Customs Roll-on Roll-off service (RoRo service)

Examples of ferry consignments that need a PBN


A PBN is required for all vehicles booked in as freight on a RoRo ferry. The PBN data is included in the NIMS Manifest submitted to Revenue by the ferry operator.

Customs requirements for certain goods imported on a RoRo ferry are summarised in the table below. Please click on the links provided for more detailed information.

Customs requirements for certain categories of goods 
 Category PBN Other requirements 
Transfer of residence Yes

Customs transfer of residence form C and E 1076

Moving personal possessions No 

Customs declaration where not covered by traveller's baggage allowance

Merchandise in Baggage No

Customs declaration

Military goods Yes

• Customs declaration

EU form 302 where carried by the military

 Human/animal organs/tissue/blood



 Customs declaration

Coffins/urns, human remains



You will find detailed information about import requirements on our website (A PBN is not required for urns that are part of personal baggage)

Temporary Admission goods

For example, goods for exhibitions, scientific, medical, sports, motorsport team or sound equipment, large construction or hand tools, musical instruments and so on.


You will find detailed information about import requirements for each category of goods on our website

 Horse/Pony Yes • Customs declaration

• Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine check

Vehicles imported for private use or re-sale Yes Customs declaration
Vehicles subject to hire/lease arrangements moved by the hire company from GB to IE, or IE to GB. Yes Customs declaration

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