd of the due month.

Currently the following returns fall into this option VAT, PAYE-EMP, Corporation Tax, Relevant Contracts Tax.

Income Tax extensions are determined at the beginning of each tax year.

Contact Details

Contact our ROS Payment Support Unit by:

  • email at
  • Telephone at 1890 22 63 36
  • International customers may contact us on +353 1 702 3052.

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