Import Control System 2 (ICS 2)


The Import Control system (ICS) is being gradually replaced with a new system called Import Control System 2 (ICS2). This new system will allow for the implementation of the new Union Customs Code (UCC) processes and procedures relating to the entry of goods.

These include:

  • multiple filing of advance cargo information under Article 127(6) of the UCC
  • and
  • the involvement of more supply chain actors and business models as set out Article 127(4) of the UCC.

What is ICS2?

ICS2 is a new and updated customs electronic import system.  It will manage the advance safety and security risk analysis for all goods entering the European Union (EU).

Benefits of ICS2

  • Strengthen protection of EU citizens and the internal market against security and safety threats.
  • Allow EU Customs authorities to better identify high-risk consignments and intervene at the most appropriate point in supply chain.
  • Facilitate cross-border clearance of legitimate trade.
  • Simplify the exchange of information between Economic Operators (EOs) and EU customs authorities.

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