Revenue encourages PAYE taxpayers to claim tax back before 31 December deadline.

Today (23/11/2017) Revenue reminded PAYE workers that there is a four-year time limit for claiming  tax back, for example on health expenses, nursing home fees, tuition fees or flat rate expenses.

Leeann O’Kelly, Manager in Revenue’s Planning Division, had this timely advice for taxpayers: “The deadline for 2013 claims is 31 December, so now is a good time to check that you have claimed all your entitlements. You can claim back tax that you have overpaid for any of the last four years, and ensure that you claim all your entitlements for future years. You can do all this easily and conveniently online, using PAYE Services in myAccount. You can access myAccount on all mobile devices or through RevApp.” 

Referring to Revenue’s ongoing work to encourage PAYE workers to claim their entitlements, Ms O’Kelly said: “We have an ongoing programme of direct contact with PAYE workers, to encourage them to engage with us. For example, in October 2016, Revenue wrote to more than 137,500 PAYE workers who had not claimed any additional tax reliefs or credits in the four years since 2012. Today, we’ve published an analysis of the impact of those contacts, which resulted in refunds or tax credits to taxpayers totalling €27.6m.” 

Ms O’Kelly said that Revenue has written to a similar number of PAYE taxpayers this year, adding: “Even if you did not get a letter from Revenue, you can review your tax record online at any time, using  PAYE Services in myAccount or through RevApp. While claims are of course subject to verification, most online refund claims are paid within five working days, so if you submit your claim online now, your refund can be paid into your bank account before Christmas.”

Summarising her advice to taxpayers, Ms O’Kelly said: “ The important things to remember are:

  • There is a four year time limit for claiming tax refunds, so if you have a claim for 2013, go online and submit it by 31 December 2017.
  • The quickest, easiest and most convenient way to claim your tax back is online, using in PAYE Services in myAccount, or through RevApp.
  • If you are not already registered for myAccount, you can register quickly and easily on the Revenue website.”

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