Data protection


The Data Protection Acts give individuals the legal right to privacy in relation to their personal data.  The Acts place obligations on those, including Revenue, holding and processing such data.

Personal data means data relating to a person who is, or can be, identified either from:

  • the data itself
  • or
  • together with other data that is in, or is likely to come into, the possession of the Office.

It covers any data that relates to an identifiable, living individual. The Office may hold this data on computer or in manual files.

Data protection in Revenue

Revenue holds data on all taxpayers either in manual files or electronically. This data can be either personal data or non-personal data.

We treat all personal data received as confidential and will use it only for the purposes that we obtain it.  However, we may share data with other government departments or agencies when permitted by a specific legislative provision.

We take our obligations very seriously and strive to ensure that we maintain the privacy of your personal data. Any employee found to be in breach of the data protection rules will be held accountable by Revenue.

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