The Director of Public Prosecutions v Niall Nolan


23 May 2022


Dundalk Circuit Criminal Court


His Honour Judge Patrick Quinn


On 2 February 2022, Mr Niall Nolan, with an address at 1 Craigh Place, Silverbridge, County Armagh, pleaded guilty to an offence, contrary to Section 102(3)(a)(i) of the Finance Act, 1999, as amended:

  • Being knowingly concerned without the consent in writing of the Revenue Commissioners, in removing or attempting to remove from mineral oil a marker   


On 23 May 2022, at Dundalk Circuit Criminal Court, Judge Quinn sentenced Mr Nolan to be imprisoned for a period of 2 years, such sentence to date from 23 May 2022, with the final 18 months of said sentence suspended on the accused, in open Court, acknowledging himself bound to the people of Ireland in the sum of €200, the conditions being that he will keep the peace and be of good behaviour towards all the people of Ireland for a period of 1 year and 6 months post release and further that he will come up if called on to do so to serve the sentence imposed, but suspended on him entering into this recognisance. Bond entered in open Court.