Vehicle Registration Tax

Vehicle Registration Tax is chargeable on the registration of motor vehicles (including motor-cycles) in the State. All motor vehicles in the State, other than those brought in temporarily by visitors, must be registered with the Revenue Commissioners. A vehicle must be registered before it can be licensed for motor tax purposes.

VRT Valuations

For many vehicle models, a valuation for VRT purposes may be sourced from the VRT Calculator.

It should be noted that Revenue staff do not provide vehicle valuations unless the vehicle has been presented for registration. If you need to get an estimate of the approximate VRT for a vehicle model that is not on the VRT Calculator, please consult the FAQs section of the website - "How can I find out how much VRT I will have to pay if my particular vehicle is not on the VRT Calculator?"

Required Vehicle Registration Documents

Unregistered Vehicles

An unregistered vehicle will only be registered on production of the appropriate EU Type Approval Documentation - European Community Whole Vehicle Type-Approval (ECWVTA) Certificate of Conformity (COC), Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) or National Small Series Type-Approval (NSSTA).

The manufacturer should be contacted regarding a COC, and the NSAI should be contacted regarding IVA or NSSTA.

Previously Registered Vehicles

A previously registered vehicle will only be registered on production of a foreign certificate of registration, a certificate of permanent exportation or a certificate of de-registration. Other documentation such as a salvage certificate will not be accepted for registration purposes. If you have not got one of these documents, you should contact the registration authority of the State from which the vehicle was imported (or in the case of vehicles coming from the UK, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing AgencyExternal link)

Please see the Guide to VRT section for full details on the documents required to register a vehicle.

Ministry of Defence (MOD) End of Lease Vehicles Form MOD654/B

The registration of any vehicle presented with this document will be delayed while its validity is confirmed with the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in the UK.

Latest Changes in Procedures

Taxing a Vehicle for the First Time

For further information from the Motor Tax Office on first taxing of a new or imported vehicle click here.External link

VRT Legislation

VRT Tax and Duty Manuals

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