Discretionary Trust Tax (DTT)

Initial once-off 6% charge

The initial 6% is imposed on the market value of the trust assets at the latest of the following dates:

  • date the property becomes subject to the trust
  • date of death of the disponer
  • or
  • date when the youngest of the principal objects of the trust reach 21 years of age. Principal objects include the spouse of the disponer, children of the disponer, or the children of a predeceased child of the disponer.

Children can be named as future beneficiaries of the trust.

When to pay and file

The initial 6% charge is payable within four months of the relevant valuation date. 

The trustees must complete a self-assessment Form IT4  for the 6% DTT and send it to Revenue with the tax due. 


There is a surcharge for late filing of the Form IT4 and interest will be charged on late payments.

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