Customs and Excise reports on Revenue Online Service (ROS)

E-Customs Accounts reports are now available in Revenue Online Service (ROS) to customers registered for ROS and Customs and Excise (C&E).

The new report facility impacts Automated Import System (AIS) and Automated Export System (AES) declarations by providing more real-time information.


The new eCustoms Accounts System is effective from 06 March 2023 for AIS and from 21 March 2023 for AES.

The main changes introduced are:

  • our cash top-up service operates 24/7
  • real-time reporting
  • reports are only made available to the importer and payer
  • and
  • the system takes cash, where available, before deducting from the customer’s deferred account.

The C&E reports available to traders on ROS

Balance enquiry

This facility allows you to view the deferred, and cash, balance for customs, excise and Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) declarations.

Payment report

There are four separate report facilities available for payments made in ROS:

  • List of individual payments made by you in ROS.
  • List of payments made by you within a specified timeframe in ROS.
  • Weekly payment lists - details of payments made to your TAN account in ROS in the previous week.
  • and
  • ROS inbox payment notification where a customer tops up your TAN.

C&E TAN report for declarations submitted in AIS for payers

This report shows declarations that have a financial impact on

  • your C&E TAN account - combined taxes report
  • or
  • where there are unpaid declarations.


Other reports also available are a summary report and tax type report.

C&E TAN report for declarations submitted in AIS for importers

This is a period detail report. It lists all declarations where tax is combined for duty, vat on duty, excise, vat on excise and postponed VAT.

Postponed VAT report for importers

This report returns a list of the latest version of declarations with postponed VAT for a period selected.

Unpaid declaration report for payers

This report returns a list of all active unpaid declarations.

C&E TAN report for declarations submitted in AES for exporters

This report returns a list of declarations where you acted as the exporter for a period selected.

C&E weekly declaration transaction lists

Weekly transaction list details all non-AIS declarations submitted for the previous week with your EORI number quoted as the importer.

C&E monthly declaration and payment statement

Monthly statements are only produced in respect of the payer. This statement shows details of declarations affecting the payer’s C&E TAN account for the previous month. It includes details of payments and credits into or out of the account.

Further information

You will find further information in C&E TAN reports.

Revenue also operates a helpline for queries.