Revenue seizes alcohol, cigarettes and tobacco in Dublin and Louth

On Friday (08/09/17), Revenue officers, with the assistance of detector dog, Meg, seized 40 litres of wine and 3,380 cigarettes when they stopped and searched a bus which had arrived into Dublin Port from Romania, via Holyhead. 

In separate operations yesterday (07/09/2017), Revenue officers in Louth seized 60 litres of counterfeit spirits, 5kg of counterfeit tobacco and the car in which the contraband was transported; officers at Dublin Airport seized 14,440 cigarettes, branded ‘Vogue’, ‘Winston’, ‘Marlboro’ and ‘L&M’, from a 31 year old man who had arrived into Dublin on a flight from Chisinau. 

The combined retail value of the seized goods is approximately €14,800, representing a potential loss to the Exchequer of almost €11,600. Investigations in these cases are ongoing. 

These seizures are part of Revenue's ongoing work to target the illegal importation, supply and sale of cigarettes and alcohol in the shadow economy. Most people pay the right amount of tax and duty. If you know someone is evading tax or involved in smuggling, report it. Contact Revenue's Confidential Freephone 1800 295 295.

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