This online service allows charities to submit a claim under the Charitable Donations Scheme.

The scheme allows charities to claim tax relief on donations in excess of €250 once the donor has provided permission.

Further information on the conditions of the scheme can be found at Charitable Donation Scheme.

Who is the service for?

This service is for charities wishing to submit a claim under the Charitable Donations Scheme. 

How to access the service to claim tax relief

You can access this service through Revenue Online Service (ROS)

You can complete a form online or upload a form completed offline.

From the My Services page under ‘File a Return’ section:

Select the option you wish to use, file a return online line or upload an offline return.

If you wish to file an online return:

  • Select the tax type ‘Charitable Donations’ and the form ‘CDS1’.
  • Click on File Return
  • Select period claim is proper to
  • Input the details of your claim
  • Sign and submit

If you wish to file an offline return:

Select Upload a form completed offline

  • Select the return type ‘Charitable Donations’.
  • Click on Upload Return and add file
  • Enter password
  • Upload file to submit

Where a file has uploaded successfully a notice number will issue.

The charity should provide bank details via ROS to facilitate refund on a once off basis as follows:

Log into ROS:

  • Under payment details select manage bank accounts
  • Under Refunds select manage EFT
  • Choose CDS from list of taxheads click input
  • Input BIC and Iban select next
  • Input exact same details to verify information is correct.