Completing your 2013 LPT Return

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IMPORTANT! Issue with ‘W’ format Personal Public Service numbers (PPSNs)

If you were the liable person in respect of a residential property on 1 May 2013 (liability date for 2013) you were responsible for filing the LPT1 Return and paying the tax due for 2013. Even if the property was exempt, or if you qualified and opted for a deferral you were still required to file a Return for 2013. To do this you were required to:

  1. Decide the current market value of your property.
  2. Identify the valuation band and calculate the LPT due.
  3. Select your preferred payment option or check to see if you qualify for a deferral.
  4. Submit the completed Return.

Note: Guidance on your obligations for 2016 is available at: What do I need to do for 2016?

Frequently Asked Questions

A copy of the guide and sample letter provides information on how to assess the value of your property and calculate your LPT liability. It also explains your payment options and how to complete your Return. Please note that the sample LPT Return is for information purposes only. It should not be completed.

November 2014

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