Artists Exemption - Section 195 Taxes Consolidation Act, 1997

Individuals who received a favourable determination during the period 01 April 2002 to 30 December 2016. The list is set out alphabetically in each of the five categories. It should be noted that this list is updated on a quarterly basis. The date from which the exemption is effective from is shown for all cases which received a favourable determination after 1 July 2016

A book or other writing (Category A )

Individuals who received a favourable determination
Name Type / Title Effective from:
Agnew Sheila Evie Brooks Is Marooned In Manhattan  
Ahern Bertie Bertie Ahern The Autobiography  
Ahern Cecelia Ps I Love You  
Ahern Garry Portmarnock, Its People and Townlands, A History  
Ahern Michael The Quakers Of County Tipperary 1655-1924  
Ahern Michael Figures in Clonmel Landscape  
Ahern Michael Clonmel County Gaol  
Ahern Patricia The Lightkeeper  
Ahern Patricia The Loneliest Boy In The World  
Ahonen Markus Meduusa  
Aldous Richard Book: "Tunes Of Glory".  
Allen Elizabeth Last To Know  
Altamont Lord Jeremy A life at Westport House  
Amsby Alan Vincent Mr Pussy: Before I Forget to Remember 01/01/2016
Anderson Glynn Patrick Birds Of Ireland, Facts Folklore & History  
Andrews Gerard Shaped By History  
Ardiff Karen The Secret Of My Face  
Ashe Julian The Irish Book Of Lists  
Atwell Sam Scripts  
Auge Celeste The Essential Guide To Flight  
Baird Julia Imagine This  
Baltassat Jean-Daniel Novels  
Bannan Sarah Weightless  
Barnes Nigel A Dream Within A Dream - The Life Of Edgar Allan Poe  
Barnham Kay Childrens Fiction: "U.B.O.S."  
Barrett Colin Young Skins  
Barrett Edmond Nameless War Triology  
Barrett Jennifer Look into the Eye  
Barrett John kazuo ohno's world from without and within 01/01/2016
Barrett Pauline The Addergoogle Titanic Story  
Barrington Bernice Sisters and Lies =Fiction 01/01/2016
Barry Kevin There Are Little Kingdoms  
Barry Michael B Homage To Al-andalu The Rise And Fall Of Islamic Spain  
Barry Orla Portable Stones  
Bartlett Thomas Ireland A History  
Barton Ruth Acting Irish In Hollywood  
Bashford Synnott Marie "The Hope & Pride"
"In Marble Halls"
Bateman Colin Orpheus Rising  
Battersby Eileen Second Readings  
Baume Sarah Spill Simmer Falter Wither  
Baxter Gregory The Apartment  
Beattie John Donegal In Old Photos  
Beggan Raymond Winged Encounters. The Common Birds of Dublin  
Bennett Claire-Louise Pond  
Bennett Eoin (Benji) Before You Sleep  
Bergin Barbara "Cash Buyers"  
Bergin Peter Jungle Bound  
Berts Peter Norman Normal (script)  
Binchy Chris "The Very Man"  
Binchy Dan "Loopy"  
Binchy Smith Gillian Ruby's Tuesday  
Bird Charlie This Is Charlie Bird  
Black Anthony Truth Lies Bleeding  
Black Mary Down The Crooked Road  
Blackhurst Helen That Snowman  
Blake Liam "The Dark Pool"  
Blakey John A The Tale Of Lundravar The Dragon  
Blaney Don "More Than A Game"  
Blaney Don "Love, Lies And Bleeding"  
Boland Gerry Marco Moves In  
Boland Rosita "A Secret Map Of Ireland"  
Bolger Muriel Dublin - City Of Literature  
Bolger Muriel Consequences  
Bolger Stephen The Bramble Maze  
Bolton Adeline A Deadly Greed  
Bolton Jason The Martello Towers Of Dublin  
Bond Mary "Absolutely Love"  
Bond Mary "All Things Perfect"  
Borda Sylvia Ek Modernism  
Bortoli Jole Iria  
Bourke Angela, Dr. "Maeve Brennan Homesick At The New Yorker".  
Bourke Edward J Images Of St. James Gate  
Bohan Bernadette The Choice  
Boyce Niamh The Herbalist  
Boyle Mark The Moneyless Man  
Boyne John Novel  
Boyne Sean Emmet Dalton. Somme Soldier, Irish General, Film Pioneer  
Bradford Mary The Runaway  
Bradley Martin The Archives of the IRFU  
Brady Conor A June of Ordinary Murders  
Brankin Una "Half Moon Lake"  
Breatnach Caoilte "Memories In Time"  
Breathnach Gemma Scriptwriting  
Breathnach Paraic Scriptwriting  
Bredin Declan Power Play 01/01/2016
Breheny Martin Blessed And Obsessed  
Brennan Joe Donegal Folk Tales  
Brennan Francis Counting My Blessings  
Brennan Martin The Havishams  
Brennan Philip Book "Clare"  
Brett Campbell Emma  
Brett Martin Honeysuckle Lane  
Briere Haquet Alice Dragons, Mode D'emploi  
Brinsky Andrea The Green Lake  
Briscoe George The Best Of Times Memoirs Of A Countryman  
Brisset Sandrine Brendan Kennelly: Behind the Smile  
Broderick Jacueline "Trainers"  
Broe Christine Solas Solas  
Bromell Tony Rian Mo Chos Ar Chaineamh An Tsaoil  
Bronson Valerie Bare in Bermuda  
Brophy Adam The Bad Dad's Survival Guide  
Brophy Kevin Thomas The Berlin Crossing  
Brosnahan Geraldine Tara Flynn  
Brow Gary Connemara's Walled Gardens  
Browne Amy One Woman 6 Plays  
Browne Harry The Frontman. Bono (In The Name of Power)  
Browne Ivor Music And Madness  
Browne Juanita "Ireland's Mammals"  
Browne Donnelly Juanita My First Book Of Irish Animals  
Browne Sarah Arts Criticism  
Browne Terency [aka Hay Machine(e)] The Dangerous Press  
Brown Terence The Irish Times  
Browne Tim Stories In Song  
Browne Trevor Other Writing  
Browner Frances You Could've been Someone  
Brugha Catherine "Maire Macswiney Brugha History's Daughter".  
Brunker Amanda Champagne Kisses  
Buchanan Colin Farlander  
Buckley Joseph Novel: When Duty Calls  
Bunbury Turtle Vanishing Ireland  
Bunbury Turtle Dublin Docklands  
Bunni Siobhain Dark Mirrors  
Burke Ainne Scriptwriting  
Burke Basil Kiltimage Remembered Volumes 1,2 and 3  
Burke Declan Absolute Zero Cool  
Burke Jacqueline The Secrets of Grindlewood  
Burke Jennifer The Secret Son  
Burke Maria The Ark of Dun Ruah  
Burke Michael The Hong Kong Letter  
Burke Robert "Annies Letter"  
Burke Robert The Third Pig Detective Agency  
Burlington Marie "Helpful Hannah"  
Burns Batt The King With Horse's Ears, And Other Irish Folktales  
Burns John Sold!  
Butler Anne Life is a Serious Business  
Butler Berald The Lightkeeper  
Butler Pat Scriptwriting  
Butler Patrick Turlough Park & The Fitzgeralds  
Byrne Fergus Short Stories  
Byrne Joseph Byrne's Dictionary Of Irish Local History  
Byrne Mary Mary Byrne This is my Life  
Byrne Maura Bridget in Wereworl Rehab  
Byrnes Gary J The God Virus  
Cafferty (kane) Ursula Suitcase Number Seven  
Cahill Mcenroe Frances Martin Cahill, My Father  
Cahill Jackie Sunday One  
Cahill Joyce Click Click  
Cahill Thomas Murder At The Belly Up  
Caldicott Edric Moliere Oeuvres Completes  
Callaly Rose Remembering Rachel  
Callan Oliver Series Writing  
Campbell Dave Voice of the Great Spirit  
Campbell Peter Lone Star Soul  
Campbell Siobhan Poetry  
Cannon Moya "Oar"  
Carey Anna-Marie The Real Rebecca  
Carey Denis Joseph D J A Sporting Legend  
Carmody Dr. Mark Fresh Water Birds Of Ireland  
Carroll Aideen Seán Moylan, Rebel Leader  
Carroll Claudia He Loves Me Not He Loves Me  
Carroll Gerald The Earls of Desmond  
Carroll Gerald The History of Tralee  
Carroll Gerald "Mr. Justice Robert Day"  
Carroll Joanne Book - The Italian Romance  
Carter, Andrea Saibh Death At Whitewater Church  
Carty Elizabeth Short Stories  
Carville Dr Justin Photography and Ireland  
Casey, Christine The Buildings Of Ireland - Dublin  
Casey Leanne Dominic a Slater Brothers Novel  
Casey, Michael Come Home Robbie  
Casey Michael Ireland's Malaise  
Casey Ronan Joe Dolan: The Authorised Biography  
Casey Shane Natures Secret Adventures  
Cashin Claire Will You Be There When I Get Home?  
Cassidy Eugene Sins Of The Past & Nine Other Short Stories  
Cassidy Yvonne The Other Boy  
Cassin John Finbar I Never Had A Proper Job. A Life In Theatre  
Cavanagh Enda Exploring The Irish Landscape  
Cawley Carol The Butterfly State  
Cawley Robert Scriptwriting  
Chambers Anne "Finding Tom Cruise And Other Stories"  
Chapman Patrick The Wow Signal  
Charlet-hodges Bernadette Childrens Books  
Chisholm Eliza Soldier Sailor  
Clarke David Man On The Bridge. The Photos Of Arthur Fields  
Clarke Desmond M Rene Descartes Meditations And Other Metaphysical Writings.  
Clarke Desmond M Descartes A Biography  
Clarke Donal Brown Gold - A History Of Bord Na Móna  
Clarke Jane Books  
Clarke Sheila Ashford Writers In Residence  
Clarke Sheila A Pictorial History Of Ashford County Wicklow 1860's To 1960's  
Clayton Mary Old English Poems of Christ and His Saints  
Cleary Brian The Truth Will Out 01/01/2016
Clerkin Brendan No Hurry In Africa  
Clifford Kelly Norah Open to Love  
Clifford Michael Bertie Ahern and the Drumcondra Mafia  
Clifford Michael Love You To Death  
Clonan Thomas Blood Sweat And Tears. An Irish Soldier's Story Of Love And Loss  
Clonan Thomas Whistleblower Soldier Spy  
Close Helena "Hot Property"  
Cody Brian Cody  
Coen Mary Elizabeth Love & The Goddess  
Coleman Shane Bertie Ahern and the Drumcondra Mafia  
Colfer Liam "The Hook Peninsula"  
Colgan John F Leixlip, County Kildare  
Collin Len Scriptwriter  
Collins Bernadette Every Mum has magic kisses  
Collins Brian Into The Light  
Collins Ciaran The Gamal  
Collins Liam Irish Crimes Of Passion, Killing For Love Lust And Desire  
Colvert Brendan On My Honour  
Comerford Emma Irish Bitches Be Crazy  
Compton David "Family Sins"  
Conaghan Brian When Mr. Dog bites  
Conaty Donal The 85 Billion Euro Man  
Conley Susan Drama Queen  
Connaughton Marcus Rory Gallagher His Life and Times  
Connelly Charles And Did Those Feet  
Connelly Charles Attention All Shipping  
Connelly Charles Our Man in Hibernia  
Connolly Frank Tom Gilmartin  
Connolly Paul Thats My Baby  
Connolly Samantha If The Shoe Fits  
Connolly Robert E If Walls Could Talk  
Connolly Robert E The Legends - Beginnings  
Conroy Richard Scriptwriting  
Conry Michael "The Carlow Fence"  
Cooper Risteard Comedy Scripts  
Corbett Gavin Novel "Innocence"  
Corcoran Helen Short Stories  
Coleman Scott Andrew Classical  
Corish Monica Short Stories  
Corless Colm Scripts  
Corless Damien Looks like Rain  
Corless Damien Thats Ireland; A Miscellany  
Corless Damien The Greatest Bleeding Hearts Racket in the World  
Corlett Johan Unearthing the Archaeology of Dún Laoghaire Rathdown  
Cormican Garrett Camille Souter - The Mirror In The Sea  
Corr Audrey Novel  
Corr Frank A Star Reborn  
Corrigan Paul Codex. A Book of Kells Adventure  
Corry Eoghan An Illustrated History Of The GAA  
Costello Elizabeth Short Stories  
Costello Peter A Lot Of Fact A Little Fiction  
Costigan Lucy Strangest Genius - The Stained Glass of Harry Clarke  
Cotter Derry Book - "Mary Didn't Have A Mam"  
Cotter Margaret Lines Of Our Lives  
Cotterell Maurice Maya Transformers  
Counahan Sandra Heritage  
Coughlan Mary Bloody Mary, My Story  
Courtney Eugene "Faker Bakery"  
Coveney Eoin Overheard In Dublin. Rides Again+More Overheard In Dublin 01/01/2016
Cowzer David A Matter Of Life And Death.  
Coyle Declan The Green Platform  
Coyle-greene Enda Poetry  
Craven Robert Get Lenin  
Croghan Declan Waking The Dead  
Crowley John Atlas of the Great Irish Famine  
Crowley Kieran Colm & The Lazarus Key  
Crowley Sinead Can Anybody help Me?  
Crudden Natasha Helen Barbed Wire Cage  
Cruise O' Brien Marie Scéal Ghearóid Iarla  
Cudmore Katrina Swept into the rich man's world  
Cullen Clara Dr The World Upturning. Elsie Henry's Irish Wartime Diaries 1913 - 1919  
Cullen William P. "Its A Long Way From Penny Apples"  
Cullen Leo Lets Twist Again; Clocking Ninety On The Road To Cloughjordan  
Cullivan Patrick Scriptwriting  
Cummins Brendan Standing My Ground 01/01/2016
Cummins Daisy Chosen As The Frenchman's Bride  
Cummins Kieran Tv Script "The Legand Of The Lazy Days"  
Cummins Rossann Molly Moves to Australia  
Cunningham Clare Scripts  
Cunningham John A Town Tormented By The Sea - Galway 1790-1914  
Cunningham Michael From Adversity to Freedom  
Cunningham Patrick Joseph The Lie of the Land  
Curham Ellen Other Writings  
Curran John Agatha Christie's Secret Notebooks  
Currie Austin "All Hell Will Break Loose".  
Curtin Judy Sorry Walter; From Claire To Here  
Curtin Sean The Marian Year Golden Jubilee  
Cusack Donal Og Come What May  
Cushen Tom Men And Women  
Dalton John The Coast of West Cork  
Dalton Kevin 'That Could Never Be'  
Daly Mccabe Anna Glam Metal  
Daly Anthony Dalo. The Autobiography  
Daly Catherine All Shook Up  
Daly Gavin Citizen Quinn  
Daly Paul Creating Ireland  
Darby Rachel Can I Play?  
Darcy Fergus A. Remembering The War Dead: British Commonwealth And International War Graves In Ireland Since 1914  
D'arcy Kathy The Wild Pupil  
D'arcy Madeleine Waiting For The Bullet  
Dargan Patrick Exploring Georgian Dublin  
Darling Thomas Summer  
De Barra Declan Script Writing  
De Barra Micheal An Bóthar Go Santiago  
De Buis Padraig My Lord Buddha of Carraig Eanna  
De Courcy Catherine An Adventure In Grief  
Deegan Denise Turning Turtle  
Deeley Spark Into The Serpent's Jaws  
Deeney Ciaran Man On The Bridge. The Photos Of Arthur Field  
Deeny Colin Nicholas: When Santa was a Boy 01/01/2016
Delahunty Michael This is Connemara  
Delamere Neil Series Writing  
Delaney Patrick Short Stories  
Delaney Ronnie Staying The Distance  
Denn Joanne The Adventures of Lucinda in Love Filled Fairyland  
De Paor Padraig Áille Na Háille  
Desmond Michael Ballymacarbry & Fourmilewater  
Desmond Noreen Short Stories  
Devane John Nobody Heard Me Cry  
Devaney Kieran The Drumcliffe Pilots  
Devine Walshe Pauline Childrens Books  
Diamond Eithne Childrens Books  
Dickson David Dublin The Making Of A Capital City  
Dietvorst Els Kings Children  
Dillon Fiona Freddy Buttons series  
Dineen Terry Macnas Joyful Abandonment  
Dinnear Nicholas Association Renewed  
Doherty Neal The Statues And Sculptues Of Dublin City  
Dolan Terence A Dictionary Of Hiberno- English  
Dollery Paul Out Of The Cage  
Domeika Martynas Solemija  
Donaghy Kieran Kieran Donaghy - What Do You Think Of That 01/01/2016
Donlon Patricia Scriptwriting  
Donoghue David Childrens Fiction  
Donovan Katie Poetry  
Donnelly Joe Scriptwriting  
Dooley Terence The Greatest Of The Fenians John Devoy And Ireland  
Doorley Michael Book: "Stella Days"  
Doran Teresa "Running Home"  
Dorna Neal Dan Taylor is Giving Up on Women  
Dowdall Finbarr "So Sleeps The Pride"  
Dowling Clare My Fabulous Divorce  
Downey James In My Own Time  
Downing John The Unlikely Taoiseach  
Dowling James Thank You Partner - A History Of Bridge In Ireland  
Doyle Colman 50 Years Of Photographing Ireland  
Doyle Evelyn Novel: "Evelyn"  
Doyle Malachy Who Is Jesse Flood And The Dancing Tiger  
Doyle Mogue Dancing With Minnie The Twig  
Doyle Rev. Thaddeus Book - "Real Love Is Still Possible"  
Doyle Robert Here are the young men  
Doyle Tom The Civil War In Kerry  
Drinkwater Carol Akin To Love & Twentieth Century Girl  
Dromey Derbhile The Pink Cage  
Drvenkar Zoran Tell Me What You See  
Duffy Joseph Children Of The Rising  
Duffy Maria Any Dream Will Do  
Duffy Noel The Return Journey & Our Friend's Electric  
Duffy Roisin Everything Under The Sun  
Duggan Helena A Place called Perfect  
Duignan John A. The Complex An Insider Exposes The Covert World Of The Church Of scientology  
Dungan Myles How The Irish Won West  
Dunn Jane Poetry  
Dunne Jean The Secret Diary of Rachel Ryan  
Dunne Paula Becoming Red  
Dunne Professor Thomas "Rebellions, Memoir, Memory And 1798"  
Dunphy Shane Wednesday's Child  
Durand Stella Book: "Drumcliffe"  
Duyn Corina Hatched  
Early Alan Arthur Quinn and the World Serpent  
Eccles Dawn Ross: A Journey into Art  
Egan Charles "The Killing Snows" + &The Exile Breed" (Fiction) 01/01/2016
Egan Elizabeth Ann Landing The Sea; The Wren Women  
Egan Martin A. Sea Journey  
Egleston Niall Book - "Egleston Bros Photography 1904-2004 A History In Limerick"  
Ekin Des The Stolen Village  
Ekin Des The Last Armada, Seige Of 100 Days. Kinsale 1601  
Emberley Michael Childrens Books  
English Alan Brian O Driscoll The Test, My Autobiography  
English Rachael Each & Every One  
Ennis Brenda The Secret of the Sleeveen  
Enright Damien A Place Near Heaven  
Enright Damien Heritage Books  
Eustace Deirdre If I Trust In You  
Evers Elizabeth Here Comes A Chopper To Chop Off Your Head  
Fagan John Scriptwriting  
Falconer Helen "Sky High"  
Fallon Niall Scriptwriting  
Fallover William Pimp My Zimmer  
Fanning Dave The Thing is...  
Fanning Gerard Canower Sound  
Fanning Kieran The Black Lotus  
Fanning Ronan Scandal And Courage: The Lives Of Eliza Lynch  
Fanning Tim The Fethard on Sea Boycott  
Fanning Timothy Paisanos The Forgotten Irish Who Changed The Face Of Latin America 01/01/2016
Farmar Anthony Priveleged Lives  
Farmar Anthony "Patients Potions & Physicians"  
Farrell Claire Verity  
Farrell James Strong Backs Volume 1  
Feely Barry Great Characters  
Fell Veronica Satanic Revels  
Fenlon Dr Thresa Jane Ormond Castle  
Ferris Eugene Chesterfield Tides  
Ferriter Diarmaid The Transformation Of Ireland  
Ferriter Diarmaid What If?  
Ferry (ni Fhearraigh) Patricia Series Writing  
Fetherstonhaugh Neil The Miami Showband Massacre: A Survivor's Search For The Truth  
Filipova Sona Literary Translations  
Finlay Ken Blackrock, Dun Laoghaire & Dalkey  
Finlay Peter Novels  
Finlan James Scriptwriting  
Finn Doreen My Buried Life  
Finn G.A. "Lazy Days At Lahinch"  
Finn Mary Anila's Journey  
Finnegan Brian The Forced Redundancy Film Club  
Finnegan Brian Bloody Mary  
Finnegan Patrick Loughrea. The Land War In Co Galway 1879-82  
Finnerty Caroline In a Moment  
Fitzgerald Anne The Map Of Everything  
Fitzgerald Byrne Lorna Angels In My Hair  
Fitzmaurice Natasha Missing Ellen  
Fitzmaurice Simon It's Not Yet Dark  
Fitzpatrick Denise Jakers The Adventures Piggley Winks  
Fitzpatrick Paul The Fairytale in New York  
Fitzpatrick Roisin Taking Heaven Lightly  
Fitzsimons Eleanor Wilde's Women  
Fleming Brian County Dublin VEC 1930 - 2013  
Fleming Brian Irish Education 1922-2007  
Fleming Brian The Vatican Pimpernel  
Flood Vincent Dublin Memoir  
Flynn Theresa C. (teri) Poetry  
Forbes Michele Ghost Moth  
Fogarty Ciaran Series Writing  
Fogerty Des Sean South Of Garryowen  
Foley Anthony Axel, A Memoir  
Foley Cian The Deise Dictionary Of Waterford Slang Boy!  
Foley Michael The Bloodied Field  
Foloan Curran Jean Between Time  
Fonseca Rose Poetry  
Ford Roderick Poetry - "The Shoreline Of Falling"  
Foster Allen Fosters Irish Oddities - A Miscellany Of Strange Facts  
Foster Allen Foster's Even Odder Irish Oddities, A Miscellany Of Strange Facts  
Foster Charles Breaking The Dams, The Story Of Dambuster David Maltby And His Crew  
Foster Laurence Rising Without Trace  
Fowley-Doyle Moira The Accident Season  
Foyle Orfhlaith (Orla) "Revenge"  
Foyle Orfhlaith (Orla) "Belios"  
Fox Sorcha Scripts For TV Productions  
Freeman Paul Tribesman  
Freitag Barbara Sheela-na-gigs  
French Tana The Woods  
Freyne David Storylines  
Friel Maeve "Witch In Training"  
Fristrom Theresa McDonnell What Have You Got In Your Bag  
Fuller Louise Irish Catholicism Since 1950  
Furlong Nicholas County Wexford In The Rare Oul' Times Vol. Iv  
Furlong Nicholas Diarmait King Of Leinster  
Gabriel Mary Love and Capital 01/01/2016
Gaffney Cathal Scriptwriting  
Gaffney Kevin The Unnameable  
Gaffney Maureen Flourishing  
Gallagher Brian (rogers) Inside Fair City  
Gallagher Ger "A Life Left Untold"  
Gallagher John Childrens Books  
Gallagher Kathryn Becoming Human  
Gallagher Mia "You First"  
Galloway Iris The Great Western Greenway  
Galvin Gerry Killer a la Carte  
Galvin Paul In My Own Words. The Autobiography Paul Galvin  
Galvin Thomas There's An Egg In My Soup  
Garratt Ann Marie The Road Taken  
Garvin Tom "Nationalist Revolutionaries In Ireland 1858-1928"  
Gavin Ciara Room For Bear  
Gaynor Fergal VIII Stepping Poems & Other Pieces  
Gaynor Hazel The Girl Who Came Home  
Gaynor Kate The Winner  
Geagan Marc Dancing by the Sea  
Geissel Hermann A Road On The Long Ridge  
George Christina The rise of the Sidhe  
Geraghty Ciara Saving Grace  
Geraghy Michael Alphabet Tennis  
Gibney John 16 Lives Seán Heuston  
Gibney John "History Of The Easter Rising In 50 Objects" 01/01/2016
Gibney Patricia Spring Sprong Sally  
Gibson Steel Anna A Life With The Claw. The Peter Clohessy Story  
Gilligan Ann Louise Our Lives Out Loud  
Gilligan Ruth Forget  
Gilliland Jennifer The Illusionist  
Gillmor-Murphy Emily You & I  
Gilmore John Kingscourt A History  
Gilmore Tom Larry Cunningham A Showband Legend  
Gilson Ellis Jools Scriptwriting  
Gleeson EL Halo I'm Juno  
Gleeson Joseph Irish Aviators of World War 1. Vol 1, Irish Aces  
Glynn Carla Emma's Baby  
Glynn Kieran Depopulate  
Goodbody Denis How The Elk Got To The Games  
Gordon Gerard Tribe, A Portrait of Galway  
Gorman Margo Bone And Blood A Berlin Novel  
Gorman Sheila Non Fiction Writing  
Gormley Eileen The Pleasures of Winter  
Gorry Paul Baltinglass Chronicles 1851-2001  
Grace-Cassidy Caroline When Love Takes Over  
Graham Brendan The Brightest Day, The Darkest Night  
Graham Brian Scriptwriting  
Graham David Incitement  
Graham Laurie At Sea  
Granier Mark Poetry  
Grant Garvan The True (ish) History of Ireland 01/01/2016
Greaney Adrian Short Story  
Greaney Gerald Other Writing  
Greene Niamh The Secret Diary Of A Demented Housewife  
Greene Roger Around and About Malahide  
Grehan Mary Love Is The Easy Bit  
Grennan Martin One Mighty Tale  
Griffin Brendan Joseph Secrets of a Moonlit River  
Griffin Sarah Maria Follies  
Griffin Sarah Maria Not Lost  
Griffith Lisa Marie Stones Of Dublin. A History Of Dublin In Ten Buildings  
Grimes Kieran Storylines  
Grogan Siobhan Cen t-am é  
Groves Declan You and I  
Groves Patricia Four Lives  
Grubich Edgar "Ein Osterreicher In Mayo"  
Gueret Maurice What the Doctor Saw  
Guerin Stephanie La Chute Des Anges 1 & 2  
Guinness Selina The Crocodile By The Door  
Gunn Derek Vampire Apocalypse  
Gunning Cornelius Vengeance is Mine  
Gunning Peter Childrens Fiction  
Guthrie Patrick P The GAA and Radio Éireann 1926-2010  
Hackett Rhoda Alison The Visual Time Traveller  
Hall Quibell Bobbie "Fountain Of Life"  
Hall James Scamp Justice  
Hamill Sinead Scumbags & Handbags  
Hamilton Mark The Tattered Banner  
Hamrock John Tracing Your Roscommon Ancestors  
Hanberry Gerard More Lives than One  
Hanley Brian Dr. "The Ira - 1926 - 36"  
Hanley Peter Parnell's Funeral 01/01/2016
Hannigan Emma Designer Genes  
Hanrahan David "Colonel Blood The Man Who Stole The Crown Jewels"  
Hanrahan Gareth "Jrustela"  
Hardie Kerry Bird Woman  
Harding Brendan Short Stories  
Harding Jesmond Discovering Irish Butterflies And Their Habitats  
Harewood Anne Second Chances  
Harrigon Eamonn Where the Dead Go  
Harrington Carmel Beyond Grace's Rainbow  
Harrington Jean "Survivor"  
Harris Nathan Dublin's Little Jerusalem  
Harrison Noelle Writings  
Harpur James Oracle Bones; "Alien"  
Harte Aidan Irenicon  
Harte John In The Wake Of The Bagger  
Harte Patrick Lost Lullaby  
Harte Sarah The Better Half  
Hassett Declan "Passing Through"  
Hattaway Ross The Gentle Art Of Rotting  
Hawkins Jacqueline Childrens Fiction Writing  
Hawkins Colin Childrens Fiction  
Hawkins Margaret Restless Spirit, The Story Of Rose Quinn  
Hayden Drennan Patricia Scriptwriting  
Hayes John The Bull. My Story  
Hayes Martin The Profligacy Show  
Hayes Paddy Break Out  
Healy Alan Tommy Storm  
Healy Dermot A Fools Errand  
Healy Dermot Long time no see  
Hearne John Would The Real Gerry Ryan Please Stand Up?  
Hearty Amanda Are You Ready?  
Heavey Tara "A Brush With Love"  
Heckmann Henrik Jungen Bullen  
Hendroff Adrian From High Places - A Journey Through Irelands Great Mountains  
Hegarty Neil Frost  
Hegarty Neil Inch Levels 01/01/2016
Hegarty Neil Waking Up In Dublin A Musical Tour Of The Celtic Capital  
Hegarty Peter "Peadar O Donnell"  
Hegarty Shane Darkmouth  
Heney Elaine Ozzie The Story Of A Young Horse  
Hennessy Claire Every Summer  
Hennessy Geraldine Fiction 01/01/2016
Hensley Dr. Mary Helen Promised  
Herriott F. John Tales From The Brazen Head  
Herron Michael The Stones at Streedagh  
Heussaff Anna "Bas Tobann"  
Hick Gillian, Vet On The Loose  
Hickey Kieran Wolves in Ireland  
Hickey Patricia "Green Poppies"  
Hicks David Irish Country Houses - A Chronicle of Change  
Higginbotham Mark Poems For Gnomes  
Higgins James Are Ye The Band, A Memoir Of The Showband Era  
Higgins Rita Ann Poetry  
Higgins (Duffy) Suzanne "The Power Of A Woman"  
Higgins Tom A history of tennis in Ireland Vols 1-3  
Higgisson Sean A Walker's Guide To West Cork  
Higson Alison Rose  
Hill Judith Lady Gregory An Irish Life  
Hill Justin The Drink And Dream Teahouse; Passing Under Heaven  
Hill Kevin Taboo  
Hines Deirdre The Language of Coats  
Hill Melissa Something You Should Know  
Hoban Brendan A Melancholy Truth  
Hoban Brendan Tracing the Stem 01/01/2016
Hoban Brendan "Telling the Story" 01/01/2016
Hogan Geraldine My Husband's Wives  
Hogan Emma Nelly & Nora  
Hogan Sean The Black And Tans In North Tipperary  
Hogan Sharon Series Writing  
Hogan Vincent Back From The Brink  
Holland Anne The Secret of Kit Cavenaugh  
Holland Pat Tipperary Images - The Photography Of Dr. William Despard Hemphill  
Holmwood Joanna Under the One Roof  
Holten John The Readymades  
Homas Bressan Juliet Entanglement  
Hood Kimberly Finding a Voice  
Hook George George Hook-time Added On  
Hooton John Gathering light on the Dingle Coast  
Hopkins Frank Rare Old Dublin  
Horgan Dennis Cork. The View From Above  
Horgan John Mary Robinson  
Horgan John Sunday Miscellany  
Horgan Justin Luftwaffe Eagles Over Ireland 01/01/2016
Horgan Neal "Second City" The Fall, Death and Rise of Cork City FC 01/01/2016
Horgan Tim Christy Ring, Hurlings Greatest  
Hornsby Jennifer The Bogle Wogles  
Hosty Mary "The Men In Her Life"  
Hourican Emily How to really be a Mother  
Howard Catherine Distress Signals 01/01/2016
Howley Liam The Absurd demise of Poulnabrone  
Howard Paul The Miseducation Of Ross O'carroll Kelly  
Huberman Amy Hello Heartbreak  
Hudner Diarmuid I'm Happy Now.Com  
Hudson Derick Ashphyxia  
Hudson Roger Side Angles, Lifescapes,cityscapes  
Hughes Andrew The Convictions of John Delahunt  
Hughes Declan All the things You are  
Hughes Lorraine "Imagination" (article)  
Hunt Arlene "Missing Presumed Dead" & "black Sheep"  
Hunt Geoffrey Limerick Nature Walks  
Hunt Gerard Augustin Blood Upon the Rose  
Hunt Karin Daughter of Arella  
Hurley Justina Dance With Life  
Hurley Maurice Woodstown, A Viking -Age Settlement In Co Waterford  
Huxley Christopher Lough Carra  
Ingle Roisin Book - Pieces Of Me A Life-in-progress  
Ingman Bruce Bad News I'm In Charge  
Ingram John The Cure Of Souls  
Ironside John The Soul of Wexford  
Jackson Michelle Two Days In Biarritz  
Jackson Dr. Patrick Wyse The Chronologers Quest  
Jacobs Sonia Stolen Time  
Jameson Alison This Man And Me  
Jaynes Heather A Daughter's Journey 01/01/2016
Jensen Sandra Short Stories  
Johansen Claes Novels  
Johnston Gerry  lights, Camera, Action  
Jones Declan The Calling of John Fitzcanty  
Jones Dr Carleton "The Burren And The Aran Islands"  
Jones Mary The Other Ireland  
Jones Mary Working Lives 1893 - 1913  
Joyce Anne A Reason To Love More 01/01/2016
Judge Chris Children's Fiction  
Jungersen Christian "The Existence"  
Jurisic Dragana Seeing Things  
Jordan Alma The Tree Swing  
Jordan Edward If a Towerhouse Could Talk  
Joy Breda Hidden Kerry. The keys to the Kingdom  
Joyce James Martyn Murder and Self Harm  
Joyce Trevor With The First Dream Of Fire They Hunt The Cold  
Juncosa Enrique Various - Arts Criticism  
Juncosa Enrique Arts Criticism  
Kamber Claire This is Trinity  
Kallay Jasmina Honey the Hat  
Kavanagh Art "The Tipperary Gentry"  
Kavanagh Art "The Kavanaghs"  
Kavanagh John Win Or Learn 01/01/2016
Kavanagh Ray "Mammie Cadden"  
Kavanagh Linda Love Hurts  
Kavanagh Paula Click Click  
Kavanagh Rory Winning  
Kavanagh Una Script Writing  
Kay Frances The Morbegs  
Keane Maurice Rucks, Mauls & Gaelic Football  
Keane William Rebel Rebel The Billy Morgan Story  
Keane William The Last Of The Heros  
Kearney Joseph Short Stories  
Kearney Patrick The Holy Ground  
Kearns George P "The Prinner".  
Kearns John Extraordinary Venture The Faith Of Our Fathers  
Kearns Tony Music & Lights, Ceol & Solas  
Keaveney Dolores If I Were A Bee  
Keaveney William Poetry  
Keegan Anthony First In Service. The Story Of The Rotary Club Dublin  
Keenan James Dublin Cinemas - A Pictorial Selection  
Kehoe Ian Citizen Quinn  
Keith Thomas E "A Century Of Camogie In The Deise".  
Kelleher Humphrey GAA Family Silver  
Kelleher Patrick One Mortal Night  
Kelly Andrew "Three Mile Water" And "the Deaf Wife"  
Kelly Anna Daniel's Daughter  
Kelly Carmel Spidey  
Kelly Declan Loughrea, A Parish History  
Kelly Declan Meadow Of The Miracle, A History Of The Diocese Of Clonfert  
Kelly Declan A Moment's Memory Vol 1  
Kelly Fergus The Life and Work of Oisín Kelly  
Kelly Gerard Overheard in Dublin LOL  
Kelly Julia With My Lazy Eye  
Kelly June Click Click  
Kelly Kieran Letterkenny: Where The Winding Swilly Flows  
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Kelly Morag Gordon goes to the Greeieland  
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Kelly Richard Paperman  
Kelly Sean Rule 42 And All That  
Kelly Sean Sean Kelly, Hunger, The Autobiography  
Kemp Carol Tadgh The Celtic Tiger  
Kenneally Christy Second Son And The Remnant  
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Kennedy Denise I Wish I Were  
Kennedy Finola Cottage To Creche  
Kennedy Gerald Ogulla Well  
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Kennedy Mcguinness Siobhan Playing In The Dark  
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Kennelly Paddy A Place Too Small For Secrets  
Kenny Adrian Family Business  
Kenny Colum Book: Kings Inns And The Battle Of The Books, 1972  
Kenny David The Brilliant Irish Flute  
Kenny David The Press gang  
Keogan Ailbhe Molly & The Cyclops  
Keogh Clare Over the Counter  
Kilby Gerald Colony One Mars+ Colony Two Mars 01/01/2016
Kilcullen James Exit Adam  
Kilfeather Rachel Ann Scriptwriting  
Killeen Terence Killeen Terence  
Kilroy Claire "All Summer"  
Kiernan Celine The Posion Throne  
Kiernan Tom The Hall And Other Stories  
Kimmage Paul Engage The Rise and Fall of Matt Hampson  
King Daren Mouse Noses On Toast  
King Tara Amazing Grace  
Kinghan Wilmer Poetry  
Kingsnorth Paul The Wake  
Kingston Mary Book "Fantastic Far Flung Facts For Fun"  
Kirby Tony The Burren & The Aran Islands - A Walking Guide  
Kirk Brian The Rising Son  
Kirwan Richard If Maps Could Speak  
Kissane Dr. Daniel M. The 1916 Rising: Personalities & Perspectives  
Klatt Kevin "Dont Come Out"  
Klausmann Thomas Suppenkueche Inc.  
Krauss-Junge Maleen Mother Cross  
Krieger Carsten The Fertile Rock, Seasons In The Burren  
Kyselova Stanislava "Whispers Of The Island"  
Laffan Michael Judging W T Cosgrave  
Laffey James A Stroll through Castlebar  
Laffey James The Road to 51. The making of Mayo Football  
Laheen Mary Drystone Walls of the Aran Islands  
Lahiffe Frank Seamus Brennan, A Life In Government  
Lally Caitriona Eggshells  
Lalor Stephen The Story Of New Ross 1207-2007  
Lambert Sheena Alberta Clipper  
Landy Derek Skulduggery Pleasant  
Lane Ann By the Way: A Selection of Public Art in Ireland  
Langan Michael Illuminations  
Langley Scott Karate Stupid  
Lapis Charlotte A Web Of Deception  
Lauton Francoise The Vikings Hold  
Lavery Diane "Andre Agus An Tarbh Iontach"  
Lawlor Irene Discovering Ireland  
Lawton Liam Poetry  
Leader Mary Joyce The Waiting Room Christmas Tree  
Leahy Deirdre Scriptwriting For Rte's "Fair City" Series  
Leahy John Crogian  
Leahy Pat Showtime  
Ledwidge Joseph Sky Lark  
Lee Gerard Forsaken  
Leitch Donovan "The Hurdy Gurdy Man".  
Lemmetty Leevi Pipoping Viini  
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Leonard Susan Whispering Hope  
Levis Cormac Yowelsail Yawls  
Lewis Damien Slave  
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Linehan Mary D. Inch, Moments In Time  
Linehan Naomi Nowhere's Child  
Lindroos Eva The Wave Rider  
Little Lydia K-Girls  
Lloyd Mark Rum Humour Rum Humour  
Lock Steven Scripts  
Lonergan Eamonn The History Of The South Eastern Health Board  
Long Martha M Ma, He Sold Me For A Few Cigarettes  
Long Ruth. F Short Stories  
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Lordan Jerome No flowers on a Sailors grave  
Losack Marcus Glendalough, A Celtic Pilgrimage  
Lucey Conor The Stapleton Collection  
Luke Eric Looking back- The changing faces of Ireland 01/01/2016
Lynch Dr. Bridget A Monastic Landscape The Cistercians In Medieval Ireland  
Lynch Clare "Short Steps In Long Grass"  
Lynch Declan "All The People All The Time"  
Lynch Declan "Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me"  
Lynch Paul Red Sky in Morning  
Lynch Paul Scriptwriting  
Lynch Paul T Better Beginning  
Lynch Vivienne Icicle on his Bicycle - The Misunderstood Husky 01/01/2016
Lyons Elizabeth Barefoot Over Stones  
Lysaght Sean Poetry  
Mac Aongusa Brian The Harcourt Street Line  
Mac Carthy Catherine Phil "One Room An Everywhere"  
Mac Coitir Niall Irish Trees Myths Legends And Folklore  
Mac Con Iomaire Ronan Rocky Ros Muc. Seán Ó Mainnín  
Mac Dermott Karl "Here's Johnny"  
Mac Fhearghusa Padraig Poetry  
Mac Gearailt Breandan 500 Beannacht  
Mac Giolla Bhride Eoghan Tra Carne E Pelle  
Mac Giolla Easbaic Micheal Scéalta as Tír Chonaill  
Mac Hale Des Picture The Quiet Man  
Mac Lellan Anne Dorothy Stopford Price: Rebel Doctor  
Mac Lochlainn Tantain Asterix in dTír na Sasanach  
Macken Ultan Irish Heros Of Children The Story Of Daniel O'connell  
Mac Kenna John A Year Of Our Lives  
Mac Mahon Kathleen So this is How it Ends  
Mac Polin Donal The Donegal Currachs  
Mac Sithigh Domhnall Fan Inti  
Mackle Marisa Novel: Mr. Right For The Night  
Mackle Marisa So Long Mr. Wrong!  
Mackle Marisa "Chinese Whispers"  
Madden Andrew Altar Boy  
Madigan Carmel The Wild Flowers of Loophead  
Magan Manchan Angels And Rabies, A Journey Through The Americas  
Magan Manchan Oddballs  
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Maguire Gerard Walk Away & Forget Him  
Maguire Hugh An Introduction To The Architectural Heritage Of County Kilkenny  
Maguire Patrick A To Z Of All Old Dublin Cinemas  
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Mahon Michelle Scourged  
Malone Anthony James, Here's Looking At You Babe  
Malone Aubrey Maureen O Hara, The Biography  
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Malone Mary Love Match  
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Manrique-hyland Lory Revolutions  
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Martin Karen G "Seven Nights In Zaragoza"  
Martin Karl "Irish Army Vehicles" - Transport & Armour Since 1922  
Mason Rachel Ghost Detectives. The Missing Dancer  
Massey Eithne Legendary Ireland  
Matthews Arthur "Well-remembered Days"  
Mawdsley Gemma The Paupers Graveyard  
Maximilian Daniel "Aeon"; "the Night Of The Whales"  
Mc Allister Dr. Cecilia Script Writing  
Mc Andrew Collette The Quiet Corner  
Mc Ardle Peadar Gold Frenzy. The Story Of Wicklow's Gold  
Mc Ardle Peadar The Irish Landscape  
Mc Ardle Sile A clock or a crown?  
Mc Auley Alicia Final Witness: My Journey From The Holocaust To Ireland  
Mc Auley Eoin Graphic Novel  
Mc Avoy Mark Cork Rock  
Mc Breen Joan Poetry  
Mc Brierty Vincent "Howth Through The Eye Of The Artist".  
Mc Call Barry Barry Mc Call  
Mc Call Caroline Time Slip  
Mc Carthy Aine Lovers Hollow  
Mc Carthy Annmarie Fungie  
Mc Carthy Aiveen The Insider, The Most Dangerous Enemies Are The Ones You Love  
Mc Carthy Carmel Trophy Girl  
Mc Carthy Ellen Short Stories  
Mc Carthy James Me and the Foreign Girl  
Mc Carthy Jason Hanging off the poet tree  
Mc Carthy John Kevin Gold Silver and Green  
Mc Carthy (Murnaghan) Justine Mary Mcaleese-the Outsider  
Mc Carthy Kevin Irregulars  
Mc Carthy Kieran Munster Agricultural Society. The Story of The Cork Showgrounds.  
Mc Carthy Thomas The Last Geraldine Officer  
Mc Clean Donn Riding The Storm  
Mc Clean Donn Better Than Sex  
Mc Cleary Mary Betrayals  
Mc Closkey Molly Book "Protection"  
Mc Closkey Norman Parklight: Images of Killarney National Park  
Mc Connell Ian, The Dark Eye" And "The Dead  
Mc Cormack Mike Forensic Songs  
Mc Cormack William The Silence Of Barbara Synge  
Mc Cormack William Gubu Roi  
Mc Coy Julie Eye of the Storm  
Mc Crossan Oliver Flashback: More Than 50 Years Through The Lens  
Mc Cullagh Tony Always Me Dickie Rock  
Mc Dermott Avril Time and Place  
Mc Dermott Kevin Valentina  
Mc Donald Dearbhail Bust  
Mc Donnell Joan Spring In My Step  
Mc Elheron Anthony Merlins Of The Wicklow Mountains  
Mc Elligott Raphael Sheer & All The Joy And Sadness  
Mcelveen Alice Literary Translation  
Mc Fadden Martin Sober, I Am Not Afraid  
Mc Fadden Martin Canon James McFadden - The Patriot Priest of Gweedore 01/01/2016
Mc Fadden Owen The old IRA in Meath  
Mc Gann Erika The Demon Notebook  
Mc Gann Kunak The Train Driver  
Mc Garry Patsy First Citizen  
Mc Garry Stephen Irish Brigades Abroad  
Mc Gee Noel Scripts  
Mc Gill Anthony Renwick Abe's Story  
Mc Gilloway Brian Borderlands  
Mc Givern Eugene Notions, Emotions And Devotions  
Mc Glinchey Afric The Lucky Star of Hidden Things  
Mc Gloin Sarah The Missing Children  
Mc Goff-Mc Cann Michelle "Melancholy Madness"  
Mc Govern Aileen Sky Rabbit  
Mc Govern Prof Ignatius The King Of Suburbia  
Mc Grath Billy Tales Of Irish Castles  
Mcgrath Justine Conversations With My Father  
Mc Grath Paul Back From The Brink  
Mc Grath Paula Generation  
Mc Hale Conor Jigsaw Stew  
Mc Hugh Eina To Call Myslef Beloved  
Mc Hugh Kevin Scriptwriting  
Mc Hugh Maura Short Stories  
Mc Hugh Susan Series Writing  
Mc Inerney Lisa The Glourious Heresies  
Mc Inerney Lorraine Painted Faces  
Mc Inerney Monica Novels  
Mc Kenna Grace The Trouble With Benny Bubble  
Mc Kenna, Siobhan The Lingerie Designer  
Mc Keon Belinda Solace  
Mc Kervey Henrietta What Became of Us  
Mc Kinley Barry Short Story  
Mc Laughlin Danielle Short Stories  
Mc Loughlin Peter Cromwell  
Mc Loughlin Peter Partry People Of Co Mayo  
Mc Mahon Conor Banshee  
Mc Manus Darragh Gaa Confidential, Everything You Never Knew You Wanted To Know About Gaelic Games  
Mc Menamin Geraldine The Same Cloth  
Mc Monagle Alan Psychotic Episodes  
Mc Monagle Dermot 29 Main Street, Living with Partition  
Mc Morrow Conor Dail Stars - From Croke Park to Leinster House  
Mc Nally Frank "Xenophobe's Guide To The Irish"  
Mc Namara Emmet Elim the Elf  
Mc Neill Rory The Dolocher  
Mc Neive Small Steps  
Mc Nicholl Rachel Literary Translations  
Mc Niff Peter Stories From A Small Town  
Mc Niven David Me Nan Found A Leprechaun  
Mc Nulty Paul Spellbound by Sibella  
Mc Nulty Winifred High Shelves and Long Counters  
Mc Partlin Anna "Pack Up The Moon"  
Mc Sweeney John The Golden Age Of Cork Cinemas  
Mc Sweeney Martin "Two Weeks In June"  
Mc Williams David The Pope's Children  
Meaney Roisin Putting Out The Stars  
Medbh Máighréad Poetry  
Meegan Rua Irish Street Art  
Meehan Cyril John The Ideal Guard  
Meehan Amalee The Message Of Mercyt  
Meehan Padraig Listoghil: A Seasonal Alignment  
Mehran Mahsa "Pomegranate Soup"  
Mercado Ale Pablo Gato  
Meul Marck Fiction Writing  
Miley Siobhan Scripts  
Mills Geraldine Lick Of The Lizard  
Mills Michael Hurler On The Ditch  
Mitchell David Ghostwritten; number9dream  
Mohammed Jan Kembali - Into Uncharted Waters  
Mohr Natalie Emerald Downs  
Monaghan Alan The Soldiers Song  
Monaghan David Ireland Unhinged  
Monaghan David Jaywalking With The Irish  
Monin Lydia Around New Zealand With 80 Authors  
Mooney Kenneth Godhead  
Moore Brendan The Poachers Curse  
Moore David Accidential Pilgrim  
Moore Ronan "Irishology" 01/01/2016
Moore Sarah Back to Blacktbrick  
Moore Martin The Call To Arms  
Moore Thom Angles Of The Pin Head  
Moorhouse Helen The Dead Summer  
Moran Aidan (Dr.) Timeless Wisdom  
Moran James Dean's Grange Cemetery  
Mordaunt Jason "Welcome To Coolsville"  
Morgan William Rebel Rebel The Billy Morgan Story  
Morrow Norman Father McGargles  
Mulcahy John Union  
Mulcahy Lisa "Atlantic Sound"  
Mullen Martin F Harry's Decision  
Mulligan Kevin "Churchill House"  
Mullins Gerard Dublin Nazi No 1 - The Life Of Adolf Mahr  
Mullooly Ciaran Back to the future  
Mullooly Ciaran Death On Holy Thursday, The Shooting Of John Carthy In Abberylara  
Mulrooney Deirdre Irish Moves  
Mulvihill Jerry Lets Read a Story  
Mulvihill Mary "Ingenious Ireland"  
Mulvihill Mary Hill of Tara  
Murnane Ben Two In A Million  
Murphy Anne "Thinking Allowed"  
Murphy Anne Short Stories  
Murphy Catherine Eileen Hands Of Flame  
Murphy Clodagh The Disengagement Ring  
Murphy Colin Boycott  
Murphy Colin The Feckin Book Of Irish Sayings And The Book Of Feckin Irish Slang  
Murphy Colin The Most Famous Irish People You've Never Heard Of  
Murphy Colin The San Franciso Fallacy 01/01/2016
Murphy Dr Brian Forgotton Patriot 01/01/2016
Murphy David A. The Attic  
Murphy Etain A "Glorious Extravaganza"  
Murphy John A University College Cork, A Portrait In Words And Images  
Murphy Mary Parrot Park  
Murphy Matthew Gerard "Death Without Trace"  
Murphy Matthew Gerard "The Year of Disappearances"  
Murphy Michael Atlas of the Great Irish Famine  
Murphy Michael At Five In The Afternoon, My Battle With Male Cancer  
Murphy Michael Poetry  
Murphy Noel The Gules of August  
Murphy Orla Town. Origins Morphology And Future  
Murphy Paula Nineteenth-Century Irish Sculpuure. Native Genius Reaffirmed  
Murphy Peter John The Revelator  
Murphy Sarah What If?  
Murphy Sean Kilmichael. A Battlefield Study  
Murray Christine Cycles  
Murray John Now That's What I Call Jargon  
Murray John Paul The Little Car in the Big Race  
Murphy Joseph I Am In Blood  
Murray Paul Novel "An Evening Of Long Goodbyes"  
Murray Paul "From The Shadow Of Dracula A Life Of Bram Stoker"  
Murray Peter Taste And Sensibility, The Patronage Of Cooper Penrose  
Murray Prof. Christopher "Sean O'Casey Writer At Work".  
Nally Fergal A Matter Of Conscience  
Naughton Barbara Lynette Daddy Please Don't  
Nazarova Nina "Andrei Makine, Deux Facettes De Son Oeuvre"  
Nealon Michael "Mobile"  
Neeson Bernard An Invitation to Hitler  
Newmann Kate Poetry: "The Blind Woman In The House"  
Ní Chinnéide Dairena Bleachtaire na Seirce  
Ní Chíobháin Muireann Short Stories  
Ni Chomhrai Laoise Ag Taisteal Le Tarlach Sa Tseapain  
Ní Chonaill Órfhlaith The Man With No Skin  
Ni Chonchuir Nuala The Wind Across The Grass  
Ni Chuilleanain Lean The Living  
Ní Chuilleanáin Orla Tíortha Na Hóige  
Ní Dhufaigh Aoife Go Tóin Poill  
Ni Dhonnchu Dairine Childrens Story Books  
Nieudan Eric Les Octets De Ma Vie  
Ni Fhlatharta Fionn Scriptwriting  
Ni Fhlatharta Kate Series Writing  
Ní Ghallchobhair Eithne Tómas na Hordóige  
Ní Ghallchoir Collette An Tamharc Deireannach: The Last Look  
Ní Griofa Doireann Résheoid  
Ní Iarlaithe Eibhlín Orla Uan  
Ni Loingsigh Marion Scriptwriting  
Ní Mhárta Máirín Amú  
Ní Mhíanáin Róisín An Tindiach Nach Raibh Ábalta Rith  
Ni Mhorian Brid Irish Poetry  
Ni Mhurchu Caitriona O Luibini Lu  
Ní Riain Nóirín Stor Amhran  
Ní Shíomóin Seónaidh Cluiche Cliste  
Ni Shithigh Siobhan Poetry  
Nic Aodha Colette Sundial & In Castlewood  
Nic Aodha Bhui Colma Storylines  
Nic Aoidh Maire Mo Sceal Fein Puca  
Nic Gearailt Aoileann Sáirséal agus Dill 1947-1981  
Nic Giobuin Fiona When The Chips Are Down  
Nickerson Jacqueline, "Farm"  
Nijst Georges Series Writing  
Nixon Mark Much Loved  
Nolan Alan "Big Break Detectives" and "Death by Chocolate"  
Nolan Barbara "Who Is My Angel"  
Nolan Karen Sweet Memories - The Story of Urney Chocolates  
Nolan Philip Ryanland  
Noonan John Street Justice  
Noone Fr Sean Crossing The Channel  
Noone Fr Sean Where The Sun Sets  
Normoyle David Fire Sorcerer+Fire Summoning+The Silver Portal 01/01/2016
Norrington Alison Novel  
Norris David Introducing Joyce - A Graphic Guide  
Nugent Andrew The Four Courts Murder  
Nugent Elizabeth Scriptwriting  
Nugent Michael "Absurdly Yours: The Michael Nugent Letters (2004)"  
Nugent Michael "Thats Ireland A Miscellany"  
Ó Baoighill Pádraig Cardinal Patrick O'donnell 1856-1927  
Ó Baoighill Pádraig Gasur Beag Bhaile Na Gcreach  
Ó Beaglaoich Breanndán Ceol Duibhneach  
O Beara Clare Murder at Wicklow Mensa  
O Beirne Kathleen (Kathy) Don't Ever Tell  
O Boyle Eamon A Peopled Landscape  
O Breartuin Micheal Aibhleis Stair Usaid An Leictreachais  
O Breartuin Micheal  forbairt Na Sionnaine  
O Brien Brendan The Story Of Ireland  
O Brien Caimin Stories From A Sacred Landscape Croghan Hill To Clonmacnoise  
O'Brien Fiona "Charity"  
O Brien Fran The Married Woman  
O Brien Jennifer Jedward Our Story  
O Brien Jim Scriptwriting  
O Brien Joe Alfie Green And The Magical Gift  
O Brien Laurence The Istanbul Puzzle  
O Brien Margaret Poetry  
O Brien Mary Cutting The Lake  
O Brien Olive Perry The Playful Polar Bear  
O Brien Paul Blood Red Turns Dollar Green  
O Brien Ronan Confessions Of A Fallen Angel  
O Brolchain Honor All In The Blood  
O Broin Seosamh Inchicore Kilmainham & District  
O Brien Veronica J. The Shadow Keeper  
O Byrne Robert The Irish Georgian Society - A Celebration  
O Callaghan Billy In Exile  
O Callaghan Donncha Joking Apart. My Autobiography  
O Callaghan Elizabeth The Book Of Learning  
O Callaghan Maurice A Day For The Fire & Other Short Stories  
O Caoimh Fia The White Book Of Aviation  
O Carroll Brian The Story Of Clomacnoise and St Ciarán  
O Catháin Gearóid The Loneliest Boy In The World  
O Cathain Mairtin Conamara agus Bostan  
O Ceallacháin Seán Óg The Dubs, Dublin Gaa Since The 1940's  
O Clery Conor The Billionaire Who Wasnt: How Chuck Feeney Made And Gave Away A Fortune Without Anyone Knowing  
O Conchuir Daragh The Whistle Blower  
O Connell Brian Wasted  
O Connell Darragh Series Writing  
O Connell Fergus Novel: "Call The Swallow"  
O Connell Lina Scriptwriting  
O Connell Michael Timeless Wisdom, What Irish Proverbs Tell Us About Ourselves  
O Connor Christy Dalo The Autobiography  
O Connor Eimear Sean Keating - Art Politics and Building the Irish Nation  
O Connor Sheila Without Consent  
O Clerigh Gearoid "An Ghaeilge Feidhm Feasta Agus I Gconai"  
O Clerigh Gearoid "Creach Coigriche & Snuas Cois Tra"  
O Connor Andrew Property  
O Connor Brian Bloodline  
O Connor Christy Jnr Christy - from rough to fairways  
O Connor John Growing up so high  
O Connor Liam "My Dear Heart"  
O Connor Kevin "Ironing The Land"  
O Connor Mary Our Roots Under The Rock-an O'connor Family History 1833-2006  
O Connor (pseud Niall De Souza) Niall, Novel: "Guantanamo Jihad"  
O Conor Mary "Links"  
O Cuilleanain Cormac Literary Translation - Poetry  
O Cuilleanain Cormac An Irish Solution  
O Dea Donal The Feckin Book Of Irish Sayings And The Book Of Feckin Irish Slang  
O Dea Jennifer Scriptwriting For Sunday Miscellany Radio Series  
O Doherty David Ronan Long Gets It Wrong  
O Donnell Ann Freedoms Child  
O Donnell Majella It's All In The Head. My Story  
O Donnell Margaret Margo: Queen of Country & Irish  
O Donnell Mary Novels & Poetry  
O Donnell James "Listening To The Grass Grow"  
O Donnell John Poetry: "some Other Country"  
O Donnell Paraic The Maker Of Swans  
O Donoghue Frank The 5 Minute Bell, History of the Tramore Train 1853-1960  
O Donoghue Frank On This Day: Stories of Waterford's 1100 Years  
O Donoghue Ronan Scriptwriting  
O’ Donoghue Sean Celtic Ripples  
O Dowd Anna Faerie Apocalypse  
O Drisceoil Fachtna The Missing Postman  
O Driscoll Brian Brian O’Driscoll The Test, My Autobiography  
O Driscoll Ciaran "A Runner Among Falling Leaves"  
O Driscoll Mairead Pebble Cove  
O Duibhir Liam The Donegal Awakening  
O Duibhir Liam Donegal And The Civil War  
O Duill Greagoir Dr. Poetry  
O Dwyer Michael Blessed And Obsessed  
O Faolain Simon Anam Mhadra  
O Flatharta Kevin Scripts  
O Flynn David Images Of Fingal, Coast And Castles  
O Flynn Niall Ireland's Olympians, Beijing And Beyond  
O Gara Ronan Ronan O'gara My Autobiography  
O Gorman Colm Beyond Belief  
O Grada Cormac Ireland's Great Famine And Jewish Ireland In The Age Of Joyce  
Ó'Gráda Diarmuid Georgian Dublin: The Forces That Shaped The City 01/01/2016
O Grady Crickard Mary Life and Loss  
O Guilin Peadar The Inferior  
O Halpín Sean Og Sean Og O Halpín, The Autobiography  
O Hanlon Ardal The Talk Of The Town  
O Hanlon Barbara (Barbara Keating) Novel: "To My Daughter In France"  
O Hanlon Barbara (Barbara Keating) Novel: "Blood Sisters"  
O Higgins Fintan Scriptwriting  
O Hara Peter "A Serpents Tooth"  
Ó H-Eigeartaigh Cian Sáirscéal agus Dill 1947-1981  
O Keefe Patricia The Catastrophic Caterpillar  
O Keeffe Maurice Heritage  
O Kelly Cyril Magic  
O Kelly Linda Moll  
O Kelly Sheila Love Knot  
O Kelly Sile Scriptwriting  
O’ Leary Donald Irish Catholicism and Science  
O' Leary Paul Spiritual Nirvana 01/01/2016
O Loughlin Ann The Ballroom Cafe  
O Loughlin Edward Not Untrue And Not Unkind  
O Loughlin Vanessa Short Stories  
O Mahoney Nessa Trapping A Ghost  
O'Mahony James The way we die now 01/01/2016
O' Malley Des Conduct Unbecoming 01/01/2016
O Maolaoi (molloy) Cian The Story Of The Irish Pub  
O'Meara Gerard Lorrha People in the Great War 01/01/2016
O Muircheartaigh Micheal From Dun Sion To Croke Park  
Ó Murchadha Ciarán The Diocese Of Killaloe  
Ó Murchadha Ciarán The Great Famine - Ireland's Agony  
Ó Murchadha Ciarán Beneath the Banner 01/01/2016
Ó Murchú Helen Ceisteanna Na Linne  
O Neill Anthony Thomas "Listening To The Grass Grow"  
O’ Neill Derek The Adventures of Lucinda in Love Filled Fairyland  
O Neill Edward "Two Little Boys"  
O Neill Karl The Most Beautiful Letter In The World  
O Neill Louise Only ever Yours  
O Neill Shane Dark Messiah  
O Neill Shane "Dark Messiah" & "Cain". 01/01/2016
O Neill Tom Old Friends  
O Regan Colm The book of Irish Mammies  
O Reilly Avril Frances Book  
O Reilly Patrick Rala a life in rugby  
O Reilly Peter Axel, A Memoir  
O Reilly William Joseph In The Key Of Say Today's Memory  
O Rourke Brian An Island Heart  
O Rourke Cornelius J Dúlra Oileáin Árann  
O Rourke Cornelius J Nature Guide To The Aran Islands  
O Rourke Evelyn Dear Ross  
O Rourke Michael Anthony History Of The Wexford Catholic Young Men's Society 1855-2008 Volume 1  
O'Scanaill Maurice Outbreak  
O’ Searcaigh Cathal An Tam Marfach Ina Mairmid  
O Shea John R Cork's Red City  
O Shea Michael A Thig Ná Tit Orm  
O Shea Owen The Magic Numbers Of The Professor  
O Shea Pamela The Bowes Inheritence  
O Shea Terry An Inner City  
O Sullivan Austin Dr Putting Ireland on Four Wheels  
O Sullivan David Scriptwriting  
O Sullivan Edward Never Die Wondering  
O Sullivan Linda Scriptwriting  
O Sullivan Maeve Poetry  
O Sullivan Mary Parting Company  
O' Suilleabhain Art Childrens Fiction  
O Toole Ciara Going Solo on Lake Como  
O Toole Jason Brian Cowen The Path To Power & The Last Days Of Katy French  
O Toole Joseph Looking Under Stones  
O Toole Laurence Planxty  
Oram Hugh Old Newcastle  
Otten Marcel Belle Lettres  
Owens Dylan "View Across The City"  
Palmer Timothy Scriptwriting  
Pattwell Michael Flagshopping  
Pauli Thomas The Night Of The Whales.  
Parmentier Francois Scriptwriting  
Pearl Rosamond A Strange Way To Die  
Pender Patricia Soul Journeys With The Dying  
Perry Paul The Last Falcon and Small Ordinance  
Pettersson Goeran Apollo 21  
Pfeiffer Walter, "Connemara & Beyond"  
Phelan James A Busman's Musing  
Phelan James William Scriptwriting  
Phillips Louise Red Ribbon  
Pierce Nicola Spirit Of The Titanc  
Piraprez Jacques Blooming Meadows  
Pisani Dr. Elizabeth The Wisdom Of Whores  
Pollard Rachel The Avenue  
Pollock David Medieval Waterford. Above and Below Ground  
Pope Brent Childrens Fiction  
Porter Liam Dance In The Rain  
Potter Matthew Skibbereen Town Council A History  
Potts Sean Michael's GAA Odyssey  
Power Declan Siege At Jadotville  
Power Eileen The Adventures of Lucinda in Love Filled Fairyland  
Power Karen Butterfly Barn  
Power Kevin Gerard Bad Day In Blackrock  
Power Suzanne Novels  
Power Suzanne The Lost Souls' Reunion  
Poxon Gillian Ubiquitous Q  
Poyntz Sarah H.J. "Memory Emancipated Scenes From Life And Imagination Of New Ross In The 1930s And Early 1940s"  
Poyntz Sarah H.J. Burren Villages - Tales of Mystery and Imagination  
Prendergast Peter When Kindness Fails  
Previte Rev Anthony A Guide to Lough Corribs Early Monastic Sites  
Price Dominic The Flame and the Candle. War in Mayo 1919-1924  
Price Iain Book - Johnny The Pookie  
Prone Terry Novel: "Running Before Daybreak"  
Purcell Deirdre "Be Delighted"  
Pykala Petri Ikiyo 'Eternal Night'  
Queally Jacqueline Tree Murmurs  
Quigley Caroline Phoenica Rising Keeper Of Light  
Quinlan Linda Short Stories  
Quinn Antoinette "Patrick Kavanagh A Biography"  
Quinn Conall Poetry: "Silver Whales"  
Quinn Kevin "Scripts"  
Quinn Ruairi Straight Left-a Journey In Politics  
Rafter Kevin This Is Charlie Bird  
Rainsford Patricia Novels  
Reapy Elizabeth Red Dirt - Fiction 01/01/2016
Rebollo Francisco Orb  
Reddin Brian Scriptwriting  
Reddy Tom The Murder File  
Reddy Tom Murder Will Out  
Redican Noel Shadows Of Doubt  
Regan Nell Poetry  
Reidy Mary Denis "Breaking The Silence"  
Reihill Christina Poetry  
Reilly Terence Ballina. One Town, Three Wars & More  
Reinhardt Jean A pocketful of Shells  
Reynolds Paul King Scum  
Rich Senta Storylines  
Richmond Brian Short Stories  
Ridyard Jennifer Conquest  
Riegel Ralph Hidden Soldier  
Riordan Patrick In Bygone Days  
Robinson Richard Valentia Lifeboats History  
Roche Matthew Storylines  
Rock Richard Always Me, Dickie Rock  
Rockett Emer Magic Lantern, Panorama and Moving Picture Shows in Ireland 1907-2012  
Rockett Kevin Irish Film Censhership: A Cultural Journey From Silent Cinema To Internet Pornorgraphy  
Rodgers J.P. "For The Love Of My Mother"  
Rodgers Mary Catherine (kitty) Novel  
Rogers Kathryn Fast Track To Fame  
Rooney Dr Brendan Thomas Roberts 1748-1777  
Rooney Eamonn "Ar Thoir An Toirc Bhain"  
Rosenstock Mario Comedy Scripts  
Rosvall Kari Nowhere's Child  
Rowley Edward Book - Daniel O'donnell - My Pictures & Places  
Roycroft Deirdre Short Stories  
Ruane Donal Tales In A Rearview Mirror  
Rudden David Knights of the Borrowed Dark  
Ruddock Alan Michael O'leary, A Life In Full Flight  
Ruiseil Cliona Series Writing  
Russel Joyce "This Little Piggy"  
Russell Michael The City of Shadows  
Ryan Anthony Candle & Sun  
Ryan Bernard The Tay Is Wet  
Ryan Donal The Spinning Heart  
Ryan Gerry Would The Real Gerry Ryan Stand Up  
Ryan Clare Cyphers  
Ryan Dr. James Philip The Oortian Summer  
Ryan Martin W F Butler 'a Life 1838-1910'  
Ryan Mary Short Story  
Ryan Meda Thomas Kent  
Ryan Meda Tom Barry Ira Freedom Fighter  
Ryan Oran The Death Of Finn  
Ryan Ronan The Fractured Life Of Jimmy Dice 01/01/2016
Ryan Sean The Official book of the FAI Cup  
Ryan Siobhan Saven Disclosure 01/01/2016
Ryan William Paul Ballads And Rhymes From The Rare Old Times  
Ryle Dwyer Thomas Eamon De Valera  
Sahafi Janet Jigsaw  
Samuel Rejini Falling Colours  
Saumande Juliette Le Detective Invisible  
Sayers Brendan Irelands Wild Orchids  
Scanlon Gisele The Goddess Guide  
Scanlan Patricia "Winter Blessings"  
Schatten Thomas Dr. Jesus  
Scott Ciarin Scriptwriting  
Scully Anne-Marie Motherhoodwinked. An Infertility Memoir  
Seaver Michael Counting Capital, The Real Value Of Dance In Irish Society  
Seekamp Gail Paddy The Pigeon  
Semple Patrick Book: "Believe It Or Not"  
Sewell Denise "Some Girls Will"  
Sexton John Poetry  
Sexton John The Johnny Coffin Diaries  
Shaw Stephen These Green Fields  
Shawgi Frida The Last Of The Vampire Lagoons  
Sheehan Eileen Poetry  
Sheehan Sean Anarchism  
Sheerin Declan "The Bin"  
Shefflin Henry Henry Shefflin The Autobiography  
Shelley Thomas "Wiinters Journey"  
Sheridan Fiachra The Runners  
Sheridan Michael Murder at Shandy Hall  
Sheridan Sheila The Blonde On The Hill  
Sheridan Michael Don't Ever Tell  
Shields Stan Stan's Galway  
Shortland Kemberlee Rhythm of my Heart  
Shortt Paul Anthony Locked Within  
Showers Brian The Bleeding Horse And Other Ghost Stories  
Siggins Gerard Rugby Spirit  
Silver Ashton E The Rose Ghost - Paris  
Simpson Perry Lemon Zest  
Sirr Peter Nonetheless And Selected Poems  
Skelton Ross Eden Halt. An Antrim Memoir  
Slavin Michael The Ancient Books Of Ireland  
Smith Anna Spit Against The Wind  
Smith Darren Series Writing  
Smith David The Unconquerable Keane  
Smith Ronan Lord Of The Rams, The Greatest Story Never Told  
Smith Sarah J. The Heart Of The Caveat Whale  
Smyth William J Mapmaking, Landscapes And Memory  
Somers Elaine The Wisdom Of Secrets  
Somerville Rowan The End Of Sleep  
Spain Joanne With Our Blessing  
Spalding Tom Cork City: A Field Guide To Its Sreet Furniture  
Spelissy Sean Book: The History Of Galway, City & County.  
Sprott Duncan Alexandria The Greeks  
Stack Clem "Spiritual Fields"  
Stafford Maryrose Explore Dingle Peninsula  
Stafford Steward The Vorbing  
Stairs Susan The Story of Before  
Stevens Kevin The Rizzoli Contract  
Stokes Roy "History Of Shipwrecks Around Ireland"  
Stratton Mark The Dog From Dingle Who Lost His Bark 01/01/2016
Stokes Roy Between The Tides. Shipwrecks Of The Irish Coast  
Stringer Madeline Despite the Angels  
Sullivan Deidre Prim Improper  
Summers Anthony B "Sinatra The Life".  
Sutton Ivan Sutton At Sixty  
Swan Desmond Apocalypse of Clay  
Swan Marsha Dirty Sky  
Sweeney Joseph Tilting At Windmills  
Sweeney Malachy The Sands Of Time, History Of Donegal And Its Environs  
Sweeney Philip Tv Scripts  
Sweeney Valerie "Shannon Airport A Unique Story Of Survival"  
Sykes Tom What Did I Do Last Night, A Drunkards Tale  
Taddei Silvano Tabernacle Tales  
Tallant Nicola The Complex  
Taylor David Shiri  
Taylor Patrick James An Irish Country Doctor  
Taylor Robert "Fair City" Scripts  
Thiele Heike High Shelves and Long Counters  
Thornley Gerard Ronan O Gara Ungarded  
Thornley Gerard Trevor Brennan - Heart And Soul  
Tiernan Damien Souls Of The Sea  
Tiernan Joe "The Dublin And Monaghan Bombings An The Murder Triangle"  
Tierney Fiona Look What Blew Into The Zoo  
Titley Alan An Bhean Feasa  
Tobin Debora Bee the Book - Farm Friends  
Tobin Fiona Explore Dingle Peninsula  
Toher Aherne Grainne Comings and Goings  
Toner James The Black Orchestra  
Tonery Marguerite Kapheus EArth  
Toomey John Sleepwalker  
Toops Catherine Novels  
Toropov Brendan Yusof Jihadi 01/01/2016
Timoney Mary B. "Had Me Made"  
Timoney Paul The Potatoes Woman  
Trant Kathy "The Blessington Estate 1667 - 1908"  
Travers Stephen The Miami Showband Massacre: A Survivor's Search For The Truth  
Traynor Jessica Liffey Swim  
Tubridy Ryan JFK in Ireland  
Tuohy Denis "Wide-eyed In Medialand"  
Tuuri Hanna Marjaana Short Stories  
Twomey Fr. Vincent "The End Of Irish Catholicism"  
Uí Bhraonáin Donla 500 Sean Fhocal  
Uí Dhufaigh Máire An Garda Cósta  
Uí Fhlannagáin Fionnuala Fíniní Mheiriceá Agus An Ghaelige  
Urban Jens Nachts Im Park  
Ussher Sharkey Joan St; Annes The Story Of A Guinness Estate  
Vallely Fintan Ben Lennon. The Tailors Twist  
Vance Robert Secret Sights  
Verling Luke The Seafaring Irish - A Life Of John De Courcy Ireland  
Villiers-tuthill Kathleen Alexander Nimmo And The Western District  
Vivian Charles The Ballygaddy Find  
Waiboer Ardiaan Gabriel Metsu. Life and Work  
Wall (pen Name: Feehan Ray) Brian The Dream Of Saramanjay  
Wall Ryan Breda Book  
Wall Thomas The boy from Glin Industrial School  
Wallace Arminta The times we lived in  
Walsh Alison In my Mother's Shoes  
Walsh Chloe Break my Fall  
Walsh Denis Ronan O Gara - My Autobiography  
Walsh Fionnbar Donal's Mountain  
Walsh Jim Rough Cut  
Walsh John Patrick Hillery, The Official Autobiography  
Walsh John Poetry  
Walsh John Headcase 01/01/2016
Walsh Keith Scriptwriting  
Walsh Louis Fast Track To Fame  
Walsh Ruby Ruby the Autobiography  
Walsh Tiina Fine Tuning Hannah  
Walsh William (Bill) About Matilda  
Walshe Eibhear Cissies Abbatoir  
Walton Julian On This Day: Stories of Waterford's 1100 Years  
Ward Brid St. Johns Point  
Ward Tony Autobiography 01/01/2016
Warren Chris Randolph's Challenge  
Watkins Kathleen Pigín of Howth 01/01/2016
Watson Patrick Original Irish Stories  
Watson Patrick Roscommon Folk Tales  
Webster Avril Off We Go…  
Weldon Catherine An Teorainn Beo  
Wells Grace Novel - Fiction Writing  
Welsh Irvine Fiction Writing  
West Annie Childrens Fiction  
Whelan Curtain John Deep  
Whelan Marty That's Life Marty Whelaaaaaan 01/01/2016
White Adrian An Accident Waiting To Happen  
White Colin Native Irish dogs  
White Maureen The Butterfly Shell  
White Raymond "Their Bones Are Scattered"  
White Trevor The Dubliner Diaries  
Whiteside Andrew Where Swift And Berkeley Learnt  
Whiteside Lesley Where Swift And Berkeley Learnt  
Whyte Mairead All for Grace  
Whyte Thomas The Story Of Woodstock In Inistioge  
Wickham Heidi The Snuffly Dog  
Wilkinson Nicholas Storylines  
Williams Dominic The Wexford Hurling & Football Bible 1887-2008, A Complete Statistical History Of Wexford Gaa  
Williams Nerys Sound Archive  
Williams Thomas Cúchulaínn's Son, The Story Of Nickey Rackard  
Williams Yve Book - "Darkhouse"  
Williamson Colm Waterford Whispers News  
Willocks Timothy Novels  
Wilson Ann The Cathedral Of Saint Fin Barre At Cork  
Wilson James Fresh Water Birds Of Ireland  
Wilson Justine Delaney The Differencer - Fiction 01/01/2016
Winter Kate The Happy ever afterlife of Rosie Potter  
Wogan Damien The Cooley Peninsula. A Photographic Journey  
Woodfull Paul Scriptwriting  
Woods Vincent The Colour Of Language  
Woulfe Nuala Mary Chasing Rainbows  
Wycherley Jenifer Jack goes to Playschool  
Wylde Anya The Wicked Wager  
Wylde Donal The Light Of Other Days - Clonmel  
Wyley Enda Poetry - Poems For Breakfast  
Xealous Emma Fusion  
Yates Jim Oh Pere Lachaise  
Yee Kristina Miss Todd And Her Wonderful Flying Machine  
Young David Scriptwriting  
Young David Lockdown  
Zaouche Rachel Gracie  
Zappone Katherine Our Lives Out Loud  

Play (Category B)

Name Type / Title Exempt effective from:
Abrahamson Leonard Scriptwriting  
Adams Nicholas Screenplay  
Adigun Olabisi Scriptwriting  
Ahern Cecelia Scripts  
Allen Kevin Screenplay  
Anderson Ioanna "Words For Advice For Young People"  
Andrews David Scripts  
Askin Corrina Joe And Jack  
Austin Carl Shoot On Sight  
Aversalo Teemu Screenwriting  
Bairead Colm Screenplay  
Barrett Gerard Scriptwriting  
Barriscale Guy Playwriting  
Barry Eveanne Scriptwriting  
Barry Sebastian A Long Long Way  
Bateman Colin Scriptwriting  
Beck Suzanne The Minesweeper  
Beecher Donal Scriptwriting  
Behal Julien Screenwriting  
Bergin Barbara Series Writing  
Berry Frank Screenplay  
Benedict Julia Scriptwriting  
Bishop Desmond Series Writing  
Bleahen-Melvin Orla Film Script  
Blount Stephen Playwriting  
Blue Barbara Scriptwriting  
Bowe Gabrielle Scriptwriting  
Breathnach Paraic Scorach  
Brennan Alan Screenplay  
Brennan Joe The Witchin' Well  
Brennan Paul "Herman"  
Brock Norman Screenplay  
Bogue, Keith Screenplay  
Bourke Brendan Screenplay  
Boylan Marie Scriptwriting  
Brown Noelle Playwriting  
Browne Amy Female of the Species  
Burke Gavin Screenplay  
Burke Robert Scriptwriting  
Burke Ronan Treatments  
Bushe Morgan Script Writing  
Butler James Scriptwriting  
Butler Jason Bridget & Eamon - "The Job" 01/01/2016
Byrne Eoin Play  
Byrne Robert Patrick Script Writing  
Callan Áine Scriptwriting  
Campbell Kelly Screenplay  
Campbell Malcolm Scriptwriting  
Campbell Hughes Antonia Scriptwriting  
Cantan Mark Playwriting  
Carey David Screenplay  
Carey John Gerard Play  
Carey Noel Playwriting  
Carney Gerry Playwriting  
Carolan Stuart "Defender Of The Faith"  
Carr Justin Scriptwriting  
Carr Ronan Scriptwriting  
Carr Shane Playwriting  
Carter Ruth Scriptwriting  
Cassidy Ciaran Playwriting  
Caulfield Thomas Scriptwriting  
Cawley Robert Yasmin Pearl  
Chapman Patrick Play  
Chambers David Scripwriting  
Clark Damian Scriptwriting  
Clarke Jocelyn Scriptwriting  
Cockayne Michael Scriptwriting  
Coffey David Series Writing  
Coll Mary Playwriting  
Collins Patrick Scriptwriting  
Collins William Scriptwriting  
Connell-Moylan Hannah Play 01/01/2016
Conroy Amy Play  
Connolly Fintan "Bite"; "Bowsies"  
Connolly Patrick Play: "22 The View"  
Connolly Rory Scriptwriting  
Cooke Jessica Screenplay  
Corburn Gray Dylan Play  
Corcoran Sean Scriptwriting  
Corkery Margaret Screenplay  
Cosgrove Thomas Play-"The Sea Devils"  
Cotter Dylan Scripts  
Cotter James Scriptwriting  
Coughlan Alice Scriptwriting  
Courtney Patrick Series Writing  
Cox Peadar Mother Goose  
Cradock Shane Playwriting  
Creagh Gemma Scriptwriting  
Creedon William The Terrors of Troy  
Croghan Declan Paddy Irishman; Paddy Englishman And Paddy .  
Cronin Lee Screenplay  
Crosbie Daryn Playwriting  
Cumberton Mark Series Writing  
Curran Sarah Kate Screen Writing  
Dalton Ann Scriptwriting  
Dalton Philomena Caisleain Oir  
Dalton Simon Scriptwriting  
Daly Peter Playwriting  
Davidson Jennifer Scripts  
Dawson John Scriptwriting  
Deegan Denis Mouseios Magical Christmas  
Deignan Barbara Scriptwriting  
Delaney Brian Scriptwriting  
Delaney Patrick "The Woman From The Black Country"  
Devlin Mairead Death On The Tiles  
Dicker Chris Screenplay  
Dinneen Emile Playwriting  
Docherty Aileen Scriptwriting  
Doherty Philip Playwriting  
Donnellan Siobhán Scriptwriting  
Donohue Darren Playwriting  
Doorly Gemma Playwriting  
Dowling Cormac Scriptwriting  
Downes Bernie Flats Life  
Downes Kathy Scriptwriting  
Downey Colin The Brave Tin Soldier & The Shadows  
Doyle Devin John Scriptwriting  
Doyle Oran Scriptwriting  
Doyle Simon Text For Opera Libretto Thwaite  
Drury Paul Scripts  
Duane Paul Thistle  
Duggan Gary Monged  
Duggan Sean Script  
Dungan Ross Playwriting  
Dunne Shaune Playwriting  
Durnin Brian Scriptwriting  
Elliot Pearse Screenplay: "Valhalla"  
Elner Maria Screenplay  
Evans Philip Scriptwriting  
Fagan Sinead Scriptwriting  
Farnan Keith Scriptwriting  
Farrell Damian Screenplay  
Farrell Jean Playwriting  
Farrelly Tom Screenplay  
Farrugia Francois Scriptwriting  
Feehily Stella Play  
Fennell Cillian Series Writing  
Finegan Sean Scriptwriting  
Finlan James Eireville  
Finnegan Lorcan Scriptwriting  
Finucane Leo "The Yanks Are Here"  
Fitzmaurice Simon Scriptwriting  
Flanagan Sean Scriptwriting  
Fleming Tommy Playwriting  
Flynn Gerard Mannix "James X"  
Foott Michael Scripts Republic of Telly  
Foott Peter Scriptwriting  
Foster Brian Play: "The Butterfly Of Killybegs"  
Fox Damien Scriptwriting  
Fox Iseult Scriptwriting  
Fox John Script  
Fox Sorcha Screenplay  
Foy Ciaran The Horde  
Francis Lorraine Scriptwriting  
Francis Sarah Scriptwriting  
Frankel Conrad Paintings  
Freyne Patrick Scriptwriting  
Gallagher Elaine Scriptwriting  
Gallagher Ger Playwriting  
Gallagher Mia Play: "Normality"  
Gallagher PJ Scriptwriting  
Gallen Conal Playwriting  
Gallen Rory Playwriting  
Gaster Paul Scriptwriting  
George Shannon Screenwriting  
Gibbons Coyle Eileen Scripts  
Gilbert Virginia Script Writing  
Gill Elizabeth Goldfish Memory  
Gill Gary Scriptwriting  
Gill Gary The Day Henry Met … A Cauldron 01/01/2016
Gilliland Jennifer Scriptwriting  
Gleeson Niamh Dear Frankie  
Goan Roise Series Writing  
Gogan Nicola Scriptwriting  
Golden Iseult Screenplay  
Goldsmith Steven Screenwriting  
Gouldsbury James Scriptwriting  
Graham Amanda Jane Play 01/01/2016
Graham Fiona Seven Songs For Amy  
Gratton Daniel Screenwriting  
Green Stephanie Scriptwriting  
Groves Patricia Screenplay  
Guerin Thomas A. (tony, Stageplay "Cummin")  
Guillot Francisco Espana Series Writing  
Gunning Cornelius The Reunion  
Haccius Sonia Scriptwriting  
Hall Tom Film Script  
Hallinan Fiona Scriptwriting  
Hannigan Jamie Film Script  
Hansom Richard The Happy Hooker  
Hardiman Neasa Screenplay  
Harpur Karl Play  
Harris Francesca Netherland 01/01/2016
Harte Aidan Series Writing  
Harte John Playwriting  
Hassett Declan Play: "Sisters".  
Hayden Ciaran Scriptwriting  
Hayes Janet Screenplay 01/01/2016
Hayes Tadgh Series Writing  
Healy Donal Scriptwriting  
Healy John Playwriting  
Heery Niall In Like Flynn  
Heffernan Kate Playwriting  
Hegarty David Another Othello  
Henderson Peter Screenplay  
Henderson Rose Scriptwriting  
Herlihy John Screenwriting  
Hickey Clodagh Screenplay  
Higgins Dara Script Writing  
Higgins Maeve Serieswriting  
Hilary Rose Scriptwriting  
Hogan Emma Scriptwriting  
Holly Alan Scriptwriting  
Horan Liam Playwriting  
Horgan Conor Screenplay  
Howard Anthony Scattergood  
Howard Paul Scriptwriting  
Huberman Amy Screenplay  
Hynes Fiona Scriptwriting  
Ireland David Play  
Joffe Rowan Scriptwriting  
Johansen Claes Scriptwriting  
Jordan Grainne Only An Hour From Dublin  
Joyce Thomas Scriptwriting  
Kallay Jasmina Screenplay  
Kavanagh Andrew Scriptwriting  
Kavanagh Ivan Screenplay  
Kay Frances Bumbegs & Bees  
Keane Alan Scriptwriting  
Keane John Script 01/01/2016
Keane Richard William I'm A Cockroach  
Kearney Oonagh Counting To Infinity  
Keaveney Emma Scriptwriting  
Kelly Emma Play-Script 01/01/2016
Kelly John Play  
Kelly Mary Screenplay  
Kelly Nick Screenplay  
Kelly Noel Scriptwriting  
Kelly Robert Play 01/01/2016
Keary Jimmy Scriptwriting  
Kelleher Macdara "Noahs Ark"  
Kennedy Paul Plays: "Desert Places" And "Over The Bridge"  
Kenny Austin Playwriting  
Kenny Patrick Scripts  
Keogan Ailbhe Scriptwriting  
Kesselman Jonathan Screenplay  
Kidney Eoghan Screenplay  
Kinahan Deirdre Play: Knocknashee  
Kinghan Wilmer Scriptwriting  
Kinirons Michael The Lake  
Kirwan Emmet Series Writing  
Landy Derek Dead Bodies  
Landy Derek Boy Eats Girl  
Lanigan Robert James Screenplay  
Lannin John Play 01/01/2016
Lavelle Michael Script Writing  
Lee Nicholas Screenplay  
Lee Rodney "You're Welcome"  
Lefevere Martine Scriptwriting  
Legge Andrew Screenwriting  
Lehane Kevin Scriptwriting  
Lemass Sinead Scriptwriting  
Lemetty Leevi Scriptwriting  
Leonard Gerry Petrol Country Blues  
Lewis Louise Playwriting  
Leyden Neil Scriptwriting  
Limmer Wolfgang "An American Place"  
Linehan Graham Series Writing  
Linehan Seamus Script  
Linnane Maurice Horslips, Return Of The Dancehall Sweethearts  
Little Catherine Scriptwriting  
Little Eamon Scriptwriting  
Long Leslie Caisleain Oir  
Lovern Shane Screenplay  
Lunny Judy Scripts  
Lynch Katherine Scriptwriting  
Lysaght Rachel Scriptwriting  
Mac Con Iomaire Darach Corp + Anam  
Mac Diarmada Eoin Scriptwriting  
Mac Eachmharcaigh Niall Scriptwriting  
Mac Fhionnghaile Aodh (Hugh) Scriptwriting  
Mac Kenna John The Woman At The Window  
Magan Ruan Screenplay  
Maguire Aoife Scripts  
Maguire Jeannine Scriptwriting  
Maguire Martin Screenplays  
Maher Colm Screenplay  
Makower (fitz-simon) Anne Play  
Maloney Martin Scriptwriting  
Mannion Siobhan After The Fact  
Marren Tommy Palywriting  
Martin Thomas Film Script  
Mason Patrick Play  
Mather James Scriptwriting  
Matthews Arthur Scriptwriting  
Maximilian Daniel Aeon; The Night Of The Whales  
Mc Auley Suzanne Screenplays  
Mc Cabe Patrick Scriptwriting  
Mccafferty Frankie Scriptwriting  
Mc Camley David The Island Of Inish Cool  
Mc Cann Kevin Film Script  
Mc Carthy Kevin Screenplay  
Mc Carthy Peter J Screenplay  
Mc Carthy Shona Scriptwriting  
Mc Cudden Michael "Highway To Nowhere"  
Mcdonald James Scriptwriting  
Mc Donald Marjorie Green Tea  
Mcdonald Patrick Screenplay  
Mc Donnell Patrick Scriptwriting  
Mc Evoy Barry Screenwriter  
Mc Farland James Playwriting  
Mc Garrigle Cian Scriptwriting  
Mc Gee Elizabeth (lisa) Scriptwriting  
Mc Gee Harry Play 01/01/2016
Mc Geown Fiona Playwriting  
Mc Glynn Bobby Scriptwriting  
Mc Gowan John Stanley Screenplay  
McGrath Pat Playwriting  
Mc Guinness Alexandra Screenplay  
Mc Hugh Darren Treading Water  
McInerney Lisa Scriptwriting  
McKenna Conor Scriptwriting  
Mckeon Belinda Graham & Frost  
Mckeown Laurence Scriptwriting  
McKevitt Una Play  
Mc Laughlin Patricia Scriptwriting  
Mc Mahon Phillip Scriptwriting  
McManus Luke Screenwriting  
McMonagle Alan Playwriting  
McNally Aonghus Og Play  
Meehan Andrew Screenplays  
Meehan Padraig Radio Play: "In Beria's Orchard"  
Merritt Anna Scriptwriting  
Methven Eleanor Scriptwriting  
Meul Marck Gupiana Project  
Meul Marck The Pub  
Meyler Warren Scriptwriting  
Mills Geraldine Screenplay  
Mitchell Joanne Play  
Moore David Scriptwriting  
Moore Tom Play  
Moran Janet Playwriting  
Moran Rebecca Scriptwriting  
Morton John Playwriting  
Moudif Roche Zara Holly War, Holly Love  
Moukarzel Bashir Play  
Moynihan Elizabeth Play  
Moynihan Mary Plays  
Mulcahy Michael Playwriting  
Muldowney Brendan Screenplay  
Mullen Victoria Play  
Mullineaux Pete Play  
Mulvey Shane Scriptwriting  
Murray Steven Screenplay  
Murphy Colin Playwriting  
Murphy Elaine Scriptwriting  
Murphy John Screenplays  
Murphy John Paul Scripts  
Murphy Nicholas The Last Furlong  
Murphy Sinead Scripwriting  
Murray Patrick Scripts  
Nagle Mark Scriptwriting  
Nee John "The Derry Boat" "Country And Irish" "Fear An Phoist"  
Nevin Rory "Johnnie Moves Out"  
Ni Chuilleanain Lean Scriptwriting  
Ni Churraoin Caithriona Scriptwriting  
Ni Chórragain Doireann Screenplay  
Ní Churraoín Bridie Script  
Ni Eidhin (hynes) Maureen Series Writing  
Ni Fhlatharta Deirdre Series Writing  
Ni Ghrioghair Rioghnach Scriptwriting  
Ní Neachtain Sinead Scriptwriting  
Ní Oibicín Sonia Scriptwriting  
Nic Cormaic Aoife Scriptwriting  
Nic Dhonnacha Christina Scriptwriting  
Nijst Georges Play  
Nikci Viko Screenplay  
Noonan Mark Scriptwriting  
Nugent Michael Play" I Keano"  
O Brien David Playwriting  
O Brien Eugene Script Writing  
O Brien Justin Screenplay  
O Brien Paul Play: "Happylike A Fool"  
O Brien Sinead Cadenza  
O Callaghan Eugene P Scriptwriting  
O Carroll Eilish Playwriting  
O Cinnseala Luc Scriptwriting  
Ó Colla Antoin Beag Scripts  
O Connor Bridget Scriptwriting  
O Connor Carol Series Writing  
O Connor Damien The Quarter Mill  
O’ Connor Eoin Script  
O Connor Mark Screenplay  
O Connor Patrick Playwriting  
O Daly Joe Screenplay  
O Donoghue Barry Script Writing  
O Donovan Aidan Series Writing  
O Driscoll Mary Death On The Tiles  
O Gorman Marc Ivan Play  
O Halloran Mark Plays  
O Hanlon Ardal Scriptwriting  
O Hanlon Bronagh Series Writing  
O Hara Daniel Film Scripts  
Ó Heaghra Breandán Scripts  
O Keeffe Barbara "Stolen Child"  
O Flanagan Rebecca Series Writing  
O Flanagan Mary Screenplay  
O Loughlin Maria "Brother Of Pearl"  
O Loughlin Sinead Playwriting  
O Mahony Marisa Scriptwriting  
O Mahony Michael "Holy Water"  
O Malley Brian Screenplay  
O Maolfabhail Donall Scriptwriting  
O Meallaigh Sean Scriptwriting  
O Meara Caroline Screenplay  
O Muirthile Liam Tine Chnamh  
O Neachtain Padraic Script Writing  
O Neill Elizabeth Play "The Gates"  
O Neill Jody Play  
O Reilly Sally Ann Scriptwriting  
O Rourke Kathleen Scriptwriting  
O Rourke Kealan Scriptwriting  
O Rourke Paul Scriptwriting  
O Rourke Seamus Playwriting  
O Shea Bernard Scriptwriting  
O Suilleabháin Tomás Play  
O' Sullivan Aoife Play 01/01/2016
Odoul Damien Screenplay  
Orpen-Lynch Tristan Shane Screenwriting  
Otten Marcel Translations/adaptations Of Literary Plays  
Palmer Mark Playwriting  
Parnell David Play  
Pauli Thomas "Girlfriends"  
Pearson Neil Playwriting  
Pennefather Kareen A Very Busy Life  
Pennefather Kareen Meg's Head  
Perez Shane Scriptwriting  
Perry Kate Play  
Phelan Nicky Series Writing  
Philips Gareth Scriptwriting  
Phillips Sara Play  
Power Mark The Slapdash Assassin  
Prendeville Sharon Scripts  
Quinn Conall Play: "Miss Canary Islands 1936"  
Quinn Gavin Scriptwriting  
Quinn Robert J. Screenplays  
Quinn Robert Cinegal Paradiso  
Quinn Rosemary Scriptwriting  
Reapy Elizabeth Lunching  
Recks Declan The Dunnes Project  
Rendulic Mirjana Broken Promise Land  
Rennicks Stephen Series Writing  
Reynolds Paul Declan Play 01/01/2016
Rice John Series Writing  
Richards Tom Scriptwriting  
Richmond Brian Scriptwriting  
Riordan Megan Screenplay  
Robinson Priscilla Playwriting  
Roche Blaithnaid Scriptwriting  
Roche Jenny Scriptwriting  
Rock Fergal Scriptwriting  
Rooney Joe Series Writing  
Ruddy Kathleen Caisleain Oir  
Ryan Conor Scriptwriting  
Ryan Gavin Play - Script Fair City - "The Series& 01/01/2016
Ryan Sean Scriptwriting  
Ryan Pierce Scriptwriting  
Scannell Raymond Script writing  
Scott David Script writing  
Shanley Garret Screenwriting  
Shannon Alan Scriptwriting  
Sharpson Neil Playwriting  
Sheahan Norma Play 01/01/2016
Sheridan Arthur Script writing  
Sheridan Naomi Screenplay  
Shields Stephen Scripts Republic of Telly  
Shouldice Frank Scriptwriting  
Sirr Peter Scriptwriting  
Spallen Abbie Pump Girl  
Spratt Ruth Ellen Scriptwriting  
Spencer Murray Russell Screenplay  
Stapleton Noni Claire Playwriting  
Stedman Audrey Script  
Stewart Ross Screenplay  
St Leger Stephen Scriptwriting  
Stone Maeve Playwriting  
Strain Kate Playwriting  
Stubbs Steven Scriptwriting  
Sturnick Shawn Scriptwriting  
Supple Sonya Ladys Time; Francis  
Sweeney Philip Plays  
Sweeney Valerie Joy Where's The Missus 01/01/2016
Swift Tom, Play -"The Yokohama Delegation".  
Tammemagi Jason Series Writing  
Taylor Ciaran Two For Dinner For Two  
Thornton Darren Screenplays  
Tiernan Tommy "Cracked Show"  
Tierney Aidan Scriptwriting  
Tierney-Keogh Lisa Eve & Adam; Lost Song  
Tighe Claire Playwriting  
Tighe Dylan Playwriting  
Timmons Brian Play  
Timms Michael Play - "Cross Purposes"  
Timpson Gary Screenwriting  
Tobin Ciarda Playwriting  
Tobin Colm Series Writing  
Tordoff Christopher Scriptwriting  
Travers Hugh Play  
Traynor Billie Scriptwriting  
Trehy Joseph Scriptwriting  
Twomey Frank Santa Ponsa or Bust  
Tyson William Scriptwriting  
Urban Jens Finklestein  
Vaughan John Screenplay  
Verhaegen Etienne Scriptwriting  
Vroege Kees Scriptwriting  
Wallace John Scriptwriting  
Walsh Elaine Scriptwriting  
Walshe Ken Screenplay  
Webster Paul Fair City Script - Season 27 01/01/2016
Whelan Desmond Film Script  
White Maureen Screenplay  
Willocks Timothy Scriptwriting  
Wimmer Karin Piparella  
Woods Vincent A Cry From Heaven  
Young Paul Scriptwriting  
Yee Kristina Scriptwriting  

A Musical Composition (Category C)

Name Type / Title Exempt effective from:
Adams Conor Musical Compositions  
Adams Sebastian Musical Compositions  
Agnew Stuart Musical Compositions  
Aherne Eoin Seamus, Musical Composition  
Allen David Musical Composition  
Ali Hyder Musical Composition  
Ali Nabil Musical Composition  
Appleby Stephen Musical Compositions  
Arkins Sean Musical Composition  
Arteaga Emilio Musical Composition  
Austin Mark Musical Compositions  
Averill Rowan John Musical Compositions  
Baillie Bjorn Musical Composition  
Baillie Simon Musical Composition  
Baker Vincent Musical Composition  
Bangala Andre Musical Composition  
Barr Kelvin Musical Compositions  
Barrett Dermot Musical Compositions  
Barrett Pat Musical Compositions  
Barrett John Musical Compositions  
Barry Caoimhe Musical Compositions  
Barnes Clive Musical Compostion  
Bartle Damien Musical Compositions  
Bartolen Michal Musical Composition  
Bates Enda Musical Compositions  
Bell Eric Musical Compositions  
Birthwhistle Ivan Musical Compositions  
Black Mary
Musical Compositions  
Blackman Carly Musical Composition  
Bochnik Robert Musical Composition  
Boland Jason Musical Composition  
Boylan Anthony Musical Compositions  
Boylan Cian Musical Composition  
Boylan Lee Musical Compositions  
Boyle Carmel Musical Compositions  
Bracken Daire Musical Compositions  
Brady Cormac Musical Composition  
Brady Kevin
Musical Composition  
Brady Michael Musical Composition  
Brady Owen Musical Composition  
Brannigan Martin Musical Compositions  
Bredou Aida Musical Composition  
Breen Ross Musical Composition  
Brennan Denise Musical Composition  
Brennan Paul Musical Compositions  
Brennan Wayne Musical Composition  
Breslin Cormac This Is The Tomb Of The Juice  
Breslin Niall Musical Composition  
Brohy Conan Musical Compositions  
Brosnan Eugene Musical Compositions  
Brown Nico Women In Arms  
Brunsden Martin Musical Compositions  
Buckley Irene Musical Compositions  
Buckley Linda Musical Compositions  
Burch Robert Musical Composition  
Burke David Musical Compositions  
Burke Gary Musical Composition  
Burke John Musical Compositions  
Butler Raymond Musical Composition  
Byrne Garrett Musical Compositions  
Byrne Peter Musical Compositions  
Byrne Philip Musical Compositions  
Byrne Seamus Musical Composition  
Byrne John Traditional Music  
Byrne Neil Musical Composition  
Burke Karl Musical Compositions  
Caesar Padraigin Musical Compositions  
Caesar Siobhan Musical Compositions  
Calvert Kieran Musical Compositions  
Canning Robert
Musical Composition  
Carney Rosie
Musical Composition  
Caporuscio Aldo (Aldo Nova) Musical Composition  
Caprara Susanna Musical Compositions  
Carpenter Katie Musical Composition  
Carpio Sean Musical Composition  
Carrigan Ben Musical Compositions  
Carroll Justin Musical Composition  
Carroll Gerard Musical Compositions  
Carroll Roy Musical Composition  
Casey Jack Musical Compositions  
Casey Jonathan Musical Compositions  
Castellano Carlo Musical Compositions  
Cavanagh Michael Musical Compositions  
Chambers David Musical Compositions  
Chambers John Finbarr Musical Compositions  
Clancy Sean Musical Compositions  
Clarke Jennifer Musical Composition  
Clements David Musical Compositions  
Cluskey Daniel Musical Composition  
Cluskey Oisin Musical Composition  
Cluskey Shane Musical Composition  
Coleman Dara Musical Compositions  
Coleman Ronan Musical Compositions  
Colgan Anne Musical Composition  
Colleran Jack Musical Composition  
Collet Nolwenn Les Pointes 01/01/2016
Condon Cathal Musical Compositions  
Conlan Nial Musical Composition  
Conlon Kevin Musical Compositions  
Connolly Ben Musical Composition  
Considine Ronan Musical Compositions  
Coogan Byrne Linda Musical Composition  
Cooke Tadgh Musical Compositions  
Cosgrave Thomas Musical Compositions  
Coughlan Eoin Musical Compositions  
Courtney Peter Musical Compositions  
Cowley Karen Musical Compositions  
Coyne Aodán Musical Compostion  
Cranitch Ellen Musical Compositions  
Cronin Johnathon Musical Composition  
Cronin Michael Musical Composition  
Crosby Brian Musical Compositions  
Crowley Adrian Musical Compositions  
Crudden Natasha Helen Musical Composition  
Csibi Joe Musical Composition  
Cullen (The Chalets) Paula Musical Composition  
Cullen Terry Musical Compositions  
Cullivan Tom Musical Composition  
Cunningham Aidan Musical Composition  
Cunningham Eric Musical Composition  
Cunningham Fiachra Musical Composition  
Cunningham Ruth Anne Musical Composition  
Cunningham, Michael Jnr Musical Compositions  
Curtin Brenda Musical Composition  
Curley David Musical Compositions  
Dalton John Musical Compositions  
Daly John Musical Compositions  
Darcy Brian Musical Composition  
Davey Catherine Musical Composition  
Dawson John Musical Compositions  
De Barra Declan Musical Composition  
Deady Colin Out of The Blue 01/01/2016
Deasy Conor Musical Compositions  
Delaney Alan Musical Compositions  
Delaney Alan Musical Compositions  
Derry Paul Musical Composition 01/01/2016
Derwin (the Chalets)caoimhe Musical Composition  
Devane Daniel Musical Composition  
Devereux Brendan Musical Composition  
Devine Wezley Musical Composition  
Diffily Dara Musical Compositions  
Digan Padraig Musical Compositions  
Dillon Barry Musical Compositions  
Doherty John Musical Compositions  
Donnelly Michael Musical Composition  
Donohoe David Musical Composition  
Doran Chris Musical Composition  
Doran Peter Musical Composition  
Dowling Gregory Musical Composition  
Doyle Joe Musical Compositions  
Drea Damien Musical Composition  
Duff Jamie Musical Compositions  
Duffy Áine Musical Compositions  
Duffy David Musical Compositions  
Duffy Gráinne Musical Composition  
Duggan Alan Musical Compositions  
Dukes Darragh Musical Compositions  
Duignan John Musical Composition  
Dunne Gary Musical Compositions  
Dunne Gavin Musical Composition  
Durham Sorcha Musical Compositions  
Durkin Aine Musical Composition  
Eccles Noel Musical Compositions  
Edge Kenneth Musical Composition  
Egan Conor Musical Composition  
Egan Eilis
Musical Composition  
Egan Maire Musical Composition  
Egan Richard Musical Composition  
Elsted Gavin Musical Composition  
Enright Marlene Musical Composition  
Evers Martina Musical Compositions  
Fagan Simon Musical Compositions  
Fahy Gerard Musical Compositions  
Fahey Stephen Musical Composition  
Falkenau Anna Musical Compositions  
Fallon Órlagh Musical Compositions  
Farrell Niamh Musical Composition  
Farrelly Ross Musical Compositions  
Faulkner Adam Musical Compositions  
Faye Arron Musical Composition  
Feeley John Musical Compositions/arrangements  
Feeney Julie Musical Composition  
Ferrie Ruairi Musical Compositions  
Fine Simon Musical Composition  
Fitch Claire Musical Composition  
Fitzpatrick Daniel Musical Composition 01/01/2016
Fitzpatrick Ivan Musical Compositions  
Fitzpatrick Peter Musical Compositions  
Fitzpatrick Tony Musical Compositions  
Flanagan Brian Musical Compositions  
Flannery Michael James Musical Composition  
Flannery Paul Musical Compositions  
Fleming Gerard Musical Composition  
Fleming Michael Musical Composition  
Fleming Tommy Musical Compositions  
Flynn Colin Musical Composition  
Flynn David Musical Composition  
Foot Neil Musical Composition  
Forde Peter Musical Composition  
Forde Keith Musical Composition  
Fox Cassandra Musical Compositions  
Fox Daniel Musical Compositions  
Fox James Patrick Musical Composition  
French Greg Musical Composition 01/01/2016
Gallagher Brian Musical Composition  
Gallagher Jody Musical Composition  
Gallagher Pj Musical Composition  
Gallagher Rory Musical Compositions  
Gallen Michael Musical Composition  
Garrigan Stephen Musical Compositions  
Gaughan Ronan Musical Compositions  
Geoghegan Geg Musical Compositions  
Geraghty Dave Musical Compositions  
Gilligan Paul Musical Composition  
Glover Andrew Musical Composition  
Godley Kevin Musical Composition  
Goodwin Graham Musical Compositions  
Goodwin Ingrid Musical Compositions  
Gosker Sean Gerard Musical Composition  
Graham Alana Musical Composition  
Grainger Stephen Musical Compositions  
Gray Alan Musical Composition  
Gregan Stephen Musical Composition  
Guilfoyle Ronan Musical Composition  
Hadley Laura Musical Compositions  
Hadnett Evan Musical Compositions  
Handrick Andrew Musical Composition  
Hanlon Patrick Musical Compositions  
Hannigan Lisa Musical Composition  
Hannon Neil Musical Composition  
Hanrahan Jamie Musical Compositions  
Hansard Glen Musical Compositions  
Harbison Janet Mary Musical Composition  
Harney Joseph Musical Compositions  
Harrington Gerald The Smoky Chimney  
Harrison John Musical Compositions  
Harte Michael "sometimes Right, Sometimes Wrong"  
Harvey Nicholas Musical Composition  
Haughton David Musical Compositions  
Heaney Louise Musical Composition  
Hearty Fran Musical Compositions  
Hector Wayne Musical Composition  
Hegarty Anton Musical Composition  
Hegarty Franics Musical Compositions  
Hein Joachim Musical Composition  
Henderson Ian Musical Compositions  
Heng Mark Musical Composition  
Heslin Aine Musical Compositions  
Hickey Paul Musical Composition  
Hickey Steven Musical Compositions  
Histon Cathal Musical Composition  
Hogan John Musical Compositions  
Holmes (Bhreathnach) Marie Musical Composition  
Holstead Rachel Musical Compositions  
Homan Kevin Musical Composition  
Hope Ciaran Musical Compositions  
Hope David P Musical Composition  
Hopkins Graham Musical Compositions  
Horan Kevin Musical Compositions  
Horsman Sean Musical Compositions  
Hourican Paul Musical Composition  
Hozier Byrne Andrew Musical Composition  
Huberman Paul Musical Compositions  
Hughes Willie Musical Compositions  
Hussey Karl Musical Composition  
Irglova Marketa Musical Composition  
Isobor Laura Musical Compositions  
Jackson Sam Musical Composition  
Jacobson Daniel Musical Composition  
Jarvis Aisling Musical Compositions  
Jermyn Simon Musical Composition  
Johnson Shane Musical Composition  
Johnsson Christopher Musical Composition  
Johnston Joshua Musical Composition  
Jolivet Pierre Musical Compositions  
Jordan Daniel Musical Compositions  
Judge (the Chalets) Chris Musical Composition  
Jutras Benoit Musical Composition  
Kaneswaran Daniel Musical Composition  
Kaneswaran Hazel Musical Composition  
Kavanagh Andrew Musical Composition  
Kavanagh Michael Musical Composition  
Kaye Lawrence Musical Compositions  
Keane Gary Musical Compositions  
Keane Kevin Musical Compositions  
Keane Oliver Musical Composition  
Kearney Brian Musical Compositions  
Keating Michael Musical Composition  
Kearns-Hayes Darragh Musical Compositions  
Keary Dave(tuesday Blue) Musical Composition  
Keegan David Musical Composition  
Kelliher Tracy Musical Composition  
Kelly Alan Musical Composition  
Kelly Damien Musical Composition  
Kelly Fiachra Musical Compositions  
Kelly Laoise Musical Composition  
Kelly Shane Musical Compositions  
Kenevey Cormac Musical Composition  
Kenna Tony Musical Composition  
Kennedy John Musical Composition  
Kennedy Oliver Musical Composition  
Kennedy Vincent Musical Compositions  
Kenny Dawn "Sound"  
Keogh Carol Musical Composition  
Kepler, Sylvain Musical Compositions  
Kiang Ingmar Musical Compositions  
Kiely Dara Musical Compositions  
Kiely Michael Musical Composition  
Kilfeather Kelly Musical Compositions  
Kinsella Derek Musical Compositions  
Kinsella Niels Musical Compositions  
Kinsella Shane Musical Compositions  
Kinsella Torsten Musical Compositions  
Kirrane Margaret Anne Musical Compositions  
Knox Graham Musical Composition  
Koeman Rachel Musical Composition  
Lacey Michael Musical Compositions  
Lalanne, Jean-Felix Musical Composition  
Lalor Matthew Musical Composition  
Lane Tom Musical Compositions  
Langan Michael Musical Composition  
Lawton Liam Musical Compositions  
Lawlor James Musical Compositions  
Lawlor Shay Casimer Musical Compositions  
Lawrence Thomas Musical Composition  
Leahy John Musical Composition  
Lee Maud Musical Compositions  
Lee Shane Musical Composition  
Leech Oisin Musical Composition  
Lennon David Musical Composition  
Lennon Maurice Musical Compositions  
Lewins Jerry Musical Compositions  
Linehan Conor Musical Compositions  
Littlewood Liam Musical Compositions  
Lock James Musical Composition  
Lonergan Gary Musical Composition  
Long Leslie Musical Composition  
Long Vyvivienne Musical Compositions  
Loughman (The Chalets) Enda Musical Composition  
Lopez Gabriela Musical Compositions  
Lunson Matthew John Musical Composition  
Lynch Colm Musical Composition  
Lynch Brendan Musical Composition  
Lynch Dylan Musical Composition  
Lynch Gavin Musical Composition  
Lynch Michael Musical Composition  
Lynch Steve Musical Composition  
Mac Con Iomaire Colm Musical Compositions  
Mac Erlaine (aka Sean Óg) Sean Musical Composition  
Mac Giolla Bhride Doimnic Musical Composition  
Mac Mathuna Lorcan Musical Composition  
Mac Namara Ellie Musical Composition  
Mac Namara Louise Musical Composition  
Maguire Catherine Musical Composition  
Maguire Nicole Musical Composition  
Maher John David Musical Composition  
Maher Scott Musical Compositions  
Malocca Greg Musical Compositions  
Malone Robert Musical Compositions  
Mangan Geraldine Musical Composition  
Marcus Daniel Musical Compositions  
Marder Sam Musical Compositions  
Martin Jeff Musical Composition  
May Kevin Musical Composition  
May Vincent Musical Compositions  
McAteer Christopher Musical Composition  
Mc Cann John "Teach Me O God"  
Mc Canny Jane "All You Got"  
Mc Carthy Brendan Musical Composition  
Mc Carthy David Musical Composition  
Mc Carthy Garry Musical Composition  
Ma Carthy Thomas Musical Compositions  
McCloskey Ryan Musical Compositions  
Mc Court Richard Musical Composition 01/01/2016
Mccoubrey Irene Folk  
Mc Cormack John Musical Compositions  
Mc Cormick Ross Musical Composition  
McDonagh Ronan Feasts & Seasons  
Mc Donnell Noel Musical Composition  
Mc Garry Gerard Musical Compositions  
Mc Glynn Bobby Musical Compositions  
Mc Govern Brian Musical Composition  
Mckeown Susan Musical Compositions  
Mc Grath Mark Musical Compositions  
Mc Guinness Kieran Musical Composition  
Mc Hugh Brendan Musical Composition  
Mc Hugh Kenneth "My Canctuary"  
Mc Inerney Brendan Musical Compositions  
Mc Intyre John Musical Compositions  
Mc Lachlan John Musical Composition  
Mc Laughlin Joleen Musical Composition  
Mc Laughlin Lorna Songwriting  
Mclaughlin Mary Musical Compositions  
Mc Mahon Bryan Musical Composition  
Mc Mahon Padraic Musical Compositions  
Mc Morrow James Musical Composition  
Mc Nally Sinead Musical Composition  
Mc Namee Padraig Musical Composition  
Mc Nelis Annette Musical Composition  
Mc Phillips David Musical Composition  
Mc Phillips John Showbands  
Mercier Mel Musical Compositions  
Meunier Guillaume Musical Compositions  
Micansky Joerg Musical Compositions  
Molloy Sean Musical Compositions  
Moloney Michael Fxj Musical Compositions  
Mone Marty Musical Compositions  
Montague O Brien Helene Musical Compositions  
Moore John Musical Composition  
Moran Peter Musical Composition  
Moriarty John Musical Composition  
Morris Patricia Musical Composition  
Morris Rod Musical Composition  
Morrissey Brian "Blastan"  
Mulhaire Michelle Musical Composition  
Mullins Joanne Musical Compositions  
Mulrooney Shaun Musical Composition  
Munnelly David Musical Compositions  
Munroe Alistan Musical Compositions  
Murphy Arran Musical Compositions  
Murphy Colin Musical Composition  
Murphy Duncan Musical Compositions  
Murphy Gavin Celtic Woman Destiny 01/01/2016
Murphy George Musical Compositions  
Murphy John Musical Compositions  
Murphy Mark Musical Compositions  
Murray Anna Musical Composition  
Murray Doug Musical Compositions  
Murray Gavan Edward Musical Composition  
Murray Ivan Joseph Musical Compositions  
Nagle Ciaran Musical Composition  
Nesbitt Colby Mairead Musical Compositions  
Newell Cathy Musical Compositions  
Newell Ciara Musical Compositions  
Ng Jonathon Musical Composition  
Ni Chinneide Deirdre Musical Composition  
Ni Chonaola Lasairfhiona Musical Compositions  
Ni Lionnain Fiona Musical Composition  
Ni Mhaolchatha Meav Musical Composition  
Nic Cormaic Aoife Musical Compositions  
Niland Albert Musical Compositions  
Noble Simon Musical Composition  
Nolan Colm Musical Compositions  
Nolan Conor Musical Composition  
Nolan Kevin Musical Compositions  
Noonan Paul Musical Compositions  
O Breachtain Conall Musical Compositions  
O Briain Garry Musical Composition  
O Brien Dara Musical Compositions  
O Brien James Musical Compositions  
O Brien Owen Musical Compositions  
O Brien Stephen Musical Compositions  
O’ Broin Eoin Musical Composition  
O'Callaghan John Musical Composition  
O Ceallaigh James Musical Composition  
O Connor Darragh Musical Compositions  
O Connor Rena Musical Compositions  
O Connor Rory Musical Compositions  
O Cuanaigh Stiofan Musical Compositions/arrangements  
O Donnell Daniel Musical Compositions  
O Donnell Michael Daniel Musical Compositions  
O Donovan Jamin Musical Compositions  
O Donovan Joseph Musical Compositions  
O Donovan Tim Musical Composition  
O Driscoll Sean Musical Composition  
O Dwyer William Musical Compositions  
O Farrell Fergus Musical Composition  
O Foghlu Colm Musical Compositions  
O Gorman Eibhilín Musical Compositions  
O Gorman John Kevin Musical Compositions  
O Hanlon Peter James Musical Compositions  
O Keeffe John Musical Compositions  
O Keeffe Patricia Musical Compositions  
O Leary Aoife Musical Compositions  
O Leary Joseph Musical Compositions  
O Mahony Justin Musical Compositions  
O Muirheartaigh Fiach Musical Compositions  
O Neill Leon Musical Composition  
O Regan Adam Musical Composition  
O Reilly Daire Musical Composition  
O Reilly Danny Musical Compositions  
O Reilly Fergus Musical Compositions  
O Reilly Kevin Musical Composition  
O Reilly Myles Musical Compositions  
O Reilly Simon Musical Composition  
O Rourke Declan Musical Compositions  
O Rourke Edward Musical Composition  
O'Rourke Faye Musical Composition  
O Sullivan Brendan Musical Compositions  
O Sullivan Caitriona Musical Compositions  
O Sullivan Daniel Musical Composition  
O Sullivan Ivan Musical Compositions  
O Toole Michael Musical Compositions  
Osbourne Louis Musical Compositions  
Owens Gerard Anthony Musical Compositions  
Packham Giles "On Unknown Soil"  
Palmer Mark Musical Compositions  
Patterson Duncan Jon Antimatter  
Patterson Eanan Musical Composition  
Parle Luan Musical Composition  
Peoples Thomas Musical Compositions  
Percival Christopher Musical Composition  
Philips Dominic Musical Compositions  
Phillpott Andrew Musical Composition  
Power Karen Musical Compositions  
Power Mark John Musical Compositions  
Prendergast Mark Musical Compositions  
Purcell Dominic (aka Beta 2) Musical Compositions  
Quinn Declan Musical Composition  
Quinn Gary Musical Composition  
Quinn Jonathan G. Musical Composition  
Quinn Kieran Musical Compositions  
Rainey Stephanie Musical Compositions  
Redmond Alan Musical Composition  
Reegan Fionn Musical Compositions  
Reilly Luke Musical Compositions  
Renshaw Polly Musical Compositions  
Reynolds Sean Musical Composition 01/01/2016
Rice Damien Musical Compositions  
Ring Judith Musical Composition  
Ring Ian Musical Compositions  
Roche (The Chalets) Dylan Musical Composition  
Roche Carl Musical Composition  
Rooney Edward Musical Compositions  
Rooney James Musical Compositions  
Rooney Michael Musical Compositions  
Roth Nick Musical Compositions  
Ruddy Bernadette Musical Compositions  
Ruddy Kathleen Musical Compositions  
Rushe Patrick Musical Composition  
Rutledge Colm Musical Composition  
Ryan Daniel Musical Compositions  
Ryan Derek Musical Compositions  
Ryan John Musical Compositions  
Ryan Lynn Musical Compositions  
Rynhart Dylan Musical Composition  
Sanchez Rodrigo Pialeda Musical Compositions  
Sands Clare Music - Clare sands - Join Me At The Table 01/01/2016
Scanlon Raymond Musical Composition  
Scott Ann Musical Compositions  
Schlepper Connolly Benedict Musical Composition  
Seaver O Leary Donagh Musical Compositions  
Shakespeare David Musical Compositions  
Sheahan Alan Musical Compositions  
Sheehy Patrick Musical Compositions  
Sheehy Wayne Musical Composition  
Sheridan Ryan Musical Compositions  
Sherry Paul Musical Compositions  
Shiels Andrew Musical Compositions  
Shiels Siobhán Musical Composition  
Sholdice Garret Musical Composition  
Shortt Patrick Musical Compositions  
Simpson McClorey Josh Musical Compositions  
Slevin Daniel Musical Composition  
Simon Ronald Musical Composition  
Simonds Clodagh Musical Composition  
Simpson Jurgen Musical Composition  
Slott Luke Musical Composition  
Smeaton Jonathan Musical Compositions  
Smith Darren Musical Composition  
Smith Grattan Musical Composition  
Smith Russell Musical Composition  
Smith Rod Musical Composition  
Smyth Cora Musical Compositions  
Smyth Edward Musical Compositions  
Smyth Ian Compositions  
Sproule Claire Musical Composition  
Stafford Eorann Michael Musical Compositions  
Stalling David Musical Composition  
Stanley Ian Musical Compositions  
Stanley John Musical Compositions  
Stuart Michael Musical Compositions  
Summons Walsh Robert Musical Compositions  
Synott Andrew Musical Compositions  
Teague Niall Musical Composition  
Tighe Dylan Musical Composition  
Trehy Joseph Musical Composition  
Trkal Jaroslav Musical Compositions  
Tsumbu Niwel Musical Compositions  
Tully Gerard Musical Composition  
Tuohy Malachy Musical Compositions  
Valentine Dean Musical Compositions  
Vallely Fintan Musical Compositions  
Vaughan Tony Musical Composition  
Verhaegen Etienne Musical Compositions  
Vearncombe Colin Musical Composition  
Wai O'Flynn Sarah Jane Musical Compositions  
Waldeck Terence "You Are Holy"  
Walshe Jennifer Musical Compositions  
Walsh Evan Musical Compositions  
Walsh Niall Musical Compositions  
Walsh Sean Musical Composition  
Walsh Tomas Musical Compositions  
Walters James Musical Composition  
Ward Aidan Musical Composition  
Watchorn Patrick (Patsy) Musical Compositions  
Welby Linda Musical Compositions  
Whelan Gerard Musical Compositions  
Wieland Yngve Musical Composition  
Wilson Joseph Musical Composition  
Wigglesworth Gavin Musical Compositions  
Wolfe Gerard "Ragged Ground"  
Wray David Musical Composition  
Wynne Conor Musical Compositions  
Yourell Ronan Musical Composition  

A Painting Or Other Like Picture (Category D)

Name Type / Title Exempt effective from:
Abraham  Harry Painting  
Abraham Rachel Paintings/illustrations  
Adams (Fitzpatrick) Jeff Paintings  
Adams John J. Paintings  
Agnew Ciara Paintings  
Aherne John Paintings  
Aizpuru Olatz Paintings  
Aldridge Julie Painting  
Ali Shahine Paintings  
Allen Jennifer Painting 01/01/2016
Allen Lydia Paintings  
Allen Mary Paintings  
Allen Natalie Painting  
Anaut Felix Painting  
Anderson Fiona Paintings  
Anderson Philip Classical  
Andrews Brenda Paintings  
Arthurs Maedbh Paintings  
Ashenhurst Ruth Paintings  
Ashur Michael Paintings  
Assaf Charlotte Paintings  
Assaf Karen Paintings  
Astl Erwin Paintings  
Aurelien Froment Paintings  
Austin Paul Paintings  
Badenhorst Marie Painting  
Bajric Sabina Paintings  
Baker Mark Paintings  
Ball Jackie Painting  
Bamford Susan Painting  
Bangoura Aida Paintings  
Barden Anna Painting  
Barker Sharon Painting  
Barone Emma Paintings  
Barr (Henry) Terry Paintings  
Barrett Ailbhe Paintings  
Barrett Ester Paintings  
Barry Aideen Paintings  
Barry Helen Painting  
Barry Orla Artistic Photography  
Barry Orla Painting  
Baynes, Patricia Painting  
Beagan Catherine Paintings  
Beasley Ceri Paintings  
Beattie John Painting  
Bechert Tinka Paintings  
Beckett Julie Paintings  
Begley Siobhan Paintings  
Belton Liam Paintings  
Benfield Gary Paintings  
Bennett Jean Paintings  
Bennett Kieran Paintings  
Bentham Richard Paintings  
Beresford Lady Alice Paintings  
Berkery Shane Painting  
Bernardini Walter Paintings  
Berntsson Petra Painting  
Berrill Dinah Painting 01/01/2016
Berts Jean-michael Artistic Photography  
Berry Ewan Anthony Paintings  
Berry Ingrid Painting  
Berry Paul Paintings  
Betts Kate Paintings  
Birght Clive Paintings  
Birney Brigid Paintings  
Blair Helen Paintings  
Blake Helen Painting  
Blake Liam Artistic Photography  
Blake Sahoko K. Paintings  
Blake Valerie Paintings  
Blakey John A Paintings  
Blodau Peter Paintings & Prints  
Blodau Dieter Paintings  
Blount Shane Paintings  
Boardman Alan Paintings  
Bodeker Olive Paintings  
Bogan Vivienne Paintings  
Bohan Dr Robert Michael Painting 01/01/2016
Boland Claire Paintings  
Boland Margaret (Eileen) Paintings  
Bolger Ken Paintings  
Bond Lisa Paintings  
Bonner Gary Paintings  
Booth Carol Painting  
Booth Jessie Paintings  
Borghart Els Painting  
Bortoli Jole Paintings  
Bouchier Hayes Ann Paintings  
Bourke Mark Paintings  
Borower Djawid C Paintings  
Boucher Beug Katherine Paintings  
Bowden Debra Paintings  
Bowe Michael Paintings  
Bowen Christine Paintings  
Bowie Pamela Paintings  
Bowler Noel Artistic Photography  
Bowman Deveren Paintings  
Boylan O Gara Ursula Paintings  
Boyle Anna Marie Paintings  
Boyle Deirdre Paintings  
Boyle Michelle Paintings  
Brabazon Gabrielle Paintings  
Bradley Rebecca Paintings  
Bradley Terry Paintings  
Brady Maria Mixed Media  
Brady Muireann Artistic Photography  
Braende Ellen Paintings  
Brady James Paintings  
Brazil Julie Paintings  
Breen Amy Paintings  
Brennan Brendan Leather Tableux  
Brennan Daniel Painting 01/01/2016
Brennan Brendan Leather Ta Leaux  
Brennan Eimear Paintings  
Brennan Helene Paintings  
Brennan Kay Painting  
Brennan Laura Paintings  
Brennan Lorna Painting  
Brennan Buckley Mairead Paintings  
Brennan Norah Paintings  
Brennan Stephen Paintings  
Brennan Philip Paintings  
Brennan Stephen Paintings  
Brett Aubrey Paintings  
Brezing Thomas Painting  
Bridges Alan Paintings  
Briody Eadaoin Painting  
Britton Barry Painting  
Broderick Sheelagh Painting  
Brooks Elaine Paintings  
Brophy Debbie Paintings  
Brophy John Painting  
Brophy (Hussey) Denise Paintings  
Brow Lydia Paintings  
Brown Michael Photography  
Brown Molly Painting  
Brown Nee Cuschieri Kathryna Paintings  
Browne Ellen Paintings  
Browne Gemma Paintings  
Browne Ken Paintings  
Browne Sarah Painting  
Browne Thomas Paintings  
Browning Steve Paintings  
Bruton Angel Paintings  
Bruton Emily Paintings  
Buck Kerrin Painting  
Buckley Kate Paintings  
Buckley Laura Paintings  
Bugler Johnny Paintings  
Bullo Cecilia Photography  
Burch Simon Artistic Photography  
Burchartz Roxanne Illustrations  
Burke Ainne Illustrations  
Burke Deirdre Paintings  
Burke Karl Photography  
Burke Martina Paintings  
Burke Noel Painting  
Burke-Kennedy Neil Paintings  
Burke Ruthe Paintings  
Burns Breda Paintings  
Burns Peter Painting  
Burton Fidelma Paintings  
Burton Sheila Painting  
Bushe Trish Paintings  
Butler Aidan Paintings  
Butler Colm Paintings  
Butler Jason Painting  
Buttimer Katie Paintings  
Buttner Susan Paintings  
Byne Joan Marilyn Paintings  
Byrne Bob Paintings  
Byrne Brenda Paintings  
Byrne Brian Paintings  
Byrne Brian Paintings  
Byrne Bridget Mary Paintings  
Byrne Fergus Paintings  
Byrne Fiona Paintings  
Byrne John Video Installation  
Byrne Leo Artistic Photography  
Byrne Oisin Paintings  
Byrne Patricia Paintings  
Byrne Pauline Paintings  
Byrne Robert Patrick Painting  
Byrne Rory Painting  
Byrne Tom Paintings  
Byrne Valerie Paintings  
Byron Low Catherine Painting  
Cabocky Peter Paintings  
Caffrey John Classical Paintings  
Cagney Angela Paintings  
Cahalan Mary Paintings  
Cahill Graham Paintings  
Cahill Maureen Paintings  
Cahir Jeremiah F Paintings  
Cairns Susan Painting  
Campbell Declan Painting  
Campbell Edel Paintings  
Campbell Sean Paintings  
Campion Niall Painting  
Candelay Jacques M. Paintings  
Canning Caroline, Paintings  
Cantlon Rosemary Paintings  
Cantwell Pat Paintings  
Canty Mary Paintings  
Capacchione Gabriele Paintings  
Cappieri Raffaele Paintings  
Carabulea George Paintings  
Carberry Ruth Paintings  
Carey Kieran Painting  
Carney Maria Paintings  
Carpenter John Paintings  
Carrigy Tara Paintings  
Carroll Andrew R. Paintings  
Carroll Caroline Paintings  
Carroll Kieran Painting 01/01/2016
Carroll Kip Artisitc Photography  
Carroll Marie Paintings  
Carroll Neil Painting  
Carroll Stuart Fine Art Photography  
Casby Aoife Paintings  
Casey-lewis Rena Paintings  
Cashell Andrea Painting  
Cashman Clare Paintings  
Caslin Joe Painting  
Cassidy Adelle Paintings  
Cassidy Peter Painting  
Cassidy Sean Paintings  
Castle Barry Paintings  
Castle Jenette Paintings  
Castles Ian Paintings  
Cateysson Valerie Paintings  
Caulfield Serena Painting  
Caulfield Thomas Paintings  
Cavanagh Alan Cartoons, Caricatures  
Cavanagh Enda Artistic Photography  
Cavanagh Trish Paintings  
Chapman Richard Cartoons/comic Strips  
Charleson Elizabeth Paintings  
Charlet-Hodges Bernadette Paintings  
Charlton Maria Paintings  
Chaudet Christel Paintings  
Chesterman Sylvia Wallhangings  
Chichester Linda Paintings  
Christofferson Fleming Paintings  
Christie Pauline Paintings  
Christie Pauline Photography  
Clancy James Artistic Photography  
Clancy Majella Paintings  
Clancy Orla Painting  
Clarke Alan Cartoons/comical Illustrations  
Clarke Cian Artistic Photography  
Clarke Denise Painting  
Clarke (Wishbone) John Robert Paintings  
Clarke Nuala Painting  
Clarke Peter Paintings  
Clayton Margaret Paintings  
Cleary Corocran Miranda Paintings  
Cleary Martina Painting  
Clinton Jennifer Paintings  
Clyne-Kelly Patricia Paintings  
Cobbe Judy Paintings  
Codd Grainne Paintings  
Cody Declan Paintings  
Coffey Lorraine Paintings  
Cogan Kay Paintings  
Coghlan Frances Painting  
Coghlan Richard Paintings  
Collins Anthony Paintings  
Collins Bridget Paintings  
Collins Eimhear Artistic Photography  
Collins John Paintings  
Collins Kate Paintings  
Collins Kerry Paintings  
Collins Mary Paintings  
Collins Penelope Paintings  
Collins-Walsh Hugh Painting  
Collins Thomas Painting  
Comber Leila Paintings  
Comerford Oliver Paintings  
Condell Francis Robert Paintings  
Condron Neil Paintings  
Conlon Garreth Paintings  
Conlon Sean Painting  
Conneff Susan Paintings  
Conneely Deirdre Paintings  
Conneely Mary Elaine Painting  
Connole Maria Painting 01/01/2016
Conneely Tom Paintings  
Connolly Patsy Paintings & Photography  
Connolly Tom Paintings  
Connon Evan Painting  
Conroy Derville Artistic Photography  
Conroy Roisin Paintings  
Considine Declan Illustrations  
Conway Caroline Paintings  
Conway John Paintings  
Conroy Michelle Paintings  
Coogan Amanda Artistic Photography  
Cookson Lynda Beryl Paintings  
Cooney Crawford Thom Paintings  
Cope Elizabeth Paintings  
Cope Phobe Paintings  
Copeland Bruce Paintings  
Coppola Denise Painting  
Corboy Deirdre Paintings  
Corcoran Anita Paintings  
Corcoran Linda Paintings  
Corcoran Patrick James Artistic Photography  
Corcoran Sean Painting - Stained Glass  
Corish Monica Paintings  
Corner Sarah Louise Paintings  
Corrigan Dominic Painting  
Cosgrove Kevin Paintings  
Costello Ann Marie Paintings  
Costello Padraig Painting  
Cotter Bernadette Paintings  
Cotter Maeve Painting 01/01/2016
Courtney Aidan Paintings  
Cowley Elaine Paintings  
Cox Peter Artistic Photography  
Coyle John Paintings  
Coyne David Paintings  
Crean Emma Paintings  
Crean Jennifer Painting  
Cronin Carol Paintings  
Cronin Maeve Paintings  
Cronin Miriam Paintings  
Cronin Tara Paintings  
Cross Sheelagh Paintings  
Crotty Aidan Paintings  
Crotty Shane Painting  
Crowley Deirdre Paintings  
Crowley Graham Paintings  
Crowley Mary Painting  
Cryan Charlotte Paintings  
Culhane Dermot Artistic Photography  
Cullen Frank Paintings  
Cullen Gillian Painting  
Cullen Mark P Paintings  
Cullen Rose Mary Paintings  
Cullen Shane Paintings  
Cullinan John P Paintings  
Cullinton Nano Paintings  
Cullivan Yvonne Paintings  
Cummins Josephine Paintings  
Cunnane Samuel Painting 01/01/2016
Cunningham Grace Paintings  
Cunningham Jennifer Paintings  
Cunningham Padraig Painting  
Curley Jacinta Paintings  
Curran Sean Painting  
Curtin Ciara Paintings  
Curtin Henry J. Paintings  
Curtis Maeve Paintings  
Cuskelly Olive Paintings  
Dalton Kieran Paintings  
Dalton Susan Painting  
Daly Alan Paintings  
Daly Garret Paintings  
Daly Mccarthy Mary Nita Paintings  
Daly Paul Paintings  
Damasiewicz Szczesniak Anita Paintings  
Darcy Eugene Paintings  
Darlington Cassandra Paintings  
Davey Gina Paintings  
Davis Brid Paintings  
Davis Philip Paintings  
Davison Rosanna Book Illustrations  
Daws Vanessa Paintings  
De Bath Monica Paintings  
De Bháil Lupita Painting  
De Bri Pamela Paintings  
Dee Peter Paintings  
Deeney Sophia Paintings  
De Lacy Fiona Painting  
Delamere Deirdre Prints  
Delaney Clyde Cartoons/illustrations  
Delap John Hugh Paintings  
Delargy Dermot Illustrations  
Del Rio Alejandro Martines Painting 01/01/2016
Dempsey Tanya Paintings  
Dennehy Douglas Paintings  
Dennehy Geraldine Paintings  
Dennigan Valerie Painting 01/01/2016
Dennis John Patrick Cormac Paintings  
De Porres Wright Painting 01/01/2016
Desmond Colm Photography  
Desmond John Paintings  
Desmond Maurice Painting  
Devane Andy Paintings  
Devereux Robert Paintings  
Devine Vincent Painting  
Devlin-devis Patricia Paintings  
Diamond Eimer Paintings  
Dickson Jonathan Painting  
Diggin Stephen Paintings  
Dignam Bernie Paintings  
Dillon Ronan Illustrations  
Dison Wendy Painting  
Diver Carol Paintings  
Divito Anita Paintings  
Doherty Carmel Paintings  
Doherty John Paintings  
Doherty Maeve Paintings  
Doherty Willie Photography  
Dolan Aisling Painting  
Donald Robert Paintings  
Donfield Caroline Paintings  
Donnelly David Painting  
Donnelly Lelia Painting  
Donnelly Peter Paintings  
Donoghue Lola Paintings  
Donohoe Anthony Paintings/illustrations  
Donohoe Donald Paintings  
Donohoe Rachell Paintings  
Donovan Eilbhe Paintings  
Doogan Kate Paintings  
Doogan Stephen Paintings/illustrations  
Dooley Burnell Margaret Painting 01/01/2016
Doran Jane Paintings  
Dowd Kevin Painting  
Dowling Fiona Paintings  
Dowling Maria Paintings  
Downes Desmond Paintings  
Doyle Alacoque Paintings  
Doyle Anne Paintings  
Doyle, Cathy Paintings  
Doyle Elizabeth Anne Painting  
Doyle Emma Jane Paintings  
Doyle Jane Paintings  
Doyle Matthew Painting  
Doyle Pamela Painting  
Doyle Teresa Paintings  
Doyle Wendy Paintings  
Drabent, Dagmar Paintings  
Drennan Aisling Painting  
Drennan Doreen Paintings  
Driscoll Miranda Artistic Photography  
Drumm Saileen Painting  
Dudley Sarah Paintings  
Duffe John Paintings  
Duffy Anna S Paintings  
Duffy Francis Paintings  
Duffy Gavan Painting  
Duffy Joyce Paintings  
Duffy Mary Paintings  
Duffy Nora Paintings  
Duffy Patricia Paintings  
Duffy Roisin Paintings  
Duffy Thomas Sculpture  
Duggan Declan Paintings  
Duggan Martin Paintings  
Duggan Nora Paintings  
Duggan Siobhan Paintings  
Dunlea John Joseph Paintings  
Dunleavy Aileen Paintings  
Dunleavy Dolores Paintings  
Dunn Jane Paintings  
Dunne Dara Painting  
Dunne David Painting  
Dunne Gabhann Painting  
Dunphy Cooleen Paintings  
Durand Michael Photography  
Durcan Anne Marie Paintings  
Durdin Robertson Clare Paintings  
Duyn Corina Paintings  
Dylevska Ilona Paintings  
Eagle John Paintings  
Earley Brendan Paintings  
Eccles Lidia Paintings  
Edkins Sarah Jane Paintings  
Eising Nuala Photography  
El Baba Nathalie Painting  
Elders Eamon Paintings  
Elford Tim Abstract  
Elliott (Michael Evans) Graham Paintings  
Emberley Michael Illustrations  
Emsen West Angela Paintings  
Erlinghauser Fabian Dorg Van Dango 01/01/2016
Errity Lucia Paintings  
Eustace Deirdre Aine Paintings  
Eustace Megan Paintings  
Evers Peters Photography  
Evesson, William Paintings  
Fagan Niamh Paintings  
Fahey Murphy Clodagh Paintings  
Fahy Mary Paintings  
Fahy Maura Paintings  
Falconer Claire Paintings  
Fallon Francis J Paintings  
Fallon Paul Paintings  
Falzon Lisa Prints  
Fanning Camilla Paintings  
Farnell Terence Artistic Photography  
Farr Patsy Paintings  
Farrell David Paintings  
Farrell Gabriel Paintings  
Farrell Geraldine Paintings  
Farrell Gordon Paintings  
Farrell John Painting  
Farrell Margaret Paintings  
Farrell Patsy Paintings  
Farrell Stephen Photography  
Farrelly Gary Painting  
Farrelly Susan Paintings  
Fedorova (Anna Lavery) Svetlana Paintings  
Fee James Paintings  
Feeney Jacinta Paintings  
Feeney Tatyana Paintings  
Fegan Gerard Artistic Photography  
Fegan, Gerrard Paintings  
Feighery Janice Photography  
Fenlon Lorraine Painting  
Fennell James Photography  
Fennell Lesley Paintings  
Ferran Brian Paintings  
Ferran Denise Paintings  
Ferriter Morgan Paintings  
Feuritear Elisa Painting  
Figgis Genieve Painting  
Finegan Anne Paintings  
Fingleton Lisa Paintings  
Finn Seamus Artistic Photography  
Finegan Allison Painting  
Finnegan Elizabeth Paintings  
Finnegan Sandra Painting  
Finnerty Adrienne Paintings  
Fischell Natascha Paintings  
Fitzgerald Maurice Anthony Paintings  
Fitzgerald Cathy Paintings & Installations  
Fitzgerald Charmain Paintings  
Fitzgerald Fionntan Paintings  
Fitzgerald Jack (John M) Paintings  
Fitzgerald James Painting  
Fitzgerald John Painting  
Fitzgerald Kate Paintings  
Fitzgerald Laura Paintings  
Fitzgerald Michael Painting  
Fitzgerald Patricia Painting  
Fitzmaurice Brenda Painting  
Fitzpatrick Cathriona Painting  
Fitzpatrick Derek Paintings  
Fitzpatrick John Painting  
Fitzpatrick Niall Fine Art Photography  
Fitzpatrick, Roisin Paintings  
Fitzsimons Lorna Artistic Photography  
Fitzsimons Paula Paintings  
Flaherty Gerry Paintings  
Flanagan John Aidan Paintings  
Flanagan Niamh Paintings  
Flannery Karen Painting  
Flannery Mike Paintings  
Flavin, Grainne Artistic Photography  
Fleming Bernard Paintings  
Fleming Mary Paintings  
Fleming Sharon Paintings  
Flinn Fiona Paintings  
Flood Ward Fidelma Paintings  
Fluri Anton Paintings  
Flynn Ann Paintings  
Flynn David Paintings  
Flynn Martha Paintings  
Flynn (randal) Patrick Paintings  
Flynn Paul Paintings  
Flynn Paul Paintings  
Flynn Ruth Painting  
Fogarty Brenda Paintings  
Foley Marie Paintings  
Fornies Jorge Paintings  
Forrest Richard Painting  
Forsgren Veronica Paintings  
Foster Angelina Artistic Photography  
Foust Sara Paintings  
Fox Cliona Paintings  
Fox Des Paintings  
Fox, Patrick Paintings  
Fraher James Artistic Photography  
Frazer John, Painting  
Frazer Hugh Paintings  
Freeman Derval Paintings  
Freeney Edward N. Paintings  
Freeney Kevin Painting  
Freeney Ita Paintings  
Freeney John J Paintings  
French David Paintings  
French Kit Paintings  
Freney Alan Paintings  
Friers Julian Paintings  
Fuchs Katie Paintings  
Fulcher Angela Painting 01/01/2016
Furci Sebastiano Painting  
Furey Kathleen Paintings  
Furling Martina Painting  
Gad Ataa Painting  
Gaffney Annette Painting  
Gaffney Elaine Paintings  
Gaffney Paul Painting  
Gaffney Vera Paintings  
Gagne Amelie Paintings  
Gajewska Katarzyna Paintings  
Gale Clodagh Paintings  
Gallagher Alva Paintings  
Gallagher Conor Paintings  
Gallagher Garvan Photography  
Gallagher Julie Paintings  
Gallagher Kathleen Painting  
Gallagher Lorraine Paintings  
Gallagher Noelle Painting  
Gallagher Nora Painting  
Galligan Paul Paintings  
Gallwey Maria Paintings  
Galvin John Paintings  
Gammon Matthew Artistic Photography  
Gannon Betty Painting  
Garavan Pauline Paintings  
Garcia Rupit Katherine Painting  
Garry Christopher Mark Paintings  
Gavigan Helen Paintings  
Gavin Richard Paintings  
Geaney Mags Paintings  
Geary Daniel Paintings  
Geoghegan Katherine Paintings  
Geoghegan Keith Rowan Paintings  
George Anna St. Paintings  
Gerrard John Photography/installation  
Gerz Jochen Artistic Photography  
Gibbs Morgan Painting  
Gibson Gethyn Paintings  
Gillen Aimee Paintings  
Gilmartin Eamon Paintings  
Gilmour Clare Painting  
Ginnity Fitzgerald Aisling Paintings  
Gkinala Maria Paintings  
Glynn Maureen Painting  
Goel Seema Paintings  
Goerg Juergen Paintings  
Gogan Susan Artistic Photography  
Gogarty Ciaran Paintings  
Golden Frank Paintings  
Golden Olivia Paintings  
Good Gill Paintings  
Good Patricia Paintings  
Goodbody Trish Photography  
Goodman Úna Paintings  
Goring Trevor Paintings  
Gosling Graham Photography  
Goti Ronan Paintings  
Gowan Dervilla Paintings  
Graham Matthew Paintings  
Graham Patrick Paintings  
Grainger, Elaine Paintings  
Gray, Bradley Painting  
Gray, Pamela Paintings  
Greaney Joseph Paintings  
Greene Clare Paintings  
Greene Hazel Paintings  
Green Peter Paintings  
Grehan Mark Paintings  
Grehan, Mary Paintings  
Griffin Kevin Photography  
Griffin Kieran Painting  
Griffin Michael Painting  
Grilli Roberto Photography  
Grimes Helena Illustrations  
Grogan Matthew Paintings  
Gromley Damien Painting  
Gronvall Kerstin Paintings  
Grossman Monica Paintings  
Gruben Deborah Paintings  
Grubich Edgar Photography  
Grudniewska Karolina Painting  
Guinan Claire Paintings  
Guinane Harry Painting 01/01/2016
Gunning Anthony Paintings  
Gunning Maurice Photographic Prints  
Gurgel Segrillo Patricia Paintings  
Hall Mairead Paintings  
Hall Kenneth Paintings  
Halligan Brian Paintings  
Halpin, Frances Paintings  
Halpin Janet Paintings  
Hamersley Orlaith Paining  
Hamilton Aileen Paintings  
Hanley Caitriona Photography  
Hanley Theobald A. Paintings  
Hanna Bryan Artistic Photography  
Hannon Maurice Paintings  
Hanney Alan Paintings 01/01/2016
Hanrahan, John Paintings  
Hanrahan Michael Paintings  
Haran, Thomas Paintings  
Hardiman Josephine Paintings  
Harding Kemp Eadaoin Paintings  
Harding Miller Niamh Paintings  
Harnett Margaret Painting  
Harrington Christopher Artistic Photography  
Harrington Fiona Paintings  
Harris Gordon Painting  
Harrison Annie Paintings  
Harrison Geraldine Paintings  
Hart Jennifer Paintings  
Harte, Brian Paintings  
Hayden Darragh Paintings  
Hayes Anne Paintings  
Hayes Catherine Paintings  
Hayes Paul Paintings  
Hazel Howe Jacqueline Paintings  
Heagney Clodagh Paintings  
Healy Ann Paintings  
Healy Linda Deborah Paintings  
Healy Sean Paintings  
Healion Anne Paintings  
Hearne John S. Paintings  
Hearns Richard Paintings  
Heaslip Paul Paintings  
Heath Hilary Paintings  
Hegarty Gerard Painting  
Hegarty Michael Paintings  
Helnwein Cyril Artistic Photography  
Helnwein Mercedes Painting 01/01/2016
Helps William Paintings  
Helsner Helle Paintings  
Hemmingway Sylvia Paintings  
Henchy Rita Paintings  
Henderson Clare Painting  
Hendrick Anne Paintings  
Hendroff Adrian Artistic Photography  
Hendy Clodagh Paintings  
Hendy Hazel Paintings  
Hendy Karen Paintings  
Hendry Michael Paintings  
Heng Mark Paintings  
Henihan Isobel Paintings  
Hennesey Amy Paintings  
Hennessy David Painting  
Hennessy Muldowney Kate Paintings  
Hennigan Valerie Paintings  
Henry Audrey Painting  
Henry Lelia Painting  
Henry Yvonne Painting  
Henson, Daniel Paintings  
Heron Andrea Paintings  
Hickey Adelle Paintings  
Hickey Joseph Paintings  
Hickey Paul Painting  
Higgins Brendan Paintings  
Higgins Emma Painting  
Higgins Fiona Paintings  
Higgins Nuala Painting  
Higgins Ni Chinneide Brid Paintings  
Hill Leueen Painting  
Hill Sylvia Paintings  
Hillen Sean Martin Artistic Photography  
Hocine Dahmane Painting  
Hodmon Kate Paintings  
Hodson Sara Paintings  
Hodson Toby Paintings  
Hoe Simon Painting  
Hoey Muriel Paintings  
Hogan Claire Paintings/etchings & Prints  
Hogan Emma Illustrations  
Hogan Joan Paintings  
Hogan Patrick Artistic Photography  
Holland Anne Photographic Montages  
Holly Alan Artistic Photography  
Holly Alan Painting  
Holmes Ben Paintings 01/01/2016
Holmes Sellers Peter Artistic Photography  
Holohan Colm Paintings  
Holten Anna Marie Paintings  
Holton Pat Paintings  
Homan, Peter Paintings  
Hooper Nicola Paintings  
Hook Sue Paintings  
Hooton John Artistic Photography  
Hope Steven Paintings  
Horgan John Paintings  
Hornsby Jennifer Paintings  
Horrigan Michele Painting  
Howard Emma Paintings  
Howard Rosaleen Paintings  
Howden Paul Paintings  
Howe Olivia Paintings  
Hoye Phillip Paintings  
Huberman Harold Painting  
Hudson Lawlor Jacqueline Paintings  
Hughes Cathy Paintings  
Hughes Eithne Paintings  
Hughes Paul Paintings  
Huleatt James Nigel Paintings  
Hulgraine Charles Paintings  
Humphries Tim Paintings  
Humphries John Paintings  
Hunter Kenneth Paintings  
Hurley Nora Painting  
Hurley Seamus Photography  
Hutchinson Denise Painting  
Hynes Roche Bridget Paintings  
Idema Deirdre Photography/installation  
Iles Susanne Paintings  
Inglebach Anne Painting  
Irish Marley Abstract Paintings  
Irvine Jaki Paintings  
Irwin Margaret Paintings  
Jackson Amanda Paintings  
Jackson Colette Paintings  
Jackson George Photography  
Jackson Robert Paintings  
Jacob Hilary Paintings  
Jacob Susan Paintings  
James Paul Paintings  
Janz Robert Paintings  
Jarocka April Paintings  
Jenkins David Paintings  
Jennings Brian Paintings  
Jermyn John Paintings  
Johnson Liz Paintings  
Johnson Dolores C Paintings  
Johnston Emma Paintings  
Jolley Sheena Photography  
Jones Carl Paintings  
Jones Christopher Paintings  
Jones Lindsey Paintings  
Jooste Kirsten Paintings  
Jordan Laura Painting  
Jorgensen Kasper Painting  
Joy, Stephanie Artistic Photography  
Joyce Aoife Paintings  
Joyce Bernie Paintings  
Joyce Christine Paintings  
Joyce Eileen Paintings  
Joyce Eithna Paintings  
Joyce Mark Paintings  
Joyce Thomas Paintings  
Joyce Stewart Paintings  
Judd Molly Painting 01/01/2016
Jurisic Dragana Artistic Photography  
Kaga Atsushi Paintings  
Kahn Nicholas Photography  
Kahn Rebeka Painting  
Kane Catherine Painting  
Kane Stephen Paintings  
Karabanovas Arturas Paintings  
Kavanagh Eoghan Photography  
Kavanagh James Paintings  
Kavanagh Joan Paintings  
Keane Alan Vincent Painting 01/01/2016
Keane Eileen Painting  
Keane Marguerite Paintings  
Kearney Deirdre Paintings  
Kearney John P. Paintings  
Kearns Angela Painting  
Kearns Mary Paintings  
Keating, Colum Paintings  
Keating Marianne Paintings  
Keaveney Anne Marie Paintings  
Keegan Lisa Paintings  
Keehan Allyson Paintings  
Keeley Douglas Paintings  
Keeley Suzanne Paintings  
Keeney Christy Paintings  
Kehoe Tonia Paintings  
Kelleher Eoin Illustrations  
Kelleher Sheila Paintings  
Kelleher Theresa Paintings  
Kelly Anthony Paintings  
Kelly Bryan B Paintings  
Kelly Charlotte Paintings  
Kelly Clodagh Paintings  
Kelly Colm Martin Paintings  
Kelly Declan Painting  
Kelly Hanora Painting  
Kelly John Paintings  
Kelly Kevin Paintings  
Kelly Katja Paintings  
Kelly Máirín Paintings  
Kelly Paul Photography  
Kelly Therese Painting  
Kelly Thomas Illustrations  
Kelly William Painting  
Kemp Carol Paintings  
Kemp Steven Paintings  
Kenneally Barbara Painting 01/01/2016
Kennedy Anna Paintings  
Kennedy Adrian Paintings  
Kennedy Carol Painting  
Kennedy Doreen Artistic Photography  
Kennedy Eugene Paintings  
Kennedy Gareth Digital Photography  
Kennedy Michele Paintings  
Kennedy Robert "Midnight Man" 01/01/2016
Kennedy Sandy Paintings  
Kenny Eveleen Paintings  
Kenny Gillian Painting  
Kenny James Paintnigs  
Kenny Lynn Paintings  
Kenny Michael Paintings  
Keogh Clare Artistic Photography  
Keogh Samuel Painting  
Keohan David Paintings  
Keohane Susan Painting  
Keown Mary Theresa Paintings  
Kerr Rachel Painting  
Kerr Rachel Paintings  
Kersuliene Ema Paintings  
Keune Mirjam Photography  
Keveny Chad Painting  
Kiely Frank Paintings  
Kiely Frank Etchings/screenprints  
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Killalea Jo Painting  
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Kim Hyemee Painting  
Kinane Catherine Painting  
King David Paintings  
King Tom Painting  
Kinghan Wilmer Paintings  
Kinney Desmond Paintings  
Kinsella James Artistic Photography  
Kinsella James Paintings  
Kinsley Drina Paintings  
Kirby Joan Painting  
Kirby Ronan Artistic Photography  
Kirby Timothy Artistic Photography  
Kirsten Christiane (Loretta Lux) Photography  
Kissane Geraldine Paintings  
Kitinprami Liisa Paintings  
Klein Nancy Paintings  
Klinkenberg Zef Paintings  
Kolata Bartosz Paintings  
Koning Pieter Painting  
Kranz Caroline Illustrations  
Krieger Carsten Artistic Photography  
Kuehle Ulrich Prints  
Kuksova Irina Painting  
Kwiatkowska Iwona Painting  
Kyne Stewart Sara Paintings  
La Comber Trisha Painting  
Lahart Nevan Paintings/installation  
Laher Mairead Paintings  
Lahoud Sharon Painting  
Lally June Paintings  
Lambe Vincent Paintings  
Lambert Gene Paintings  
Lambert Patricia Paintings  
Langan Colette Paintings  
Landy Gervaise Paintings  
Lane Lucianne Paintings  
Lane Ronan Paintings  
Langtry Rosemarie Painting  
Lannin, Mairin Paintings  
Lanuza Francis Painting  
Larsen Elvi Paintings  
Laskowski Grzegorz Paintings  
Latchford Oonagh Painting  
Lauterbach Philip Photography  
Lavelle Burke Mary Paintings  
Lawless Angela Paintings  
Lawlor Judy Mary Paintings  
Lawlor Gillian Paintings  
Lawlor Ellen Paintings  
Lawlor Jimmy Paintings  
Lawnicki Lucjan Paintings  
Layton Aoife Paintings  
Leach Frances Paintings  
Leadbetter Kathleen Paintings  
Leahy Bernie Stitched Drawings  
Leavy Niall Painting  
Leddy Martina Paintings  
Lee Joseph Paintings  
Lee Kenneth Cartoons/caricatures  
Lee Mary Paintings  
Lee Miseon Paintings  
Lee Philip Paintings  
Lee Sue Jem Paintings  
Leen Mary Painting  
Leflef Ayse Paintings  
Leitch, Donovan Artistic Photography  
Lenaghan Maev Paintings  
Leonard Daniel Painting  
Leonard Siobhan Painting  
Leurer Klaus Paintings  
Levey Elizabeth Painting  
Levinge Maria Paintings  
Levis Caroline Paintings  
Leutenegger Susanne Paintings  
Leydon Daniel Painting  
Linden Janice Paintings  
Lindsay April Paintings  
Lipstein Daniel Paintings  
Lochmann Birgit Painting  
Lock (nee Graham) Linda Paintings  
Lockhart Ruth Paintings  
Lockitaedt Strauch Gabrielle Paintings  
Lodge Elizabeth Paintings  
Loftus David Photography  
Lonsdale Deborah Painting  
Lonze Holger Paintings  
Lopez Vanesa Donoso Painting+Sculpture 01/01/2016
Loughlin Garry Artistic Photography  
Lowe Jeanette Artistic Photography  
Lowen Anne Paintings  
Lowndes Jean Painting 01/01/2016
Lowth Nora Paintings  
Lucey Niamh Paintings  
Luddy Vanda Painting  
Lunn Peter Painting  
Lush Debbie Painting  
Lynagh Lydia Paintings  
Lynagh Sarah Jane Photography  
Lynam Blanaid Paintings  
Lynam Paul Photography  
Lynch Brendan Paintings  
Lynch Daire Paintings  
Lynch Marian Paintings  
Lynch Sean Artistic Photography  
Lyons Ruth Painting  
Lysaght Horace Paintings  
Mac Athlaoich Colm Paintings  
Mac Cana Carin Painting  
Mac Clancy (nee Akino) Yoko Paintings  
Mac Conville Brid Paintings  
Mac Conville Catherine Paintings  
MacDonald Shona Shirley Illustrations  
Mac Gillycuddy Melissa Paintings - Fine Art Prints  
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Macleman Marielle Painting  
Mackey Anthony Paintings  
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Magee Alan Prints & Collage  
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Maiques Elida Painting  
Makela Selma Painting  
Makowska Magdalena Paintings  
Makraiova Maria Painting  
Malirsh Vitya Drawings  
Malley Brenda Paintings  
Mallon Joan Elaine Paintings  
Malone Jake Paintings  
Mamalis Dennis Paintings  
Manifold Louise Photography  
Manley Shelagh Paintings  
Mann Catherine Paintings  
Mann Kelvin Painting  
Manning Cathal Painting 01/01/2016
Mansfield Thelma Paintings  
Manson Andrew Paintings  
Manson Attracta Paintings  
Markham Roisin Paintings  
Marshall Paul Paintings  
Mathews Helen Painting  
Martin Emmett Photography  
Martin Emer Paintings  
Martin Niall Paintings (murals)  
Martin Peter Painting  
Martin Susan Paintings  
Marron Breda Painting  
Masi Sebastien Paintings  
Mason Andy Artistic Photography  
Matheson Alistair Paintings  
Mathews Pervaneh Paintings  
Matthens Jill Paintings  
Matthews Elizabeth Paintings  
Matthews Francis Paintings  
Matthews Jacqueline Paintings  
Matthews June L. Paintings  
Matthews Rachel Painting  
Matthews Samuel Arthur Paintings  
Maughan Louise Paintings  
Maye Lee Anne Paintings  
Mc Adam Mary Bernadette Paintings  
Mc Allister Des Paintings  
Mc Ardle Brenda Paintings  
Mc Ardle Patrick Painting  
Mc Ardle Patrick Artistic Photography  
Mc Ateer Jillian Painting  
Mc Ateer Martina Painting  
Mc Auley, Therese Paintings  
Mc Auliffe, Jennifer Paintings  
Mc Cabe John Paintings  
Mc Caffery Rachel Painting  
Mc Cafery Robertson Moira Paintings  
Mc Cann Fionn Artistic Photography  
Mc Cann Niamh Paintings  
Mc Cann Patrick Paintings  
Mc Cann Paul Paintings  
Mc Carron Rosemary Paintings  
Mc Carron Sheila Painting  
Mc Carthy Annmarie Paintings  
Mc Carthy Daniel Paintings  
Mc Carthy Deirdre Paintings  
Mc Carthy Donagh Paintings  
Mc Carthy Eoin Paintings  
Mc Carthy Jennifer Paintings  
Mc Carthy Joi Paintings  
Mc Carthy Kevin Painting  
Mccarthy Maura Painting  
Mc Carthy Niall Painting  
Mc Closkey Norman Artistic Photography  
Mc Closkey Paul Paintings  
Mc Coll Iain Drawings  
Mc Connell Mary Elizabeth Paintings  
Mc Conville Paul (Conor) Paintings  
Mc Cormack Eimear Jean Paintings  
Mc Cormack Eoin Painting 01/01/2016
Mc Cormack Martin Painting  
Mc Cormick Ryan Siobhan Paintings  
Mc Coy Ciaran Painting 01/01/2016
Mc Crea Gavin Paintings  
Mc Culloch Deirdre Paintings  
Mc Dermot Avril Painting  
Mc Dermott Ellen Painting  
Mc Dermott Paul Painting  
Mc Devitt T Niall Artistic Photography  
Mc Donald Anne Paintings  
Mc Donald Fiona Paintings  
Mc Donagh Brian Painting  
Mc Donagh Daragh Artistic Photography  
McDonagh Terence Painting 01/01/2016
Mc Donnell Mary Paintings  
Mc Donnell Ross Paintings  
Mc Donnell Timothy Artistic Photography  
McElnea Trevor Painting  
Mc Elligott Grania Paintings  
Mc Elligott Juliet Paintings  
Mc Evoy Pauline Paintings  
Mc Fadden Marian Rose Paintings  
Mc Garry Kelly Zeta Paintings  
Mc Gee Donna Paintngs  
Mc Gee Edward Paintings  
Mc Gee Michelle Painting  
Mc Gee Thomas Book Illustrations  
Mc Geer Terry Paintings  
Mc Gettigan Freddy Paintings  
Mc Gloughlin Patricia Paintings  
Mc Goldrick Eileen Painting  
Mc Govern Aileen Paintings  
Mc Govern Aisling Photography  
Mc Gowan Ann Paintings  
Mc Gowan Patrick Painting  
Mc Gowan Rose Paintings  
Mc Gowan Thomas Paintings  
Mc Grath Dara Photography  
Mc Grath Patrick Paintings  
Mc Grath Veronica (Vera) Paintings  
Mc Grath Zoe Paintings  
Mc Gree Anne Paintings  
Mcgreevy Mark Paintings  
Mc Guinne Niamh Painting  
Mc Guinness Janet Paintings  
Mc Guinness Joseph Paintings  
Mc Guire Brigid Paintings  
Mc Guire Michael Paintings  
Mchugh Eoin Paintings  
Mc Hugh Ruth Paintings & Artistic Photography  
Mc Inerney Patrick Paintings  
Mc Kee Jim Paintings  
Mc Kee Michelle Painting  
Mc Kee Stephen Paintings  
Mc Kenna Ciara Painting  
Mc Kenna Deirdre Paintings  
Mc Kenna Lucy Paintings  
Mc Kenna-burns Gina Paintings  
Mc Keogh Aidan Paintings  
Mc Keon Daniel Paintings  
Mc Kinley Paul Paintings  
Mc Inerney Anne Marie Paintings  
Mc Lain Logan Paintings  
Mc Lean Eileen Paintings  
Mc Leod Alan Painting  
Mc Leod Anne Paintings  
Mc Loughlin Brigid, Painting  
Mc Laughlin Sinead Paintings  
Mcloughlin Cian Paintings  
Mcloughlin Louis Painting  
Mc Loughlin Mark Paintings  
Mc Loughlin Ned Paintings  
Mcmahon Corry Paintings  
Mc Mahon Deirdre Paintings  
Mc Mahon Hugh Paintings  
Mc Meel, Leonie Paintings  
Mcmorris Peter Paintings  
Mc Namara Donna Paintings  
Mc Naughton Jean Paintings  
Mcnelis Breda Painting  
Mc Niff Peter Paintings  
Mc Niven Dale Painting  
Mc Nulty Margaret Paintings  
Mc Partlin Jim Paintings  
Mc Shane Sheelagh Painting  
Mc Sweeney Karen Paintings  
Mc Swiney Michael Paintings  
Mc Veigh Ethel Painting  
Mclean Helen Paintings  
Mccaherty Mary Paintings  
Mccaul Padraig Paintings  
Mcglynn Maura Paintings  
Mccolgan Tanya Paintings  
Mcculloch Gillian Paintings  
Meade Louise Etchings/prints  
Meade Maurice Paintings  
Meade Maurice Gerard Paintings  
Meaghar Margaret Paintings  
Meagher, Sheena Paintings  
Meaney Donal  paintings  
Meaney Frieda Paintings  
Meegan Gallagher Orlagh Paintings  
Meehan Ursula Paintings  
Meerstein Isabelle Photography  
Mercado Ale Illustrations  
Merer Jeanne Paintings  
Merigeau Adeien Paintings  
Merrins Anne Paintings  
Merry Pauline Painting  
Michael Julie Painting  
Michael Katherine Paintings  
Mielechowicz, Wenecjusz Paintings  
Mikhailova Elena Paintings  
Mimnagh Lorraine Paintings  
Mitton Jon Photography  
Molloy Kevin Paintings  
Molloy Sean Paintings  
Molloy Sheila Paintings  
Moloney Elizabeth Painting  
Monaghan Barbara Paintings  
Monaghan Terry Paintings  
Monahan David Artistic Photography  
Monahan Shane Painting 01/01/2016
Montague Sibyl Paintings  
Monteiro Xanda Photography  
Mooney Douglas Stained Glass Designs  
Mooney Kevin Paintings  
Mooney Lorna Paintings  
Mooney Trudie Paintings  
Mooney Stephen Comic Books  
Moore, Anna Paintings  
Moore Brian Paintings  
Moore Caitrona Paintings  
Moore Ciara Paintings/video Installations  
Moore Deborah Paintings  
Moore James Paintings  
Moore Madeleine Paintings  
Moore Norman Painting  
Moore Yvonne Paintings  
Moorehouse Julie Paintings  
Moran Adrienne Paintings  
Moran Niamh Monoprints  
Moran Teresa Paintings  
Morgan Fiona Photography  
Morgan Thomas Paintings  
Moriarty Deirdre Paintings  
Moriarty Martine Book - Illustrations - The Dog From Dingle Who Lost His Bark 01/01/2016
Morley Margaret Artistic Photography  
Morley Pat Photography  
Morris John Paintings  
Morris John Paintings  
Morris Kim-Ling Painting  
Morris Michael Paintings  
Morrissey Joseph Painting 01/01/2016
Morrison Peter Paintings  
Morrison Philip Paintings  
Morton Annie Painting  
Moynahan Bríd Paintings  
Moynihan, Roddy Paintings  
Muldowney Daragh Photography  
Muldowney Frank Paintings  
Mullarney Kilian Illustrations  
Muller Aishling Photography  
Muller, Angelique Paintings  
Muller Catherine Paintings  
Muller Diana Paintings  
Muller Elizabeth Paintings  
Mullholland(Boland), Barbara Paintings  
Mulhall, William Paintings  
Mulligan Kevin T Paintings  
Mullins James Paintings  
Mullins Lorraine Paintings  
Mulloy Linda Paintings  
Munier Nick Paintings  
Murakami, Jimmy Paintings  
Murphy Anita Paintings  
Murphy Ann Paintings  
Murphy Anne Paintings  
Murphy Ciaran Paintings  
Murphy Collette Painting  
Murphy Cora Paintings  
Murphy Derville Paintings  
Murphy Geraldine Paintings  
Murphy Gillian Painting 01/01/2016
Murphy Jaime Painting  
Murphy Lora Paintings  
Murphy Mary Paintings  
Murphy Oliver Paintings  
Murphy Orlagh Painting  
Murphy Patricia Paintings  
Murphy Ray Paintings  
Murphy Robert Photography  
Murphy Stephen Paintings  
Murphy Terry Paintings  
Murray Ann Paintings  
Murray Pauline Anne Paintings  
Murray Barbara Paintings  
Murray Brigid Painting  
Murray Chris Painting  
Murray Douglas Dickenson Paintings  
Murray, Donal Paintings  
Murray Hilary Paintings  
Murray, James Paintings  
Murray John Paintings  
Murray John Paul Painting  
Murray Leesa Paintings  
Murray Miriam Paintings  
Murray Vivien Paintings  
Nagle Chara Paintings  
Nanigian Theresa Artistic Photography  
Nartowska-O Reilly Iwona Paintings  
Nash Robert P Paintings  
Neale Steven Photography  
Neary Leonora Painting  
Neeson Lorraine Prints  
Neeson Mary Paintings  
Neeson Olan Painting  
Neilan Aoife Paintings  
Nestor Denise Painting  
Nestor Margaret Paintings  
Neville Mary Paintings  
Newman Louise Paintings  
Newton David Paintings  
Newton David Lewis Paintings  
Nguyen Heidi Paintings  
Ní Chíobháin Áine Painting  
Ní Chionnfhaolaidh Róisín Painting  
Ní Dhomhnaill Joy Painting  
Ní Mhaonaigh Sinead Paintings  
Ni Threasaigh Caitriona Paintings  
Nickerson Jacqueline Artistic Photography  
Nilsson Liz Paintings  
Nixon Mark Artistic Photography  
Nohilly Geraldine Paintings  
Nohilly Mary Paintings  
Nolan Colum Paintings  
Nolan Eimer Painting  
Nolan Fionnuala Paintings  
Nolan Grainne Paintings  
Nolan Grainne Paintings  
Nolan Isabel Paintings  
Nolan Karen Paintings  
Nolan Margaret Paintings  
Nolan Padhraig Painting  
Noonan Anthony Paintings  
Noonan Emma Paintings  
Noonan Mary Paintings  
Noonan Philip Painting  
Norrby Brid Og Painting  
Northcote Belinda Paintings  
Notte Finbarr PAinting  
Nugent Gerard Paintings  
Ni Chualain Paula Paintings  
Ni Fhaolain Eilis Drawings  
Ni Fhoghlu Sinead Abstract Paintings  
Ni Shithigh Siobhan Paintings  
Nic Gabhann Siobhan Paintings  
Nolan Mary Cathereine Paintings  
Ntuli Ayanda Paintings  
Nunan Hilary Paintings  
Nugent Paul Paintings  
O Brennan Brian Paintings  
O Brien Carmel Paintings  
O Brien Catherine Paintings  
O Brien Cora Painting  
O Brien Deirdre Paintings  
O Brien Enda Photographic Prints  
O Brien Eugene Paintings  
O Brien Martina Paintings  
O Brien Maria Paintings  
O Brien Mary Paintings  
O Brien Mary Claire "Art Alongside Project"  
O Brien Melissa Monoprints  
O Brien Morgan Illustrations  
O Brien Murt Paintings  
O'Brien Tetyana Paintings  
O Brien Vincent Paintings  
O Broin Caoimh Paintings  
O Byrne Maeve Paintings  
O Byrne Seamus Paintings  
O Callaghan Carmel Paintings  
O Carra Olivia Paintings  
O Ciobhain Tomas Painting  
O Connell Brigid Classical Paintings  
O Connell Colette Paintings  
O Connell John Paintings  
O Connell Oisin Paintings  
O Connor Christopher Paintings  
O Connor Declan Paintings  
O Connor Eoin Paintings  
O Connor Jennifer Paintings  
O Connor Maureen Paintings  
O Connor Michael Paintings  
O Connor Niamh Artistic Photography  
O Connor Niamh Painting  
O Connor Norah Paintings  
O Connor Paddy Painting  
O Connor Robert Photography  
O Connor Thomas Painting  
O Connor Tony Painting  
O Croidheain Caoimhghin Paintings  
O Dea Frank Painting  
O'Dea Gearóid Painting 01/01/2016
O Doherty Mary Paintings  
O Donnell Dermot Paintings  
O Donnell Joseph Paintings  
O Donnell Lisa Painting  
O Donnell Michelle Paintings  
O Donnell Nikola Paintings  
O'Donnell Stephen Painting 01/01/2016
O Donnell Turlough Paintings  
O Donoghue Anastasia Paintings  
O Donovan Brian Painting  
O Driscoll Aine Paintings  
O Driscoll Jacqueline Paintings  
O Driscoll Shane Painting  
O Dwyer Alan Painting  
O Dwyer Neil Paintings  
O Dwyer Patrick E. Paintings  
O Dwyer Sean Paintings  
O Faolain Michael Paintings  
O Farrell Fearghal Paintings  
O Farrell Fergus Painting  
O Farrell Roisin Painting  
O Flaherty Cyril Paintings  
O Flynn David Artistic Photography  
O Flynn Iseult Paintings  
O Gara Peter Illustrations  
O Gorman Ann Marie Paintings  
O Grady Gerard Paintings  
O Grady Mary Paintings  
O Grady Philomena Paintings  
O Halloran Mary Paintings  
O Hanlon Noreen Painting  
O Hara Ciara Painting  
O Hara William Dermot Paintings  
O Hehir Debi Paintings  
O Kane David Anthony Painting  
O Kane Edward James Paintings  
O Keeffe Aine Paintings  
O Keeffe Kate Paintings - Still Life  
O Keeffe Margaret Paintings  
O Keefe Niall Paintings  
O Keefe Suzy Paintings  
O Kelly Cormac Photography  
O Leanachain Catherine Landscapes  
O Leary Kathleen Paintings  
O Leary Kelly Gerardine Paintings  
O Loughlin Cristin Painting  
O Loughlin Niall Illustrations/caricatures/portraitures  
O Mahony Conor Paintings  
O Mahony Declan Paintings  
O Mahony Gerry Paintings  
O Mahony Georgina Paintings  
O Mahony Maureen Paintings  
O Malley Eugene Paintings  
O Malley Noreen Painting  
O Malley Tony Artistic Photography  
O Meara Rush Barbara Paintings  
O Meara Ursula Paintings  
O Mullane Susan Painting  
O Neill Brian Painting  
O Neill Ken Paintings  
O Neill Clair Paintings  
O Neill Helena Paintings  
O Neill Fichtner Honora Paintings  
O Neill Jacqueline Painting  
O Neill Lauren Illustrations  
O Neill Mark Paintings  
O Neill Peter Paintings  
O Neill Richard Paintings  
O Neill Teresa Paintings  
O Neill Vincent Paintings  
O Regan Aidan Paintings  
O Regan Joan Paintings  
O Regan Michael Paintings  
O Regan Paraic Paintings  
O Reilly Mullaney Suzannah Prints  
O Reilly John Paintings  
O Reilly Karen Paintings  
O Reilly Rosemary Paintings  
O Riordan David Paintings  
O Riordan Geraldine Paintings  
O Rourke Michael Anthony Illustrations  
O Scolai Darach Paintings  
O Shea Alice Paintings  
O Sullivan Anne Illustrations  
O Sullivan Brendan Paintings  
O Sullivan Brian Paintings  
O Sullivan Cian Paintings  
O Sullivan Ciaran Paintings  
O Sullivan David Painting  
O Sullivan David Illustrations  
O Sullivan Frank Painting  
O Sullivan Geraldine Paintings  
O Sullivan Helen Paintings  
O Sullivan Nuala Paintings  
O Sullivan Jane Paintings  
O Sullivan Judy Paintings  
O Sullivan Yvonne Photography  
O Toole Eilis Paintings  
O Toole Michael Photogrqphy  
O Toole Oonagh Paintings  
Oleksiak Agata Paintings  
Opdol Magnhild Haftorn Painting  
Orpen Hilary Paintings  
Osborne Anne Painting  
Osbourne James Painting  
Otten Marcel Artistic Photography  
Ozernyy Andriy Painting  
Pain Vida Paintings  
Palm Brian Paintings  
Palmer Pamela Paintings  
Palmer Patrick Paintings  
Parker Robin J. Paintings  
Parkinson Ed Paintings  
Parkinson Brown Sylvia Painting  
Parmentier Francois Paintings  
Parnell O Hanlon Eve Painting  
Parsons Andrew Paintings  
Patterson Ann Paintings  
Pearce Lucy Paintings  
Petrohilos Daphne Paintings  
Pettigrew Rita Glass Paintings  
Perry Barry Paintings  
Perry Peter Paintings  
Pettitt Ian Paintings  
Phelan Monica Painting  
Phelan Tom Paintings  
Pierce Sarah Painting  
Pietryka Daria Painting  
Pinoff Helen Paintings  
Piraprez Jacques Photography, Paintings  
Pivovarova Diana Paintings  
Pleass Alan Painting  
Plunkett Mary Paintings  
Plunkett Sarah Paintings  
Poencet Mary Paintings  
Poijula Kaija Paintings  
Pollier Jean Paintings  
Pollock David Paintings  
Pomeroy Adam Paintings  
Pomeroy Sheila Paintings  
Poole Tina Paintings  
Porter Gavin Painting  
Porter Kelly Vanessa "nes" Paintings  
Pourroy Marie Francoise Paintings  
Prantner Doris Paintings  
Prendergast Andrew Paintings  
Prendergast Bernadette Paintings  
Prendergast Elizabeth Paintings  
Preston Patsy Painting  
Price Peter Painting  
Primrose Chris Artistic Photography  
Prior Aidan Paintings  
Purcell Maureen Paintings  
Purcell Rosemary Painting  
Quane Michael Painting  
Quane Paul Paintings  
Quearney Fergus Painting  
Quill Fiona Fine Art Prints  
Quinlan Leo Painting  
Quinlan Linda Paintings  
Quinlan Timothy Paintings  
Quinn Anne Painting  
Quinn David Paintings  
Quinn Donna Maria Painting  
Quinn Erin Photography  
Raadsveld Carla Paintings  
Rae Robert Paintings  
Rackard Anna Artistic Photography  
Rafferty Kevin Paintings  
Rafferty Kate Paintings  
Rafferty Adrienne Paintings  
Rahill Fiona Paintings  
Raiser Vit Painting  
Rafter Mary Paintings  
Raftery Amy Paintings  
Raggett Alan Paintings  
Ranalow Brian Paintings  
Randall Rachel Photography  
Ratchford Kelly Painting  
Rau Petra Paintings  
Readman Benjamin Paintings  
Reddan Mark Paintings  
Reevell Alan Photography  
Reeves Jane Paintings  
Redmond David Paintings  
Redmond Patrick Paintings  
Regan Eamon Paintings  
Regan Fan Paintings  
Reilly Brenda Painting  
Reilly Eamon Paintings  
Reilly Fred Artistic Photography  
Reilly Loreto Paintings  
Reilly Marian Paintings  
Reilly Rohan Photography  
Reilly Stephanie Paintings  
Rennicks Sheila Paintings  
Reynolds Anita Painting  
Reynolds Barry Illustrations 01/01/2016
Reynolds Ciara Painting  
Reynolds Imelda Paintings  
Reynolds Mary Paintings  
Reynolds Patricia Painting  
Reynolds Thomas Photography  
Richardson Sheila Paintings  
Ricks James Painting  
Ricks Patsy Paintings  
Roberts Corinne Paintings  
Roberts Eithne Painting  
Roberts Frederick Paintings  
Roberts Sarah Paintings  
Robins Alannah Paintings  
Robbins Helen Paintings  
Robinson Darran Painting  
Robinson James Painting  
Robinson Maureen Paintings  
Roche Emma Paintings  
Roche Fiona Painting  
Roche-Kiang Darina Paintings  
Roche Kevin Paintings  
Roche Nicholas Illustrations  
Rochfort Tom Paintings  
Rock Catherine Paintings  
Rogan Ian Painting  
Rogers Kitty Paintings  
Rogers Michelle Painting  
Rogers Sarah Paintings  
Rohan Betty Painting  
Rohu Owen Paintings  
Ronan Patrick Paintings  
Rooney Declan Painting  
Rosenfeld Christel Paintings  
Ross Janet Paintings  
Ross Kathy Painting  
Ross Aaron Paintings  
Rossney Sarah Paintings  
Rowe Stephanie Painting  
Rowsome (mc Namara) Caitriona Paintings  
Rush Coilin Paintings  
Rush Paul Painting  
Russell Gareth Painting  
Ruby Anthony Paintings  
Rutherford (aka Elaine Harding) Dr Janet Paintings  
Ryan Aine Paintings  
Ryan Alan Paintings  
Ryan Bridget Paintings  
Ryan Catherine Paintings  
Ryan Darren Artistic Photography  
Ryan Jane Paintings  
Ryan Rachel Classical  
Ryan Hakizimana Jean Painting  
Ryan Joe Paintings  
Ryan Paul Paintings  
Ryan Ray Painting  
Ryan Sandra Artistic Photography  
Ryan Sarah Paintings  
Ryan Catherine Paintings  
Ryan Jeremiah (Diarmuid) Paintings  
Rynhart Audrey Paintings  
Rynne Turlough Paintings  
Sadler Noreen Painting  
Sammon Peter Paintings  
Sanquest Kevin Paintings  
Santoni Alfonzo Paintings  
Sanyanga Blessing Paintings  
Sanyanga Hucelues Paintings  
Scala Emilio Paintings  
Scampton Brian Painting  
Scanlon Ursula Watercolours  
Scannell Rita Paintings  
Scannell Fiona Paintings  
Scharf Hannah Paintings  
Scott Clare Paintings  
Scott Mary Paintings  
Scott Thomas Paintings  
Seale Leigh Anne Painting  
Sealy Brigid Painting  
Sexton Gerard Painting  
Seymour Dermot Paintings  
Sexton Mairead Paintings  
Shalvey Declan Paintings  
Shanahan Carol Paintings  
Shanahan Colin Paintings  
Shannon Martin Paintings  
Shanny Deirdre Painting  
Sharkey Kevin Paintings  
Shavrova Varvara Artistic Photography  
Shaw Robert Paintings  
Shee Joyce Paintings  
Sheedy Caitríona Painting  
Sheehan Donal J. Artistic Photography  
Sheerocow Mehayl Paintings  
Shelly Brigid Paintings  
Skelly Phil Paintings  
Shelley Thomas Paintings  
Shephard Diana Painting  
Sheridan Celine Paintings  
Sheridan Elsie Paintings  
Sheridan Marie Paintings  
Shiel Sonia Painting  
Shine Kathrina Paintings  
Shirreffs-McNulty Carly Paintings  
Shortt Veronica Paintings  
Shubotham Carole Paintings  
Sicilia Fernandez Jose Maria Paintings  
Sides Philip Photography  
Sidi-Yacoub Anna Painting  
Sisk Owen Paintings  
Skehan Michael Paintings  
Slack Niamh Painting  
Slein Daryl Robert Paintings  
Slevin Jenny Paintings  
Sliney William Illustraions  
Sloan Louisa Paintings  
Slowey Trisha Painting  
Smith Brian Painting  
Smith Daniel Paintings  
Smith Dorothy Paintings  
Smith Helen Paintings  
Smith Joan Paintings  
Smith John Noel Paintings  
Smith Richard Paintings  
Smith Terence Paintings  
Smyth Caroline  Louise Paintings  
Smyth Carmel Paintings  
Smyth ('magowan') Eugene Paintings  
Smyth-higgins Grainne Paintings  
Smyth Lorna Paintings  
Smyth Mary Paintings  
Smyth Willam James Paintings - Landscape  
Smyth Rosemary Paintings  
Somers Alan Painting  
Sorohan Donal Paintings  
Speight Tamsyn Paintings  
Spellman Paul Paintings  
Spence Karen Paintings  
Springer Sabine Paintings  
Sreehan Siobhan Painting  
Stack Donal Paintings  
Stack Robert Paintings  
Stafford Maeve Paintings  
Stanley Audrey Painting  
Stanley John Paintings  
Staszkiewicz Marek Paintings  
Staunton Philomena Paintings  
Steele Helen Paintings  
Stefanazzi Catherine Paintings  
Steiner-Scott Geoff Paintings  
Steinke Rob Paintings  
Stephenson Dolores Paintings  
Stevens Carolyn Paintings  
Stewart Graham Painting  
Stewart Phil Painting  
Stringer Lynn Paintings  
Stolze Fiona Paintings  
Stone Martin Paintings  
Strahan Siobhán Painting  
Strong Jean Paintings  
Stewart Ross Paintings  
Stockman Nathan Illustrations  
Stumpf Wolfram Paintings  
Sullivan Susan Painting  
Sutherland Philippa Paintings  
Suttle Evelyn Painting  
Sutton Leonie Painting  
Sutton Shane Painting  
Swan Eleanor Paintings  
Sweeney Cate Paintings  
Sweeney Johann Paintings  
Sweeney Tracy Paintings  
Sweeney Trish Paintings  
Sweetman Siobhan Painting 01/01/2016
Switzer Fintan Painting  
Swords Mark Paintings  
Swords Niall Paintings  
Sykes Sasha Paintings  
Syrowatka Stefan Photography  
Szot Agnieszka Paintings  
Taite Fintan Illustrations  
Tallon Vanessa Paintings  
Talwong Chanon Painting  
Tangney Robert Brian Photography  
Taylor Catherine Prints  
Taylor Rosemary Paintings  
Taylor Stephen Painting  
Teljeur Gerda Drawings  
Tennant Sylvia Paintings/prints  
Thery Christine Paintings  
Thoburn Holly Paintings  
Thomas Malcolm Paintings  
Thompson Liam Paintings  
Thompson Rachel Paintings  
Thompson Rita Paintings  
Thompson Stephen Illustrations  
Thorpe Cara Paintings  
Thorpe Dominic Photography  
Thuillier Ian Artistic Photography  
Tiernan Kathy Paintings  
Tiernan, John Paintings  
Tierney Healy Una Illustrations  
Tierney Paul Artistic Photography  
Timmons David Photographic Prints  
Timoney Paul Painting  
Tivey Lisa Artistic Photography  
Tivey Lisa Artistic Photography  
Toland Clare Paintings  
Tomlin Elaine Painting  
Toolan Niall Paintings  
Tosi Bruno Paintings  
Tosi Jacqueline David Paintings  
Toullis Kate Painting  
Treacy Darragh Painting  
Triggs Wesley Paintings  
Trinder Glynnis Paintings  
Tritschler Mary Paintings  
Trojanowska Anna Painting  
Trushkevych Andrii Paintings  
Tsang Raymond Richard Painting  
Tsaryk Tetyana Paintings  
Tuck Lorraine Artistic Photography  
Turpin Anna Illustrations  
Tuzel Nabzdyk Katarzyna Paintings  
Turner Dominic Artistic Photography  
Turner Eoin Paintings  
Twomey Francis A. Artistic Photography  
Twomey Francis A. Paintings  
Uda David Painting  
Urbaniak Rafal Tomasz Painting  
Usher Jean Paintings  
Westcott Joseph Lee Painting 01/01/2016
Whelan Greg Painting 01/01/2016
Wiley Rosemary Drawings  
Wood Marie Painting 01/01/2016
Vahey Brian Paintings  
Valle Val Maria Paintings  
Vallely Lorcan Paintings  
Van Coppenhagen Sue Painting  
Van Den Berg Henrike Painting  
Van Der Elsen Trudi Paintings  
Van Goor Willem Roelof Paintings  
Van Hout Alexandra Painting  
Van Uytreacht Katherine Paintings  
Vanmechelen Mieke Paintings  
Varadi Brigitta Paintings  
Vaughan Ann Painting  
Vaughan James Photography  
Veale Sharon Paintings  
Verenga Kristy Paintings  
Vis Chris Paintings  
Voignier Francois Paintings  
Von Einsiedel Georgia Paintings  
Von Klot-heydenfeldt Cordelia Paintings  
Wakula Marta Paintings  
Walker, Jason Paintings  
Wall Vincent Jr Paintings  
Wallace Assumpta Paintings  
Wallace Gwenda Paintings  
Wallace Harold Paintings  
Wallace Mary Paintings  
Walsh Aidan Paintings  
Walsh Ann Paintings  
Walsh Astrid Paintings  
Walsh Claire Siobhan Painting  
Walsh Kate Paintings  
Walsh Kerstin Paintings  
Walsh Orla Paintings  
Walshe Patrick Paintings  
Walshe Philomena Painting  
Walsh Raymund Painting  
Walsh Ronan Abstract Paintings  
Walsh Thomas Paintings  
Walshe Edward Painting  
Wang Ya Nan Paintings  
Wann Michael Paintings  
Warbrook Aileen Painting  
Ward Caroline Painting  
Ward Eugene Paintings  
Ward Louise Paintings  
Ware John Paintings  
Warner, Kate Paintings  
Warren Adam Painting  
Wasserman, Harvey Paintings  
Watchorn John Patrick Painting  
Watkins Debbie Paintings  
Watson William Paintings  
Waugh Declan Artistic Photography  
Welch William Artistic Photography  
West Annie Illustrations  
West Dave Paintings  
Westen Elke Paintings  
Weymes Morgan Paintings  
Whelan Fiona Paintings  
Whelan Mary Paintings  
Whelan Olwyn Paintings  
Whiteacre Janet Paintings  
White Darren Paintings  
White Paul Paintings  
White Sue Paintings  
Wickham Heidi Paintings  
Wickham Mark Painting  
Wielosik Ilona Painting  
Wigglesworth Anthony Painting  
Wilkinson Gwen Photographic Prints  
Williams Jeremy Painting  
Williams Roisin Paintings  
Williamson Lawrence (Lawrie Williamson) Paintings  
Williamson Paul Paintings  
Willryd Lena Paintings  
Wilson David Paintings  
Wilson James Painting  
Wilson Keith Paintings  
Winder Dana Paintings  
Wingfield Ann Marie Paintings  
Wingfield-bastic Lesley Paintings  
Wisniewska Magdalena Paintings  
Wogan Una Paintings  
Wolstenholme Peter Paintings  
Wood Ruth Paintings  
Wood Sheena Paintings  
Wright Mary Ann (mars) Paintings  
Wollen, Thomas Paintings  
Wyatt Gerard Painting  
Wyatt Lorraine Paintings  
Wylie Stephen Illustrations  
Wyley Dervla Painting  
Wynne Mark Paintings  
Wypych Agnieszka Artistic Photography  
Yates Jim Paintings  
Yong Jin Painting  
Yorke Mary Paintings  
Young Sean Eugene Artistic Photography  
Young Winifred (Freda) Paintings  
Zlenko Serguei Paintings  


Name Type / Title Exempt effective from:
Adams (Fitzpatrick) Jeff Sculpture  
Allen Lydia Sculpture  
Allen Natalie Sculpture  
Anderson Sven Installations  
Ball Jackie Installations  
Barker Sharon Sculpture  
Barry, Aideen Sculpture  
Barry Helen Installations  
Barry Niamh Sculpture  
Barry Orla Video Installation  
Barry Patrick Sculpture  
Beamer Charles Sculpture  
Beardon Sam Sculpture  
Beattie Davis Sculpture 01/01/2016
Behan Joanne Sculpture  
Bennett Roger Sculpture  
Berglund Annika Sculpture  
Berry Ewan Anthony Sculpture  
Bickley David Sculpture  
Blackwell Craig Sculpture  
Blackley Margaret Sculpture  
Blount Robert Sculpture  
Booth Sarah Jayne Installations  
Bond Caroline Mary Sculpture 01/01/2016
Bowe Clare Sculpture  
Bowman Deveren Sculpture  
Boyd Jennifer Sculpture  
Brady Jennifer Installations  
Brannigan Aileen Anne Sculpture  
Brennan Helena Catherine Sculpture  
Brennan Noel Sculpture  
Broadley Hadrian Sculpture  
Brown Deborah Sculpture  
Brown Nee Cuschieri Kathryna Sculpture  
Browne Michelle Installations  
Browne Sarah Sculpture/installations  
Bullo Cecilia Sculpture/installation  
Burgess Elizabeth Sculpture  
Burke Stephen P Sculpture  
Burns Breda Sculpture  
Burns Peter Sculpture  
Byrne Brendan Sculpture  
Byrne Brian Sculpture  
Byrne Fergus Installation  
Byrne Leslie Sculpture  
Byrne Paul Sculpture  
Byrne Tina Sculpture  
Byrnes Sheila Sculpture  
Cahill Donnacha Sculpture  
Cahir Jeremiah F Sculpture  
Calnan Michael Sculpture  
Cameron Louise Sculpture  
Campbell Patrick Sculpture  
Campbell Sean Sculpture  
Canadell Merce Sculpture 01/01/2016
Canell Nina Sculpture/installations  
Cannon Kevin Installations  
Carr Annjo Installations  
Cashman Martha Sculpture  
Casey Kevin Sculpture  
Casey Maria Sculpture  
Cassidy Seamus Sculpture  
Cavanagh Alan Sculpture Trail  
Ceannt Eamonn Sculpture  
Chapman James Sculptures  
Clancy Ger Sculpture  
Clarke Kathleen Sculpture  
Clarke Mary Sculpture  
Clarke Richard Sculpture  
Cochrane Ross Sculpture  
Coffey Lorraine Sculpture 01/01/2016
Collins Maeve Installations  
Comber Jennifer Sculptures  
Conneely Helen Sculptures  
Connolly Angela Sculpture  
Connolly David Sculpture  
Connolly Seamus Sculpture  
Cooney Patrick Sculpture  
Conway Ceara Sculpture  
Conroy Roisin Sculpture  
Coogan Amanda Sculpture/installation  
Cooney Crawford Thom Sculpture  
Costello Stephen Sculpture  
Cotter Bernadette Sculpture/installations  
Counihan Alan Sculpture  
Cowan Eamon Sculptures  
Coyne Jodi Sculpture  
Crow Ben Glass Work  
Crowley John Sculpture  
Cuffe Susan Sculpture  
Culen Mark Sculpture/installation  
Cullen Shane Sculpture  
Cummins Hugh Sculpture  
Cunningham Marjorie Sculptures  
Dalton Tom Sculpture  
Daly, Paul Sculpture  
Daly, Victor Sculpture  
Dann James Sculpture  
(Conway) Davey Agnes Sculpture  
Davey Gina Installation  
Deacon Niall Sculpture  
Delaney Angela Sculpture  
Delimata Natalie Sculpture  
Dempsey Michelle Sculpture  
Dennehy Mary Sculptures  
De Porres Wright Sculpture 01/01/2016
Devane Ed Installations  
Devlin Paul Sculptures  
Dietvorst Els Installations  
Divito Bianca Sculpture  
Dolan Dominic Sculpture  
Dolan Emmet Sculpture  
Doolan Bernadette Sculptures  
Doyle Daniel Sculpture  
Doyle Marie Sculpture  
Doyle Matthew Sculpture  
Drew, Kenneth Sculpture  
Duffin Eleanor Installations  
Duffy Francis Sculpture  
Duffy Joyce Sculpture/installation  
Duffy Thomas Paintings  
Duggan Andrew Installations  
Dunn John Sculpture  
Earley Brendan Sculpture  
Egan Aleana Installations  
Eustace Deirdre Aine Sculpture  
Fagan Sinead Sculpture  
Fallover Harrie Sculpture  
Fallover Joe Sculpture  
Farrell Gabriel Sculpture  
Farrell Patsy Sculpture  
Farrelly Sarah Sculpture  
Fee James Sculpture  
Ferriter Paul Sculpture  
Fingleton Lisa Sculpture  
Finnegan, Michael Sculpture  
Finney Stephen Sculpture  
Fitzpatrick Olga Sculptures  
Flannery Shelagh Sculpture  
Fleming Sharon Installations  
Flynn Gerard Mannix Installations  
Flynn (Randal) Patrick Sculpture  
Flynn Paul Sculpture  
Flynn Sara Sculpture  
Flynn Sarah Sculpture  
Fogarty Brenda Sculpture  
Foley Michael Sculpture 01/01/2016
Forrester Julie Sculpture/ Installations  
Forsgren Veronica Installations  
Fortune Michael Sculpture/ Installations  
Fulcher Angela Sculpture 01/01/2016
Gallagher Alva Sculpture  
Gallagher Josephine Sculpture  
Galvin Stephen Sculpture  
Garavan Pauline Sculpture/installation  
Gaynor Maurice Sculpture  
Gerrard John Installation Work - Video, Camera & Audio Visual  
Gerz Jochen Sculpture/ Installations  
Gnauck Anja Sculpture  
Goel Seema Installations  
Goerg Juergen Sculpture  
Goggin John Sculpture  
Goodman Lewis Sculpture  
Goodman Úna Sculpture  
Goodrich Meyler Amy Sculptures  
Gough Richard J Bog Oak  
Goss Louisa Sculpture  
Green Oliver Sculpture  
Greene Clare Sculpture  
Groll Werner Sculpture  
Gromley Damien Sculpture  
Gronvall Kerstin Sculpture  
Grudniewska Karolina Sculpture  
Haggins Paul Sculptures  
Hanahoe Fionnuala Sculpture  
Hannon Jools Sculptural Furniture  
Hannon Mike Sculpture/Installation  
Haoatitye Paradazai Sculpture - Irish Timbers  
Hanratty Hugh Sculpture  
Haran Thomas Sculpture  
Harkin Neil Sculpture  
Harney Laurence Sculpture  
Harrington Christopher Sculpture/installations  
Harrington Rees Anne Sculpture  
Harron Maurice Sculpture  
Harte Aidan Sculpture  
Hassett Olivia Sculpture  
Haugh Emma Sculpture 01/01/2016
Hayes James Sculpture  
Healy Richard Sculpture  
Hegarty Donal Sculpture  
Hegarty J.J. Sculpture  
Helsner Helle Sculpture  
Hemmingway Sylvia Sculpture/installation  
Herrity Redmond Sculpture  
Hession Caren Installations  
Hickey Jennifer Sculpture  
Hickey Paul Sculpture  
Higgins Kieran Sculpture  
Hill Mark Sculpture  
Hodnett Peter Sculpture  
Hogan John Sculpture  
Hogan Joseph Sculpture  
Holland Anne Ceramic Pieces Of Sculpture  
Holton Anna Marie Sculpture  
Horan James Sculpture  
Howe Robert Sculpture  
Irvine Jaki Sculpture  
Jackson Michael Sculpture  
Jacob, Donna Sculpture  
Jermyn Jane Sculpture  
Johnston Colin W. Sculpture  
Joyce Mark Sculpture  
Joyce Thomas Sculpture  
Judge Wendy Sculpture  
Jung Hans-Joachim Sculpture  
Kane Gillian Installations  
Kay Alison Sculpture  
Kay Thomas Sculpture  
Keane Thomas Sculpture  
Kearon Philippa Sculpture  
Keeling Mark Sculpture  
Keeney Christy Sculpture  
Kelleher Julie Sculpture  
Kelly Eva Sculpture  
Kelly John Sculpture  
Kelly Liam Sculpture 01/01/2016
Kelly Mark Sculpture  
Kelly Michael Sculpture  
Kemp Carol Sculpture  
Kenneally Barbara Sculpture 01/01/2016
Kennedy Declan Sculpture/installations  
Kennedy Gareth Installations  
Kennedy Seamus Sculpture  
Kennedy Tara Sculpture  
Kenny Michael Sculpture  
Keogh Samuel Installations  
Kilfeather Caoimhe Installations  
Killane Helen Sculpture/installations  
Killeen Peter Sculpture  
Kimmerling Louise Sculpture  
Kinsella James Sculpture  
Klopp Marianne Sculpture  
Kuehle Ulrich Sculpture  
Kvamme Helena Sculpture  
Lahart Nevan Sculpture  
Lambert Aidan Sculpture  
Lambert Aileen Paintings And Public Art Projects  
Lane Helen Sculpture  
Lawless Aaron Sculpture  
Lawless Anthony Sculpture  
Ledwith Nanette Sculpture  
Leen William Sculpture  
Le Jeune Elizabeth Sculpture  
Lincoln Sarah Sculpture/installation  
Little Peter Installations  
Lonze Holger Sculpture  
Loughran Glenn Sculptures  
Lucas Glen Sculptures  
Lucas Glen Sculpture 01/01/2016
Lyons Brid Sculpture  
Lyons Ruth Sculpture  
Lynch Patrick Sculpture  
Lynch Robin N Sculpture  
Lynch Sean Sculpture  
Lyttle Martin Sculpture  
Macleman Marielle Sculptures  
Mac Manus Donal Sculpture  
Macnally Enda Installations  
Mac Uileagóid Tomás Harp Maker  
Madden Maggie Sculpture  
Magee Alan Sculpture  
Maguire Kathryn Sculpture  
Maher Michelle Sculpture  
Manifold Louise Sculpture/installation  
May Adam Sculpture  
Maybury Peter Installations  
Maye Paul Sculpture  
Massey Angus Sculpture  
Mc Adam O Connell Lynn Sculpture  
Mc Cann Kevin Sculpture/ Installations  
Mc Cann Niamh Sculpture/ Installation  
Mc Carthy Brian Sculpture  
Mc Carthy Daniel Sculpture  
Mc Coll Iain Sculpture  
Mc Cormick Jane Sculpture  
Mc Crea Ronan Sculpture  
Mc Cullough Gavan Sculpture  
Mc Donald Eilis Installations  
Mc Fadden Marian Rose Sculpture  
Mc Geeney Sinead Sculpture  
Mc Glynn Darran Sculpture  
Mcgovern Aileen Sculpture  
Mc Guinness Veronica Sculpture - Bog Oak  
Mccamley David Sculpture  
Mc Donald Fiona Sculpture  
Mc Hardy Orla Installations  
Mckenna Suzanne Sculpture  
McKinney Maria Installations  
Mc Loughlin James Sculpture  
Mc Mahon Elizabeth Sculpture  
Mc Morris Peter Sculptures  
Mcnamara Laura Sculpture  
Mc Vey Louise Sculpture  
Meredith Alan Sculpture  
Mooney Douglas Installation Work/glass Panels  
Mooney Suzanne Sculpture/ Installations  
Moore James Sculpture  
Moran Donal Sculptures  
Moran Jennifer Sculpture/Installations  
Moroney Kathleen Sculpture  
Mulvany Fergus Sculpture  
Munroe Alistan Sculpture  
Murphy Anne Sculpture  
Murphy Gavin Installations  
Murphy William Sculpture  
Murray Evelyn Sculpture  
Murray Karen Sculpture  
Nanigian Theresa Sculpture/ Installations  
Neeson Lorraine Installations  
Neeson Mary Sculpture  
Ní Bhriain Ailbhe Installations  
Nicholson Veronica Installations  
Nidecker Claire Installations  
Nijst Georges Sculpture  
Ni Chionnfhaolaidh Róisín Installations  
Ni Fhaolain Eilis Sculpture  
Ni Fhoghlu Sinead Abstract Sculpture  
Ni Hainifein Linda Sculpture  
Nolan Isabel Sculpture  
Noonan Emma Installations  
Noonan Philip Sculpture  
O Brien Colette Sculptures  
O Brien David Sculpture  
O Connell John Sculpture/ Installations  
O Connor James Sculpture  
O Connor Noirin Sculpture  
O Connor Robert Sculptures  
O Donaghue Eoghan Sculpture  
O Donovan Nuala Sculpture  
O Dowd Sally Installation Work  
O Dwyer Marie Louise Sculpture/ Installations  
O Dwyer Sean Sculpture  
O Fraithile Caoimhghin Sculpture  
O Gorman Ann Marie Sculpture  
O Hehir Debi Sculpture  
O Keefe Linda Sculpture  
O Keefe Suzy Sculpture  
O'Leary Paul Sculpture 01/01/2016
O'loughlin Brian Sculpture  
O Malley Eugene Sculpture  
O Malley Niamh Sculpture  
O Malley Noreen Sculpture  
O Neill Brian Painting  
O Reilly Deirdre Sculpture  
O Shea Joseph Sculptures  
O Shea Mary Sculpture  
O Suilleabhain Ronan Sculpture  
O Sullivan Alison Sculpture  
O Sullivan Emer Sculpture  
O Sullivan Suzanne Sculpture  
Opdol Magnhild Haftorn Installations  
Owairu Mike Sculpture  
Patterson Ciaran Sculpture  
Paul Debbie, Sculpture  
Parish Richard Sculpture  
Parry Boydell Rachel sculpture  
Parslow Mandy Sculpture  
Petcu Elizabeth Installations  
Pierce Sarah Sculpture  
Pierson Antoine Sculpture  
Pitko Jill Sculptures  
Poijula Kaija Sculptures  
Pollock Ian Sculpture Pieces  
Pomeroy Krystyna Sculptures  
Portlock Nicole Sculptures  
Preston Patsy Sculpture  
Prunty Elaine Installations  
Purcell Rosemary Sculpture  
Quinlan Linda Installations  
Quinn Philip Sculpture  
Quinn, Robert Sculpture  
Ramsay Noreen Sculpture  
Ranger Beverly Sculpture  
Ray Michael Sculpture  
Redden Clodagh Sculpture  
Reid Christopher Installation Work  
Reilly Ben Sculpture  
Reilly Loreto Sculpture  
Rekab Alice Installations  
Ricks James Sculpture / Installations  
Ridge Deirdre Sculpture  
Roberts G M Sculpture  
Robins Alannah Sculpture  
Rode Mark Sculpture  
Rogan James Sculptures - Wood  
Rooney Declan Installations  
Rowen "Guggi" Derek Sculptures  
Ruane Donal Sculpture  
Ruddy Ann Sculpture  
Rushworth Emma Jane Sculpture 01/01/2016
Russell Ben Sculpture  
Rynhart Audrey Sculpture  
Sanyanga Blessing Sculpture  
Sanyanga Hucelues Sculpture  
Saurus Doirin Sculptures  
Schofield Caroline Sculpture  
Scroope, Peter Sculpture  
Seybert Keith Alan Sculpture  
Seymour Jane Sculpture  
Sharkey Liam Sculpture  
Sheehy John Sculpture  
Skalkos Diana Sculpture  
Singleton Eileen Paintings  
Sloan Louisa Sculpture  
Smith Dyan Sculpture  
Smith Julian Sculpture  
Speight Tamsyn Sculpture  
Stafford Mairead Ceramic Sculpture  
Stalling David Sculpture/installations  
Stratton Lynne Sculpture  
Sullivan Susan Sculpture  
Sumell Jacquelyn Sculpture/ Installations  
Swan Eleanor Sculpture  
Sweeney Moira Installations  
Sykes Sasha Sculpture  
Synnott Niamh Sculptures  
Szymanska Edyta Sculpture  
Tangney Rory Sculpture  
Teljeur Gerda Two Dimensional Pieces  
Thomas Gillian Philippa Sculpture  
Thomas Richard Sculpture  
Thompson Matthew Sculpture  
Thorpe Dominic Installations  
Tighe Isobel Sculpture  
Timmons David Sculpture  
Toward-choi Sarah Sculpture  
Tramski Ursula Sculpture  
Treacy Donnacha Sculpture  
Tuohy Kieran Sculpture  
Turner Eoin Sculpture  
Tuzov Vadym Sculptures  
Vandegrift Davala Lisa Installations  
Verniere Mary Jane Sculpture  
Wallis Ruby Installations  
Walsh Alan Sculpture  
Walsh Ciaran Sculpture  
Walsh Joseph Sculpture  
Walsh Kate Sculpture  
Walshe Caroline Sculpture  
Walshe Edward Sculpture  
Walshe Jennifer Sculpture  
Warburton Christine Sculpture  
Watts Grainne Sculpture  
Weerakoon Mike Sculpture  
Weinreich Ryner Sculpture  
Whelan Micheal John Installations  
Wilkinson Gwen Sculpture  
Wollen Thomas Sculpture  
Wood Marie Sculpture 01/01/2016
Wycherley Mary Installations  
Young Lisa Ceramics  


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