Calculating your Income Tax

What is a Tax Credit Certificate?

Your Tax Credit Certificate (TCC) lists your tax credits and reliefs for the tax year and your rate band. It shows your Universal Social Charge (USC) rates and thresholds. Your TCC also shows your Employment Identifier, a unique reference set by your employer for your employment.

You can view, print or download your TCC in My Documents in myAccount.

You can claim additional tax credits you may be due for 2019. Claim these credits by clicking on the ‘Manage your tax 2019’ link in PAYE Services also in myAccount.

When you start your job, you must tell Revenue as soon as possible, or you may have to pay emergency tax. We will send a TCC to you. Your employer will be given a Revenue Payroll Notification (RPN). The RPN shows your total tax credits and your tax and USC rate bands. It will not give a breakdown of the tax credits you have claimed, only the total amount. Your employer will use this to calculate your tax and USC.

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