Publican's Licence



The Waiver of Excise Duty on on-trade liquor licences will not be extended to renewals in 2022. 

A Publican’s Licence allows the holder to sell alcohol for consumption both on and off their premises. It will not be granted for any premises where it is intended to sell alcohol for consumption off the premises only.

Licence categories covering Public Houses (pubs) are:

  • Publican's Licence (7-Day Ordinary)
  • Publican's Licence (6-Day)
  • Publican's Licence (6-Day & Early Closing)

Other licences in the Publican’s category include:

  • Hotel Licence
  • Publican's Licence (Ordinary) Theatre
  • Publican's Licence (Ordinary) Holiday Camp
  • Publican's Licence (Ordinary) Greyhound Racetrack
  • Publican's Licence (Ordinary) Horse Racecourse
  • Publican's Licence (Ordinary) Railway Refreshment Rooms Licence
  • Publican's Licence (Ordinary) Bog Premises.

Specific regulation and costs apply in respect of the last 5 licence categories. Queries in relation to these licences should be directed to the National Excise Licence Office.

The licensing period is from 1 October to 30 September. This licence will expire on 30 September each year regardless of the issue date.

The cost of a first Pub Licence is €250.

Renewal cost is based on the previous turnover of the business. The cost where a licence is transferred to a new trader is also based on the previous turnover of the business.

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