Automated Export System (AES) to be launched January 2023

Revenue will introduce a new national export system, Automated Export System (AES), at the end of January 2023. AES will replace the following export declaration systems:

  • Automated Entry Processing (AEP)
  • and
  • eManifest system.

Impact on traders

If you export European Union (EU) goods to non-EU countries, and use AEP to process export declarations, you will notice some significant changes in AES:

  • A new data set for the export declaration – the export declaration will have a new look and ‘data fields’ will become ‘data elements’. The new data set will contain existing data elements plus some new data elements. This new data set is specified under the Union Customs Code. You will find details in Annex B of the EU Customs Data Model 6.2.
  • There will be changes to the process flow to confirm exit of goods from the EU. Therefore, you will need to submit some new messages.
  • Either you, or your software developer, will have to update your software for submitting export declarations. 

Key dates

Traders and software providers should note the following key dates:

  • Public Interface Test (PIT) environment will be available in July 2022
  • AES will go into production at the end of January 2023.

There will be a short transition window of two months for Trade to move from AEP to AES. At the end of the two months, no new export declarations can be submitted in AEP. All export declarations will have to be submitted in AES.

Automated Exports System (AES) Trader Guides

You will find information for software providers and traders on how to set up IT systems in Automated Export System (AES) trader guides.

Key message

As a trader, you should start your preparations early. When the specifications have been published, you should engage with your IT provider, whether internal or external. Software developers should engage with our PIT environment as early as possible once it has been made available in July 2022.

We will update this page as the AES project progresses, so please bookmark it.

Contacts points and communications during the AES development project

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Non IT-related queries:

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