Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT)

Procedure at the NCTS centre

Registering a used car

If registering a used car, bring:

  • evidence of previous registration for example a foreign certificate of registration or a certificate of de-registration
  • and
  • if not included in the above, confirmation of the level of CO2 emissions of the vehicle at the time of manufacture.                                                                 

Evidence of previous registration will be retained by the National Car Testing Service (NCTS) Centre. You may wish to make a copy of this document before going to the NCTS Centre.

Registering a new car

If registering a new car, please bring a hardcopy Certificate of Conformity (CoC). 

Other documents

In addition, you must also always bring the following:

  • A passport or a driving licence.
  • The appropriate Vehicle Purchase Details (VPD) Form, that is Form VRTVPD1 for an authorised motor trader, otherwise Form VRTVPD2.
  • An invoice clearly showing the date of purchase.
  • Documentation verifying the registered owner’s name and address, for example hardcopy utility bill or bank statement. Otherwise two online statements from two different service providers must be submitted. These must be a utility bill and bank statement. If registering a vehicle for someone else, you must have signed letter authorising you to do so. You must also bring their proof of identity in addition to your own. Authorised motor traders may bring a copy of the drivers licence of the person who will be the registered owner.
  • The Personal Public Service Number (PPSN) of the person who will be the registered owner. Official documentary evidence is required.
  • An authorised motor trader when registering a vehicle for a customer, should give their Revenue Customer Number.
  • Evidence of the date a vehicle entered the State is required. This can include shipping details or travel documents. Provide the single administrative document (SAD) number, for transport from outside the European Union (EU). Where the invoice is more than 30 days old, evidence of vehicle storage outside the State may be required.
  • If appropriate, the Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) exemption notification issued by Revenue.


The vehicle will be examined at the NCTS centre to ensure it matches the documentation. If documentation is not supplied, or the vehicle does not match it, the vehicle will not be registered.

You can pay any tax due by:

  • cash (up to €250)
  • debit card
  • bank draft (payable to 'Applus Car Testing Service Ltd.')
  • credit card excluding American Express.

The vehicle will then be registered and get a registration number.

You do not have to pay a separate charge at the NCTS for the registration service. Revenue pay for one appointment. However, if a second appointment is necessary you will have to pay for it.

There are some situations where a registration might not be completed on the day. If a vehicle model is not listed on Revenue's system, Revenue has to value a vehicle individually. The NCTS centre will follow up with the customer regarding completing the registration. This is not considered a second appointment.

Please see the NCTS website for further details.

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