Revenue launch new online version of the Inland Revenue Affidavit (CA.24)

Today 14/09/2020, Revenue, in collaboration with the Courts Service (Probate Office), has launched a new online “Statement of Affairs (Probate) Form SA.2”. The new Form SA.2 replaces the paper-based Inland Revenue Affidavit (Form CA.24) and is the first step for anyone wishing to take out probate.

Commenting on the introduction of the new online Form SA.2, Mark Bradshaw of Revenue’s National Capital Acquisitions Tax Unit explained:

“The previous paper-based form ran to 20 pages, with different categories of assets set out in separate sections. The new modernised online process will now allow intermediaries, like solicitors and other agents, as well as personal applicants to log on to ROS or MyAccount to complete and submit an online version of the new Form SA.2 to Revenue.

The new simplified online form will bring significant benefits to personal applicants giving them the confidence to settle the affairs of the deceased person by removing the necessity to complete multiple forms and facilitate the distribution of estates that are straight forward in nature.”

In relation to the the benefits the new Form SA.2 will bring, Mr Bradshaw said:

“The Form SA.2 will be more accessible, uses plain English, and includes tool tips to guide applicants through the form. This will make it easier to complete by reducing or eliminating some common errors encountered with the previous paper-based form. Removing these errors will lead to increased efficiencies and reduce processing times for applications. Revenue has also introduced a number of procedural improvements in developing the Form SA.2 allowing for the attachment of supporting documents such as wills, as well as incorporating other paper forms into the single, online Form.”

“Revenue engaged with numerous stakeholders and actively sought feedback when redesigning the new online Form. This feedback was used to drive changes and improvements for the new Form SA.2 and will modernise the current process, while also addressing shifting customer expectations. The new online Form SA.2 will also be more environmentally friendly by eliminating approximately 750,000 pieces of paper each year.”

Mr Bradshaw concluded.

Information and guidance in relation to the new online Form SA.2 can be found on the Revenue website.