New Computerised Transit System Phase 4 (NCTS-P4)

The NCTS allows you to submit and finalise your transit declarations by electronic means. The following countries can use NCTS:

You can connect into the NCTS system through Revenue's Online Service (ROS). Once you are connected, you can:

  • generate electronic transit messages
  • send or receive messages to and from the IRL - NCTS
  • receive electronic replies, such as acceptance of declaration, release of goods and notification of discharge.

For further information, see NCTS Traders Guide - Guide to assist traders in the use of NCTS.

Revenue provides fallback arrangements that you can use to clear your goods when electronic systems are unavailable.

You will find further information in Customs fallback service.

Data protection

The Import, Export and Transit Directory (IET) at OLAF (European Commission Anti-Fraud office) collects information on the movement of goods for customs purposes. This information is collected from NCTS.

The information collected usually refers to companies, but may also refer to individuals. You can find further information on the data collected by the IET in Privacy Statement for IET.

Further information

Revenue operates a helpline for queries on NCTS.