Local Property Tax (LPT)

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An annual self-assessed Local Property Tax (LPT) charged on the market value of all residential properties in the State came into effect in 2013 and is being administered by Revenue.

Payment of Local Property Tax for 2017

Guidance on your obligations for 2017 is available at: What do I need to do for 2017?

Customers with outstanding LPT issues / Household Charge Arrears

As part of Revenue’s compliance campaign, reminder letters issued to property owners who had not met their LPT obligations for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 or who had not paid their €200 Household Charge. Further information is available at: Failure to meet LPT Obligations.

Local Property Tax Parliamentary Questions

Local Property Tax (LPT) - Compliance Statistics


October 2016

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