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  1. Overview
  2. Carrying goods into Ireland from Great Britain (GB)
  3. Carrying goods from Ireland to Great Britain (GB)

Carrying goods from Ireland to Great Britain (GB)

Pre-Boarding Notification (PBN)

At check-in, ferry operators must obtain the PBN reference number from the driver.

The haulier or their representative must complete a valid PBN to Irish customs before the goods leave Ireland.


Vehicles will not be allowed to board ferries in Ireland bound for GB without a valid PBN.

Export Safety and Security Declaration (EXS)

As the carrier of goods, you are legally obliged to ensure an electronic customs Safety and Security (S and S) declaration is submitted, to Irish Customs. This must be submitted prior to export from Ireland. This declaration is called an Exit Summary Declaration (EXS).

At export this S and S information can be combined with the export customs declaration information. The export declaration is usually completed by the exporter or their agent.


UK requirements for imports from Ireland are being introduced from 31 January 2024. For further information, please see the schedule for introduction.