Tax Briefing

Tax Briefing is Revenue's on-line technical journal. Since August 2009 individual articles are published as soon as they become available and subscribers to eBrief receive prompt notification of each article.

The current online version of the Tax Briefing Supplement is on the Supplement page.

The search facility can be used to locate particular Tax Briefing articles. If an initial search does not provide a satisfactory result, the 'Advanced Search' function can be used to restrict the search to Tax Briefing articles only. An index of contents of all Tax Briefings to date is included in the online Supplement.

Since 1 January 2010, Tax Briefing articles are numbered by reference to the year of publication (e.g. Issue No. 01/2010). Earlier articles and Supplements are available in the archive.

If you wish to be notified about new Tax Briefing articles, please subscribe to eBrief.




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