Important information for those adversely impacted by flooding caused by Storm Babet

Exceptional weather events like Storm Babet can cause temporary cashflow difficulties for taxpayers and Revenue understands that this disruption can impact on the timely payment of tax.

On an on-going basis, Revenue works successfully with taxpayers when they experience temporary cashflow difficulties. Revenue is therefore encouraging all those in counties Cork, Waterford, Limerick, Kilkenny, and Louth who are facing tax payment difficulties due to the disruption caused by the recent flooding, to engage with Revenue early. 

Speaking today (25/10/2023), Mr Joe Howley, Collector-General, said:

"The disruption caused by severe weather events can give rise to temporary cashflow difficulties and we are aware that this can be a worrying time for those impacted. Early engagement with Revenue in such cases is key, as we will work with taxpayers to come to a mutually agreeable solution. This will enable good compliance records to remain on track.

Revenue has a proven track record in successfully agreeing flexible payment arrangements with taxpayers, and taxpayers can be confident that we will take their financial circumstances and capacity to pay into account."

Revenue advises that taxpayers who are facing cashflow difficulties and related tax payment difficulties, due to the disruption caused by Storm Babet, should contact the Collector-General’s office on 01 738 3663 to agree mutually suitable payment arrangements.

[ENDS 25/10/2023]