Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) thresholds, rates and aggregation rules


To calculate CAT you need to know which threshold, tax rate and aggregation rules apply to a gift or inheritance. You also need to know two important dates:

  • the date of the gift or inheritance, which determines the relevant threshold and rate of tax
  • the valuation date, which determines the relevant pay & file period.

This section explains the thresholds, tax rates and aggregation rules that apply to a gift or inheritance.

A beneficiary must make a Self-Assessment Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) Return IT38, if the taxable value of the gift or inheritance exceeds 80% of the relevant group threshold. You must include all other taxable gifts or inheritances taken from any source within the same group threshold, on or after 5 December 1991.

For full legal definitions, see the Glossary.

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