Apply for a fuel grant for a driver or passenger with a disability

Apply online for tax relief on adapted vehicles

This is an online service that enables members of the 'Drivers and Passengers with Disabilities' Scheme to claim an annual fuel grant. Up to a maximum of 2,730 litres a year can be claimed under the grant.

You may make an application in respect of:

  • a new vehicle
  • a used vehicle
  • an imported vehicle (a used vehicle not previously registered in Ireland). 

Who is this service for?

You can use the service if you are a member of the 'Drivers and Passengers with Disabilities' Scheme.

What you need to use the service

You will need the following information to use the service:

How to access the service

If you are registered for myAccount, sign in and:

  • click 'Drivers & Passengers with Disabilities' on the 'Vehicle Services' card.

If you are registered for the Revenue Online Service (ROS), sign in and:

  • click on the ‘Drivers and Passengers with Disabilities’.