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Tax Returns

The service provides for the electronic filing and payment of over 21 different taxes and duties for business clients including:

  • Income Tax: Form 11
  • Corporation Tax: Form CT1
  • PAYE Employers: Monthly P30s and Annual P35s and Forms P45 and P46
  • VAT: Bi-monthly VAT3s, Annual Return of Trading Details (RTD) VIES & INTRASTAT; VAT on eCommerce
  • Relevant Contracts Tax: Annual C35 and monthly RCT 30
  • Environmental Levy, Betting Duty Returns
  • Vehicle Registration Tax
  • Gift and Inheritance Tax: IT38
  • EU Customs Transit Procedures (NCTS), CAP Export Trader Refunds
  • EU Savings Directive
  • Automated Entry Processing (AEP)
  • Services for Financial Institutions including DWT, SSIA, DIRT, IUT, LAET & EU Savings Directive
  • eStamping
  • Air Travel Tax

ROS delivers Tax Credit Certificates to employers electronically and allows ROS customers and their agents to view details of their Revenue Account.

ROS also provides online facilities for PAYE customer through PAYE Anytime. Once registered for PAYE Anytime customers can

  • View their tax record
  • Claim a wide range of tax credits including service charges, union subscriptions, Rent Credit etc.
  • Apply for refunds of tax including health expenses
  • Declare additional income
  • Request a review of tax liability for previous years
  • Re-allocate credits between yourself and your spouse
  • Track correspondence submitted to Revenue.

Access Control

ROS has a specially designed access control system which allows an agent or 'administrator' in the firm, (the Senior Partner or Financial Controller, for example), provide the appropriate access to ROS for staff within the business or practice. This control system is hosted on ROS but is maintained by the administrator using his or her digital certificate for identification and access. In many tax practices and in larger businesses staff have different levels of authorisation in relation to certain clients or in relation to filing certain returns. Some may get permission to view certain details on ROS solely. Others may be enabled to file VAT returns while others may be enabled to file all returns on behalf of certain clients. A Senior Partner might reserve certain clients to him or herself exclusively.

For more information contact the ROS Helpdesk at 1890 201 106 or email

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How to download Tax Credit Certificates from ROS and an excel spreadsheet to view details of tax credit certificates

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