Revenue urges Businesses to Get Brexit Ready Now

From today, (11/09/20) letters from Revenue are arriving with businesses, emphasising the importance of being Brexit ready and of the steps to follow in getting Brexit ready.

Over the next week, approximately 90,000 businesses that are expected to be impacted by Brexit, will be contacted as part of an intensified programme of engagement by Revenue as regards Brexit readiness. Revenue’s focus is on helping and supporting businesses that will be immediately impacted by Brexit from 1 January 2021. The letters set out the critical Brexit preparation steps businesses need to take, from getting registered for customs by getting an EORI (Economic Operators Registration and Identification) number, through to a cashflow and financial analysis to be ready for customs tariffs.

Commenting on Revenue’s intensified engagement with businesses regarding Brexit, Lynda Slattery, Head of Revenue’s Brexit Policy Unit, commented,

“We are engaging with businesses that will be impacted by Brexit, whether they are involved in imports or exports to or from the UK or transiting the UK for imports or exports that originate from or are destined for the European Union. Our message is simple, Brexit will be a reality from 1 January, there will be no change in that date, your business needs to be ready and you need to get ready now. To help with that getting ready work we are providing what we hope is a helpful checklist for businesses that they should work through carefully and fully. A key starting point, still to be completed by some businesses, is registering for customs. The EORI registration process can be completed quickly through the Revenue Online Service (ROS) and a guidance video is available on to bring you through the process. We will be following up on the letters being sent to businesses in the next week with a targeted telephone contact with businesses that are the most exposed business in terms of Brexit readiness. We will be happy to talk them through and support their readiness plans and work.”.

As a further key element of Revenue’s support for business, Ms. Slattery added,

“On the 5th and 6th of October 2020, Revenue, in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine and the Department of Business, Enterprise & Innovation, will host a number of Brexit information webinar sessions to support businesses in identifying and understanding the implications of Brexit and what they need to focus on in getting Brexit ready. Registration information for the webinars is set out in the letters being sent to business and is available on Revenue’s Brexit webpage”

“Revenue is urging all businesses that will be impacted by Brexit to get ready now. Business that have any Brexit Customs queries that are not answered by the material available on the Revenue website can email enquiries to or contact 01-7383632 to discuss Brexit preparations.” Ms. Slattery concluded.

[ENDS 11/09/2020]