Access the arrival lookup service

What is the arrival lookup online service?

This is an online service that enables customs and excise traders to search for flight or ship arrival information held on our records. 

What you need to access the service

You will need the following information to access the service:

  • your Revenue Online Service (ROS) login details and a valid ROS digital certificate
  • a valid registration for customs and excise in ROS.

How to access the arrival lookup online service

If you are a ROS registered customer, this service is available by following these steps:

  • log on to ROS using your ROS login details and digital certificate
  • click on the ‘My Services’ tab under the File Returns segment
  • select the tax type ‘C&E’
  • click on ‘File Return’
  • when presented with the ‘Arrivals Lookup’ screen, enter the arrivals particulars.

You can narrow your search by inputting further details such as the flight number (air) or the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) number (sea) in the ‘Identification of Mode of Transport Field’. Results from the search criteria will be presented to you if they are held on the system.

Please note: Unless explicitly authorised, users must not use the ‘Input New’ function. This is regularly monitored to prevent misuse.