Reporting information to Revenue

Revenue welcomes all information about potential wrongdoing related to taxes, duties or customs controls. This may include information regarding:

  • the failure to declare the correct tax or duty liability
  • the failure to pay the correct amount of tax or duty due
  • tax or duty fraud
  • or
  • the illegal importation of goods.

Revenue treats all such reports seriously and with utmost confidentiality.

Any person can report information about potential wrongdoing to Revenue. This can be done by:

Reporting shadow economy activity

If the wrongdoing is not related to your workplace, there are other ways you can report information to Revenue. You can find out more  at Reporting Tax Evasion (Shadow Economy Activity).

Making a protected disclosure

If you wish report information about potential wrongdoing in your workplace, you can contact Revenue under the framework of the Protected Disclosures Act 2014 (as amended). This is known as making a ‘protected disclosure’. The Act affords robust legal protections to those who make a protected disclosure. You can find out more information on Protected Disclosures.