Technical Specifications

Some Revenue services are designed to inter-operate with commercial software such as accounting or ERP packages. The following links provide access to various guides and technical information which may be of interest to Revenue customers and software developers.

Local Property Tax - 3rd Party Payment Service Provider Specification

This document outlines the requirements that 3rd party service providers need to fulfil to accept payment for this tax.

Local Property Tax - Valuation Guidance Data

This file contains the underlying data from Revenue’s Online Valuation Guidance application. The data show average valuation bands for each Electoral District in the State, coded by a unique identity number (ED_ID) from the Geo-Directory database. The data are the same as those in the Online Valuation Guidance application and the guidance documents. This file is provided to allow technical users of mapping and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software analyse and display the Revenue valuation guidance.

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