Medical Insurance


pdfMedical Insurance Relief - Information for Employees (PDF, 287KB)

pdfMedical Insurance Relief - Information for Employers (PDF, 305KB)

Who can Claim?

A claimant who has paid a premium to an authorised fund or society on behalf of himself/herself, children and dependents and if assessed under aggregation his/her spouse.

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Tax Relief at Source (TRS)

Tax relief for medical insurance premiums paid to authorised insurers is granted at source. Subscribers pay a reduced premium to the Insurer. This is the same as giving tax relief at the standard rate of 20% and is claimed as Tax Relief at Source.

Employees where medical insurance premiums are paid on their (or their dependents) behalf will not have been allowed Tax Relief at Source. To claim relief due, notify your Revenue office of the relevant details or complete an annual return form and send it to your Revenue office.

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Authorised Insurers

List of Authorised Insurers entered on the Register of Health Benefit Undertakings for the purpose of Section 470 TCA 1997

April 2016

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