Co-operative compliance

What is co-operative compliance?

Co-operative compliance forms a relationship between Revenue and large businesses. Its aim is to help ensure your business is fully tax compliant. Your choice to take part in this scheme does not mean you have a history of non-compliance. Tax law and regulation is complex and this can lead to unintentional errors. Co-operative compliance aims to prevent these errors from occurring.

This involves Revenue and your business agreeing actions to ensure your business is tax compliant. We use this experience to help your business at risk  review meetings by highlighting the risk areas.

It is a voluntary system and you can opt out whenever you like. We can decide to stop co-operative compliance with any business that does not stick to the agreed plan. Formal agreements are not necessary as the system depends on a high degree of trust. A letter can confirm the willingness of both sides to engage and the actions that each side plans to take.

If you have a tax advisor, the co-operative compliance between Revenue and your business will work side by side with them. The extent to which tax advisors are involved is a matter for individual businesses and their advisors to decide.

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