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ROS registration changes - upcoming developments

ROS Registration Changes

From June, Revenue will be updating the ROS registration process. The updated registration process will include security questions as a means of authenticating ROS users, which is in line with current standard security practice.

Customers registering for ROS after mid June

Customers will continue to receive their ROS Access Number (RAN) by post. The RAN will be valid for 3 months.

When customers apply for their ROS digital certificate, the ROS system password will be sent by email or text depending on which option the customer chooses. The system password will be valid for 1 hour.

Customers will be required to select 5 security questions from a list of 10 questions before they can download and save their ROS certificate.

Existing ROS Customers

Customers who already have a ROS certificate will be asked to set up security questions in their Profile screen.

Introducing security questions will streamline and speed up the process for retrieving lost and expired ROS certificates and also forgotten passwords.

25 April 2017

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