CA25 - Inland Revenue Affidavit Guide - Sworn declaration

Persons who do not wish to swear this document on oath may affirm.

  1. Indicate which Grant you are applying for by placing X in the appropriate box -
    Where there is a will and the executor is applying:
    • Probate of the deceased's will
    Where there is a will and the executor is not applying:
    • Administration with will annexed of the deceased's estate
    Where there is no will:
    • Administration intestate of the deceased's estate
    Contact Probate OfficeExternal link or The District Probate RegistryExternal link for information on Nominal Grants.
  2. Insert Surname and Forename of Applicant, address of place where document is being sworn/affirmed, date of signing.

The Inland Revenue Affidavit must be sworn/affirmed by the applicant and witnessed by a Commissioner for Oaths, a practising solicitor or (where the applicant is applying in person for a Grant) a Court Clerk/Probate Registrar.

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