CA25 - Inland Revenue Affidavit Guide - Details of the Applicants

It is important that this document is sworn by the correct applicant(s).

Where the deceased person leaves a will, the correct applicant for a Grant of Representation (i.e. Grant of Probate) of the deceased's estate is the executor/executrix. Where the executor/executrix is not applying for the Grant, please note that you must obtain legal advice to ascertain who is the correct person to apply for the Grant as this will depend on the terms of the will in each individual case.

Where the deceased does not leave a will, the nearest next of kin of the deceased person as at his/her date of death is generally the person entitled to apply for the Grant of Representation. In some intestacy situations, The Probate OfficeExternal link/District Probate RegistryExternal link may be able to assist you on questions of entitlement. Some situations will require legal advice.

Please note that some applicants who are resident outside of the jurisdiction must instruct a solicitor in the State to extract a Grant of Representation.

Please insert applicant's name, address, occupation and relationship to deceased.

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