Data protection

Making a request under the Data Protection Acts

You can make a request in writing accompanied by the required fee of €6.35. Contact details are available in our Contact us section.

To help us provide your data and deal with your request more quickly, you should include sufficient details so that we can identify you.

How soon will you receive a reply?

We will deal with your request promptly and issue a response as soon as possible.  In any event, the Data Protection Acts require that we issue a response within 40 days of receipt of the request.

Can someone make an access request on your behalf?

Yes. You can ask someone else to request data on your behalf, for example, a friend, relative or solicitor. We must have your authority to do this. This is usually a signed letter authorising the person to write to us for your data and/or receive our reply.

Can you obtain all data held about you?

No, not always. The Acts allow us to withhold data in certain circumstances. For example, where, release would be likely to prejudice:

  • preventing, detecting or investigating an offence
  • apprehending or prosecuting offenders
  • assessing or collecting any tax or duty.

Further details on the restrictions of the right to access can be obtained from the Data Commissioner's website at 'Exceptions to the right of access'.

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