Revenue extend facility to upload List of Employees as over 100,000 employers submit employment details covering 80% of employments

Today (02/11/2018), Revenue has extended the facility for all employers to upload their List of Employees. Due to high levels of employers uploading their employee details this week, employers who have not yet uploaded their List of Employees, have been given more time to carry out this important preparatory step for the changes to the PAYE system, which come into effect from 1 January 2019.

Uploading a List of Employees will ensure that both Revenue and employer records are accurate and up to date. Over 100,000 employers have already submitted their List of Employees, covering over 2.3m employments. More than half of employers that have uploaded their List of Employees have less than 5 employees, a further third have between 5 and 20 employees and the balance of employers indicated they have more than 20 employees.

From 1 January 2019, the PAYE system, which was first introduced in 1960, is changing to ‘real time’. This means that every time employers pay their employees, they will report the pay and deduction details to Revenue as part of the payroll process. All employers should make sure they are ready for PAYE Modernisation and are encouraged to review the" Getting Ready" section of " PAYE Modernisation" on

If employers, payroll operators or tax agents have any queries, Revenue has a dedicated Employer Helpdesk that can be contacted on 01-738 3638.

[Ends 02/11/2018]