How to register on the CRBOT

Trustees (their agents, advisors, or employees) can register through the ‘Trust Register Functions’ portal on Revenue Online Service (ROS).

Individual filers who do not have a business tax registration number can register through myAccount.

There is more information on what must be submitted to the CRBOT in the What information is required for CRBOT section. 

Requirement to register on ROS

The trust must register on ROS if any beneficial owner of the trust:

The trust must be registered on ROS to facilitate the upload of verification documents.

Trusts required to register for ROS will need to obtain a CRBOT TAIN to start the registration process.

Agents and advisors

Agents or advisors acting in a representative capacity must submit a CRBOT TAIN Link Form in ROS.


The TAIN Link will be requested at the time of registration on ROS. You do not need to submit this form in advance of the registration process.

Agents or advisors not registered for ROS must obtain a Trust Register TAIN number before registering for ROS. To obtain a Trust Register TAIN you must complete a CRBOT TAIN Application Form.

Deadlines for submitting information on the CRBOT

Trusts established up to and including 23 April 2021, should have registered with the CRBOT by 23 October 2021.

Trusts created after 23 April 2021 must file within six months of their creation.


Revenue recognises that there may be genuine difficulties for some trustees in registering their details by this date.

Where best efforts are being made to register, trustees are reminded that they can register their details after the 23 October. Such instances will not be considered a failure to comply with the requirement to register, provided trustees complete their registration within a reasonable period.