Temporary admission rules and procedures


You can use the temporary admission procedure to temporarily import certain goods into the European Union (EU). Examples of such goods are samples, professional equipment, items for auction, exhibition or demonstration. You will usually have to provide security to cover the import charges normally payable on the goods. The security can be in the form of a bank guarantee or cash deposit. Any duties paid on deposit can be reclaimed when the goods are re-exported.

Eligibility for temporary admission relief is based on the type of goods concerned and their use before they are re-exported. You cannot use temporary admission to import goods to process or repair them.

When you import goods using temporary admission there are some general rules that you must follow. In addition, there are other rules that only apply to the specific type of goods you import. These other rules are explained under the specific category of goods to which they apply.


You may wish to employ a customs clearance agent to submit the temporary admission application and to complete customs formalities. You should note there will be a charge for their services.

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